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[MANGA] D.Gray-Man manga returns after a hiatus lasting more than a year

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Aura Rico

After the announcement of the return of Berserk from its 10-month hiatus, another hiatus-riddled manga series will also be returning. Unfortunately, it’s not Hunter x Hunter, but it will be Katsura Hoshino’s D.Gray-Man.

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D.Gray-Man will be relaunched as part of Shueisha’s new quarterly manga magazine, Jump Sq. Crown, which will have its first issue launch this 17 July 2015. The first edition of the magazine will also feature the return of Yasuhiro Nightow’s Blood Blockade Battlefront manga.


Like Hunter x Hunter and Berserk, D.Gray-Man is quite infamous for suffering from many hiatuses despite its popularity. The manga went on hiatus numerous times due to mangaka Katsura Hoshino’s poor health. The latest D.Gray-Man hiatus started back in 2013, which means that the manga was out for more than one year.


source: 0takomu

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