GamesLondon Hunter Slot Game Review: RTP is around 97.64%

London Hunter Slot Game Review: RTP is around 97.64%


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London Hunter Slot Game Review: London Hunter is a popular slot game and it is currently trending this year. This game has a daily average player of tens of thousands of players everyday.

If you are looking for a game to play then this is the best game to try. In this article, we will be discussing what makes the game of London Hunter Slot game so special.

To many people, slot games is time consuming and that you cannot make a lot of profit quickly.

To keep it simple, London Hunter is a 5 reel slot game.

These each reels will also have 5 pattern maximum. There will be 25 pay line of slot games and this game is considered as one of the best Habanero slot games.

It has been ranked very high. Because many people are interested in playing it and gaining free bonuses.

London Hunter Slot Game Review

This slot is considered at the medium volatility slot games. You will be experiencing a slot game full of multiplier. The wins could also then evolve into other kinds of bonuses such as free spins.

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The free spin in London Hunter will trigger many freebies. You could get bonuses from a couple of cents up to $5. At first this may be seen as little.
But imagine getting this for 10 times or even hundreds of times. Hence you can get rich sooner or later from London Hunter slot game.


Introduction of London Hunter Slot Game

London Hunter slot game is classified as one of the average slot games. Not just that, this game has a fantasy themed. Making it a much more interesting slot game in comparison to other types of games.

This game is also equipped with an amazing jackpot system.

Like who does not love jackpots right? Well the truth is, this game has a very cool two progressive jackpot system.

The way to win this jackpot system is to win it at random. So there is no specific way for you to win this game.

The RTP or return to player percentage is around 97.64 %. This is not that high in comparison to other games that could actually hit around 98 % in total.

But this is still very playable and that you can get a lot of profit. The RTP number can also be used to determine how much money you will get back later in the future.

Players will also have a huge chance of getting money from progressive jackpot. Progressive jackpot will rake in a lot of money because there are multipliers in this game.

There is a lot of things to look for. One spin could literally end up with you getting 14 free spins.

This is called the stacking spin feature in London Hunter. There are dozens of ways so that you can get lots of profit.

The higher you bet, the higher the amount of multiplier in this game. So you will get an optimized slot in this game.

Graphics and VFX of London Hunter

London Hunter slot game is a very fun game. It is fun not only because of the money that you can make in this game.

Because the amount of money that you get can differ from time to time. What makes this game much more fun is the fact that you can play with a lot of graphics.

The graphics to be found in this game is quick. London Hunter is a combination of London themed or even England themed background.

While this background exists, your main objective would be to hunt dinosaurs. That is why the game’s name is called as the London Hunter. The view will be a landscape view of London from above.

The game has been animated heavily so that you will see everything in cartoons.

The game follows a character that will be hunting these dinosaurs. The biggest type of dinosaur that you can hunt or simply get in this game are the T-rexes.

These kinds of dinosaur can be hunt down by spinning the right combination.

What makes this game more interesting is the audio. The audio is very immersive and will give you a better gameplay.

Everywhere you click, there will be a sound produced by this game. So that you will never be bored when you want to play this game again.

Minimum Bets and Wins

A player can put a money from 0.01 cent and up to $20. This is a very fun game because you can put up any amount of money.

But these coin values will be converted to 0.25 credits to 5,0000. So this will be the number that you will be betting on.

The maximum amount of money to be won is 5000 times the original amount. Say that you bet a total of $10. Then the total maximum jackpot that you can win is $50,000.

Many players are actually able to get this amount of money. That is why people call this as one of the best habanero slot games out there in the market.

Trigger the right combination in this game and you can get a lot of money.

Feature Details
Bet Level +/-Set the number of coins per line to bet.
Coin +/-Adjust coins size.
LinesSet the number of lines to bet.
AutoplaySet how many times you wish for reels to turn without interruption.
Bet MaxSets the maximum bet that the slot allows.
PlaySet the reels in motion.
Slot TypeProgressive slots
Special featureWild, Scatter, Free Spins

Bonus Features in London Hunter

London Hunter is a game full of surprises and full of wonder. The bonus coming from this game is massive.

First of all, you can fill the bar on the right hand side of your screen. And then you can start spinning more for bonuses. The Land Hunter game will also interact with you by bringing in more bonuses.

There is a plasma gun bonus when you land next to a dinosaur. The more you play yhe faster these bonuses can be obtained.

The best part is that all bonuses is repetitively obtained. So you can basically get more than one bonuses and these bonuses are stacked.

The amount of money you get from this best habanero slots is truly amazing. There is nothing that matches with this game. Feel free to try this game with us today!

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