• Love Live! Sunshine!! Reveals Their Worldwide Poster Girl Illustrations with Dia Representing Singapore

    Previously, fans got to decide which AQOURS member got to represent which country in the Love Live Sunshine Global Elections. A few months after revealing the results, the official Love Live Sunshine website has now revealed the AQOURS members in the costumes of the respective countries that the fans chose them to represent.

    Called “Worldwide Poster Girl”, these illustrations feature the AQOURS members in the national costume of the country they represent. And of course, since fans voted for Dia Kurosawa to represent Singapore, here she is wearing a Sarong Kebaya:

    Without further ado, here are the other AQOURS members wearing the costumes of their respective representative countries:

    Taiwan’s Poster Girl: Chika Takami

    Germany’s Poster Girl: Riko Sakurauchi

    Australia’s Poster Girl: Kanan Matsuura

    China’s Poster Girl: You Watanabe

    The UK’s Poster Girl: Yoshiko Tsushima

    Thailand’s Poster Girl: Hanamaru Kunikida

    The USA’s Poster Girl: Mari Ohara

    Korea’s Poster Girl: Ruby Kurosawa

    While Dia sports the Sarong Kebaya, Kanan looks like she might go “G’day mate” on everyone she meets. She also looks like she might wrestle a crocodile soon. And while Mari looks like a cowgirl, Yoshiko surprises by wearing a maid outfit.

    The website also revealed that they will be releasing merchandise with these illustrations. Their announcement also revealed that they will release those Worldwide Poster Girl goodies in summer 2017. And speaking of those national costumes, they will also appear on the School Idol Festival smartphone game app.

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