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July 2016

T.M. Revolution is doing his own doujinshi for Comiket 90

Summer is already happening in Japan, and the season also means its Comiket season once again! However, for this latest edition, Comiket 90, has one special person making his own doujinshi debut just for the event – T.M. Revolution! The web catalog for Comiket 90 has already been released, and it reveals that a certain Takanoshi Nishikawa […]

Otoko-no-“ko”? – Seiyuu voice “traps”

As the new otokonoko wave is sweeping across the anime (and other) industries, not only are the male seiyuus claiming back shota roles, some have also proven themselves capable of cuteness that redefines moe. Do you think they are up for it? Otokonoko (男の娘) is a play of words on the word for “boy” – otokonoko (男の子), and it is loosely defined as a male who […]

4 Composers Behind That Awesome Anime Soundtrack Music

Have you ever, while watching an action-packed sequence in an anime, realised how the rocking music playing throughout the scene was causing  your heart to race? Or struggled not to cry during a heartbreaking scene but failed because the accompanying string arrangement made everything seem all the more tragic? Or been so fascinated by an incredible piece of […]

[SEIYUU] Voice actor Hiroshi Kamiya is married, with a child?

Attention fangirls: word has been out that popular male voice actor, Hiroshi Kamiya, is actually married, and even has a child of about 4 years old. You have probably heard rumours about Hiroshi Kamiya being married to a manga artist a couple of years ago, but as there wasn’t any proof for these rumours, the hype died down […]

Legendary anime writer Jun Maeda recovers from his heart condition.

Anime and visual novel writer and composer, Jun Maeda, is known for making people cry with works like Angel Beats!, Clannad, and Kanon. The legendary writer and composer actually made fans worry about him when he was hospitalized for a heart condition last February. However, according to several reports, he has now recovered. In a tweet, […]

Toyota makes new Initial D concept car complete with manga artworks

Toyota has had a very good relationship throughout the years with Shuichi Shigeno’s bestselling racing manga, Initial D. The manga has turned their unassuming Toyota Sprinter Trueno into one of the most iconic race cars in all of fiction, and Toyota UK has given its own tribute to the manga by giving the Fujiwara Tofu Shop Toyota Sprinter Trueno […]