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Japanese student turns philosophers into super-deformed anime-style characters

Sometimes, when studying, it’s better to associate what you’re studying into what you like to make it more interesting. This is what twitter user @10_foOo_wim did to some philosophers for an entrance exam. The student was having trouble with philosophy and ethics, so what did the student do? Visualise the philosophers into cute super-deformed anime-style characters of course! […]

Japanese government minister wears Evangelion necktie during press conference

We all have our anime-related merchandise, from posters to neckties. One politician in particular, Japan’s Reconstruction Minister Masahiro Imamura, seems to have a bit of a connection with Evangelion. The Reconstruction minister recently made the headlines for a heated exchange during a press conference, alongside his Evangelion necktie. Minister Imamura is in-charge of Japan’s reconstruction efforts […]

Nakaba Suzuki Hospitalised, The Seven Deadly Sins goes on hiatus

Mangaka often have stressful work schedules that can take its toll on a person’s body, with a lot of them not getting any rest. In the most extreme cases, the mangaka only sleeps for a total of two hours per week. Another mangaka seems to have fallen ill, as Weekly Shonen Magazine has announced that mangaka […]

One of Kantai Collection’s biggest mysteries solved: Warspite’s “Perfect English”-speaking seiyuu revealed

What British battleship, HMS Warspite, was revealed for Kantai Collection, it was revealed that she had perfect English intonation, and even had a British accent. Given that most seiyuu (even the really good ones) sound awkward when speaking in English, Warspite’s “Good English” has surprised many… and yes, the “Ad-Mai-ral” thing is “Ye Olde English” […]

[SEIYUU] It’s a girl! Hiromi Hirata finally gives birth

Seiyuu Hiromi Hirata, best known for voicing The [email protected]’s androgynous dancer, Makoto Kikuchi and Zoids Genesis’s Ruji Familon, has now resumed posting in her blog after months of not posting anything. And her first post after returning? She announced that she has given birth to a baby girl! In her post, she revealed that this is already her […]