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Are you bored with online slots and is currently looking for the next hot slot game to play? This article today will share with you some of the best Habanero Slots that is currently trending.

All of these games are guaranteed to give you hundreds of times profit from your original starting balance.

Best Habanero slots are just launched a few months back and some of them are even brand new. We have taken the time to review these slots for you.

So that you do not have to lift a single finger just to try these games.

According to Dolphins e-Gaming, one of the online gambling industry review site, the Habanero slot game is the most popular type today.

These games are unique, fresh, and brand new. Some of them even has a unique daily mission for players to play. Making it more interactive than any types of slot games that already existed.

Most of these Habanero slots are considered as modern slots. So you may want to learn a thing or two before starting to play your first slot game in Habanero.

All of the games that are discuss below has been examined by our website’s team members. These games are named with no specific ranks.

But let us assure that all of the games being discussed today will have more than 97 % win rate.

So you can trust us on that. Rather than waiting much more let us jump into today’s article.

Hopefully you can learn more with us and get a lot more money soon.

What is Habanero slots?

One of the most famous online slot brands and has been targeted by many players is known as Habanero Slots.

Habanero Slots is one of the sites with a very high rating and can even be said to have the highest ranking among new online slot brands and is fun to play.

Most of the online gambling sites in the Indonesia, provide habanero slot games for their customers. As a fact that the game is very popular with people.

At this time, players can generate and get jackpots of up to 500 million dollars and there are also players who have ever received up to 1 billion dollars.

In today’s article, we will give you a review that can be useful for you. This Habanero Slots online slot game review can definitely help you to become an even more reliable player in the world of online slot gambling.

So without further ado and further ado, let’s dive into the world of online slots and get to know this famous brand.

Habanero Slots was founded in 2015 and is arguably one of the sites with a lot of experience. They focus on modern slot games and are a little more fun and animated.

Habanero Slots is famous for many things and one of them is the innovation of their 5 wheel slots. You can make this 5 wheel online slot machine from Habanero Slots a good choice to continue playing online gambling.

There are active players from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and other countries. You definitely like playing online slot gambling, right?

This game is very fun to play and also has a high win rate compared to other types of online gambling.

Let’s take a look at the best online slot gambling games from Habanero Slots.

10 Best Habanero Slots with Highest RTP  

Down below are some of Habanero’s hottest games. These games are crafted with a lot of professional developers. They have spent each time and release brand new games each month. But these games does not guarantee the fact that they are easy and fun to play. Good luck and enjoy 10 of the best Habanero slots with highest RTP that currently exists right now.

London Hunter

London Hunter
London Hunter Best Habanero Slots

London Hunter is Best Habanero slots. This type of game has become the most popular game on the most popular online slot sites. By offering a colorful design, this type of game becomes even more interesting because of the bonuses and prizes offered by the game.

These bonuses start from daily bonuses and a high jackpot. Uniquely, this game also provides free form, so for players who want to try it first, it can be very easy.

London Hunter slots ranks first in today’s article for a number of reasons. First of all, this London Hunter slot is once played by all players from various parts of the world.

That’s why it’s so rare that a game like this has more than 50 million spins in total almost each month. There is a high increase in player because this game has gained a lot of popularity recently.

The London Hunter are classified as free spin machine and all the balances that can be obtained by the players are also quite easy. You can receive free spins for slot machines.

Free spins can be an additional thing feature that will boost your profit significantly. There is no competition when it comes to London Hunter’s free spins.

The pros for this game is that it will give you many choices to win. Such as trying daily missions and free spins. But on the contrary, you will also have a bit lower percentage of winning. The RTP or return to player rate for this game is aroung 97.24%.

This is considered as reasonable because you are compensated by the other features. Such as free spins, bonuses, daily missions, and etc.

All of these can still make you a profitable player even if you play in the short term. This slot is overall a must try and we recommend this slot game to you.

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Fortune Dogs

Fortune Dogs is Best Habanero slots
Fortune Dogs Best Habanero Slots

Fortune Dogs is Best Habanero slots. Games from Fortune Dogs have been spun and played millions of times. This also makes the game popular with high s tar rating on online reviews.

In the online slot forums, players can see firsthand that this game already has about 4.6 / 5 stars. With that rating, players will definitely enjoy playing slot gambling games from Fortune Dogs.

The quality of this game itself has exceeded the standard of slot gambling in general. Fortune Dogs are able to provide many types or variants of slots without reducing the quality of the game.

These range from eye-catching animations to cool effects or VFX. Quality can also be seen from how many games you can try at Fortune Dogs. There are more than 10 missions daily that you can complete.

Each slot game variant is based on a classic Fortune Dogs and unique themed. Examples are like spring, autumn, and others. Fortune Dogs only use classic themes and don’t go overboard.

So this game is perfect for you who want a simple slot game. Even though the slots are kept simple, the themes used will always be as new and exciting as possible.

The pay line is the main thing used to calculate how much money is won in slot gambling. Maybe there are still many players who don’t know this, but pay lines are used in all online slot gambling game systems.

The pay line in Fortune Dogs is quite easy to understand. A pay line is formed with hundreds of different combinations. As a result, all the games presented have a pay line from x1 to x100. With a higher payline or combination, your money can be multiplied to 100 times as much. This is usually known as the jackpot.

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Presto! is the best Habanero Slot
Presto Best Habanero Slots

Presto! is the Best Habanero Slots. Even when playing slots, you can get a jackpot in the amount of hundreds thousand dollars. The jackpot on the Presto! slots site continues to grow because it is a progressive jackpot.

If you want to get rich immediately from online gambling games, then just try Presto! Slots from Habanero slots. You can be lucky when playing slot gambling at Presto! slots.

Jackpots are awarded to Presto! slots loyal customers at random time. So you may want to keep trying and playing. Who knows you can get lucky.

When lucky, the money won will go directly into the slot gambling account balance. You don’t have to worry because the balance will definitely go into your account.

Presto! slots has been trusted by hundreds to thousands of online slot gambling players. The balance is paid off and you can immediately use it again to play other gambling games. Or you can also withdraw the funds by choosing to withdraw from Habanero Slots.

Slot gambling games will not be complete without a bonus. The bonus serves as an additional balance for the players.

There are many types of bonuses that can be received starting from the deposit bonus. The deposit bonus from Presto! slots is only 20% and this is relatively less when compared to other websites.

Other developers usually provide larger deposit bonuses.

Presto! slots continues to strive to provide additional bonuses through slot games. Every time a player wins in slot gambling, you will be given a bonus commission of 5%. This commission applies to active Presto! slots players.

This is only exclusive in some games and actually cannot be found in all types of Habanero Slots. This is a unique feature that is added to Presto!. Making it one of the most popular slot games that is currently trending in the market.

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Zeus Slot

Zeus Slot
Zeus Slot Best Habanero Slots

Zeus Slot is the best Habanero slots. Online slot games have always changed over the last few decades.

If you are looking for new online slot games, this could be the right choice for you. People tend to choose the type of game that is monotonous. But this game will definitely change your mood.

The most conventional types of online slot games are usually simple. This game is never about simplicity whatsoever. In our Zeus Slot review, we’ve found some interesting things that might suit your gambling needs. This type of game needs to be understood first.

Simply put, this theme takes the theme of ancient Greek gods. These types of themes are the ones you may not be able to find anywhere else.

The game itself can be found from renowned game maker Playtech. If you are looking for a slot game with animation, then this is the one for you.

This game has very large payouts compared to other types of online slot games.

Zeus Slots has a win payout rate of up to 98.5%. It is categorized as one of the highest payout rates in online slot games.

You can get many advantages by playing this game. Payout rates have been proven by our Zeus Slots slot review. If you want to play casually and earn some extra cash, this is the game to achieve that.

One of the common ways to get additional benefits is to take advantage of all the features provided. Bonuses are a must when it comes to online slot games.

There are so many bonuses that you can get from the Zeus Slots. Some patterns will give you a free multiplier like x2 or even x5. This multiplier can increase your credit more than you can imagine.

The maximum credit you can get in this game alone is 250,000 coins or credits. That equates to about $250,000. And some people actually get this and cash in on it.

So you don’t have to worry whether this is real or not. Because it’s very real and you should try it today.

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Four Divine Beasts

Four Divine Beasts
Four Divine Beasts Best Habanero Slots

Four divine beasts is a celestial based game in which players can experience a lot of fun. To keep it simple, you are going to see lots of unique Chinese themed VFX. Because as the name says, it uses characters such as Four Divine Beasts.

All of the characters will also give you daily missions to complete. This game is the best habanero slots.

This game is completely unique and out of the ordinary. Players will experience a lot of new characters. These divine beasts are such as monkeys, lions, tigers, and so much more.

They will also show super power or some kind of aura inside the slot games. Every single time a slot is hit, then they are going to put out winnings to you.

But be sure that you are able to hit the right symbol for these divine beasts to start producing a lot of money.

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Shaolin Fortune 100

Shaolin Fortune 100 is the best Habanero Slots
Shaolin Fortune 100 Best Habanero Slots

Most types of online slot games are now played online, but there are different types of games that offer different types of games.

Where players can play this type of game both online and multiplayer with your friends too. With that, the players do not need to be confused if one day the player plays alone or with someone else.

In addition, players are also offered lots of free spins and coins that can be obtained and used to play. the prizes themselves can be liquidated and exchanged for real money.

This type of game only uses an Indian Jones-style adventure theme that can make players more interested in continuing to get treasures. Shaolin Fortune 100 also takes a theme of Chinese and celestial dynasty.

This game is the best habanero slots. The scenery that you will see is that there is a Shaolin temple on the back of the slot machines.

Shaolin fortune 100 is a must try because as the name says, it will give you lots of fortune. The estimated return to player percentage of this game is around 98%.

And this percentage can be considered as reasonably high in comparison to other games. One thing that is unique about this game is that it never stops stacking up all of the reward that has been won.

So if you have won $10, players are given the option to stack this reward. The more you stack means that you will have a higher chance to get multiplier. Of course you are also given the chance to liquidate.

Which is to basically pull out all of the money and then be done with the game. All of the choice is yours and Habanero Slots is ready to give you the best experience.

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Jugglenaut Best Habanero Slots

Jugglenaut is another game that is presented by Habanero slots. Jugglenaut is a different type of game in comparison to all of the slots that we have discussed with you today.

This game is not that popular because it is still a brand new game. Hence people have not really tried or discover what this game is all about.

However, Jugglenaut can also be said to be one of the best Habanero Slots.

Jugglenaut from Habanero slots ia a horror and scary themed slot game. You will find ghosts and other types of haunted houses as the main themes.

This game is a perfect twist if you are bored with the ordinary type of online slot games. Say that you are able to hit and pay out lots of money.

There will be jumpscares and they will reward you with the money that you have won. This can be unique and scary at the same time.

Although this game is not popular yet, the RTP of this game is around 98.4 %. We can conclude that this game is one of the best Habanero Slot games out there in the market.

To play, you can load the game and then click the option. Place your bets such as $1, $2, and up to $100.

This game has a bet increment of $1 and you can have a maximum bet of $100. The maximum payout of this game is around $100,000.

Many players have gained and reached this level. That is why we highly recommend you to play this game to get more money with us today.

Jugglenaut slots is composed of 5 reel slots. Many patterns are to be found. The type of this game is also a progressive jackpot. Which means it needs to be played for hours for you to profit.

5 Mariachis

5 Mariachis best Habanero Slots.
Mariachis Best Habanero Slots

This is another best Habanero Slot. I like this game the most. 5 Mariachis is a fun slot with many Mexican themed character. You may know what a Mariachi band is.

Then you will be thrilled to try 5 Mariachis. This game is loud and full of thrilling music. Because after all, the theme is supposed to be musical. 5 Mariachis also means that there are 5 reels in this game.

Among all of those 5 reels, you can create dozens of combinations. The patterns to look out for in this game is a chili, tequila, alphabets, and the band members.

The highest paying reward comes from the band members as they are the jackpot in this game. But the highest form of jackpot is a piniata.

Just imagine getting a 5 stack piniata in your slot machine. The payout could be up to 1000 times the original amount.

So say that you bet $100. Then the total winnings can be up to $100,000. But you could also choose to stack the reward and save it for later.

The best thing about 5 Mariachis is the multiplier that is offered to the players is very huge. You will have a chance to get the 1.5 x and as high as 10 x multiplier.

All of these will be given to the player when you choose to keep the reward inside the machine. The more money that you choose to put in the game means that you have a higher chance of gaining multiple multiplier.

Keep in mind that this game will also stack multipliers. So multipliers can be added such as 1.5 and 3 will be a total of 4.5 multiplier.

5 Mariachis slot is a perfect game if you area new and looking for fun. The game is still profitable and many players choose this game because of the 97.8 % RTP.

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The Dragon’s Throne

The Dragon's Throne
The Dragon’s Throne Best Habanero Slots

That’s it, the excellent graphic quality makes The Dragon’s Throne included in the list of best habanero slots.

Love medieval themed games? Then The Dragon’s Throne is the perfect game for you to try.

This game is inspired from Game of Thrones in which there are lots of castles, fire, war, and unique characters. The Dragon’s Throne is a 3 reel slot games.

Although it is only 3 reel, it is still a very interesting game. Lesser reels basically means that the game is more basic and perfect for beginners.

The Dragon’s Throne gives interactive missions such as 5 missions per day. You need to complete the missions to get free chips, coins, as well as free spins.

For example there are missions such as bet a minimum balance of $20. Then doing this will give you an additional 2-5 free spins. The bonuses is very easy to get in this game.

But you also need to understand all of the terms and conditions before you play the Dragon’s Throne.

These terms and conditions will matter a lot once you have gained the bonuses from Habanero slots.

Overall, this game is a highly recommended game. The RTP or return to player rate is around 98.7%. This is a high RTP and that players will keep coming back because it is fun.

This game is not a progressive jackpot game. So you may want to rely on other types of jackpot such as the traditional one. One time win will give a 100 times reward back to you.

For a multiplier heavy game, this is still considered very profitable. Because you would need to rely on the multipliers too to get huge profits back.

Beware of the dragons flying around your slot machines. They may bring luck and you could even tap them for interaction. Feel free to try this amazing Habanero Slot game online.

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Queen of Queens

Queen of Queens
Queen of Queens Best Habanero Slots

This is the final list of the best versions of Habanero Slots.

In playing this game the players do not have to bother in betting huge balances. The Queens of Queens will give you huge bounty rewards for every win.

Besides that this type of game not only gives some free coins to new players, but this game gives a coin with an amount of up to 5,000,000 coins given.

This is also equivalent to around $500 if you are lucky. But of course the reward is not always $500. The range can be around $1 and even free spins.

A bonus that is given does not stop there, players who play in this game will also get a coin bonus with a total of 250,000 free coins every two hours.

Not only providing slot games in this game, the providers also provide casino games if the players are feeling bored playing the Queen of Queens game.

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Those are the various types of games that are played by many players around the world. Not only that, the game also offers a promising prize that players can get.

There are still many types of games that people can play. However, each type of game also has a different rule that players must apply in playing.

The Queen of Queens is a castle and celestial based game. You can see lots of characters which are mostly female characters. The game is interactive and pays out a lot of bonuses.

We give this last slot game a high rating of 9/10 due to the fun as well as graphics. You will never be bored of this game because it will always bring out new Queen or female characters into the slot machine.

That’s all from today’s slot gambling review. We hope this review can help you in your search for the best games. Look for games with high win rates and see you in the next review.

Learnmore: Queen of Queens Online Slot Game Review [Optimal RTP 95%]


Which slot machines pay? 

All of the slot machines that we have mentioned to you will pay out a lot of money. This has been tested not only by us but by millions of other players out there. In this article today, we only brought to you 10 of the best habanero slot games that currently exists.

The ranking above is based from rating, VFX, likability of the players, and how much money you can win. That is why you see there are numbers such as RTP. Slots in general uses RNG or random number generator. All of them will pay out money and this is guaranteed for most online slots out there.

Do not play any other slots that are not trusted yet. Habanero slots is a trusted brand and has been serving thousands of players daily in many different websites. Habanero slots is also interactive and fun.

This gives you a picture on why their games pay right? Well feel free to try for yourself.

Which slots win the most?

According to the review we have today, the best winning slot is called as the Zeus Slot. This slot game is worth the try.

If you look back at our article and content, it is stated that this game has an enormous RTP. The RTP or return to player rate is around 98.5%. This rate is considered very high and almost profitable. You could even get special VFX features and other types of features to make you more interested in gambling.

Are Megaways slots worth playing?

Megaways slots are one of the highest quality slots in the market right now. Their number of players are always increasing as you are reading this article today. This shows you that people from all around the world is very interested in playing Megaways slots.

According to Hymotion, Megaways slots offers a huge RTP and bonuses. Players will be given many choices in which they can gamble and win big.

For example a player wants to play slot games but only has $1. Then this is more than enough for players to gamble big time. With that $1 in hand, you can have a chance to win at least $1000 and up to $10,000.

Megaways slots are also trusted and has been given high ratings by players. So there is no doubt that the games they provide is always worth player. You can even do free spins or demo spins.

Where players are given the free chance to try out brand new slot games. All of these can be done without putting up a single dollar to the game. But then you would also not get any dollar back. After all, this is just a trial mode for you to try brand new games.

Are slot machines easy to win?

This depends on whether or not what you consider a win. A win can be $10 or even $1000 big. The more you bet, the bigger you can win. All in all, there is a 97 % chance that a player will win in the game of online slots.

This is much more in comparison to when you win blackjack or a roulette game. In comparison, there is only a 50% chance to win if you are playing the game of roulette or blackjack.

Choose the right slots and you can increase the chance winning significantly! According to our slot reviews today, you could even get up to $1,000,000 in bonuses and jackpots. But be sure to play the right slot games.

The ones listed above are such as Jugglenaut, The Dragon’s Throne, Zeus slots, Four divine beasts, and much more. Give it all a try because they are not expensive to play. If you are lucky you might be a millionaire over night!

Do slots pay more at night?

There are a lot of myths regarding when is the best time to play online slots. We will keep this simple for you. When a player comes to Habanero slots, they will be given the option to choose a slot game. These slot games are standardized. Which means that there is no chance for a player to cheat or to get their way around this game.

Online slots are always the same. So whether you play at night, day, dawn, or noon, the reward will always pay out the same for any player. You can get a lot of money even during day. Hence do not always think that slots pay more at night, because the answer is simply no. There are also slots that pays out even at day. Overall, online slots will always pay out lots of reward regardless the time of the day you play.

Besides that, jackpot is also a thing to consider when you visit an online gambling website. In Habanero slots, there is a special feature known as progressive jackpot.

Progressive jackpot is when a player gets jackpot that is repeatedly stacking. So a jackpot that starts from $100 may increase to $1000 and even up to $10,000. You can see in the Habanero slots website that there is a total accumulative jackpot of millions of dollars. All of these can be won.

Many players think that slots pay more at night is because more people play at night. At night, people have more time to spend for online slot games. That is why the amount of people who won these progressive jackpots also increase.

Is there a way to tell if a slot machine is going to hit?

The only way to tell on whether or not a slot machine will hit is by examining the pattern. We have told you before that each games are unique. So game such as Queen of Queens will focus on different patterns. Such as money and etc. This can be an indicator for you to hit a jackpot.

If you see good pattern, there is a high chance for you to also get many bonuses and multipliers. Learn all of these patterns before playing in Habanero slots for the best experience. This is the only way to tell on whether or not your machine will hit.

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