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June 2017

Predictably, Kentaro Miura’s Berserk is going on yet another hiatus

Let’s just say that many of us saw this one coming a mile away. When Young Animal Magazine revealed that Kentaro Miura’s Berserk is coming out of hiatus, we immediately knew it wouldn’t last long. Now, the latest upcoming issue of that same magazine will be announcing that Berserk is going on hiatus again! Just […]

Theatrical “Girls und Panzer” Clara’s Russian Seiyuu Featured on TV Show

A long-running TV documentary called “Why Did You Come to Japan?” (or YOU wa Nani Shi ni Nippon e?) recently did a feature on Russian voice actress Jenya, who plays “Clara” in the theatrical version of “Girls und Panzer“. “Why Did You Come to Japan?” is shot in the style of many Japanese shows, where they […]

MAPPA Sets Up New Studio in Sendai

After what looks to be a profitable financial year, with the success of their titles such as “In This Corner of the World” and “Yuri!!! On Ice”, Studio MAPPA will be setting up a new facility in Sendai, northeast of Tokyo. The announcement was made by CEO Manabu Ohtsuka along with Sendai mayor Emiko Okuyama […]

Yuri!!! on Festival and Yuri!!! on Museum Coming to You This July!

In a special website, Yuri!!! on Ice has announced that it will be organizing two major events this July: a Yuri!!! on Festival stage event at Makuhari Messe, and a Yuri!!! on Museum exhibition at Tower Records Shibuya! Photo by Yuri!!! on Festival / Yuri!!! on Museum / Hatsetsu Town Association / Yuri!!! On Ice […]