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T.M. Revolution is doing his own doujinshi for Comiket 90

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Aura Rico

Summer is already happening in Japan, and the season also means its Comiket season once again! However, for this latest edition, Comiket 90, has one special person making his own doujinshi debut just for the event – T.M. Revolution!

Comiket 90.jpg

The web catalog for Comiket 90 has already been released, and it reveals that a certain Takanoshi Nishikawa is participating in the event, and has reserved two spaces for a circle named “T-nen M-gumi Revo Hachi-sensei”, ]. Hmmmmmmmmmm… sounds fishy, and it all makes sense once you realize that  Takanoshi Nishikawa is T.M. Revolution’s real name!

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In the past, the artiste has already announced that he really wants to participate in Comiket as a doujinshi creator. This move however, has raised a lot of eyebrows, as many have said that this is just a marketing stunt. Whatever his reasons may be, it seems that fans are quite excited to visit the booth, which is located somewhere here:


It really isn’t clear whether he is personally attending and selling his doujin works for the event. However, he is already promoting his booth via twitter:

あわ… 貴サークルならぬ、”貴教サークル”として参加しようと目論んだら、レコード会社にバレたので「本人監修での出店」になりますが、宜しくお願いします。 RT @ayu_6411@TMR15 こちらは西川さん御本人でしょうか!?

— 西川貴教 (@TMR15) June 10, 2016

Source: Hachimakikou

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