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[WOW Japan x C3 AFA Jakarta] An Exclusive Q&A with Shiena Nishizawa


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Indonesian anime, cosplay, and anisong fans — are you ready for C3 AFA Jakarta 2017?! See you on the 18th to the 20th of August 2017 at the JIEXPO for the biggest ACG event in Indonesia! Get ready to “Break your Fate” as Shiena Nishizawa joins the line up of I Love Anisong 2017!

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Shiena Nishizawa first came on the anisong scene as the Grand Prix winner of the first FlyingDog Audition. She has since gone on to release her first full-length album this year, as well as launched her first nationwide tour. She takes a break from her hectic schedule to answer a few questions from WOW Japan.

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Will this be your first time in Indonesia? What is your image of the country?

It’s my first time! I received a lot of photos from Indonesian fans, and I also received a book about Indonesia. I read it and saw that the beaches are very beatiful. They have a lot of islands, and they have so many cultures in Indonesia, which I find very deep and meaningful. I heard that Jakarta is the capital, and I am looking forward to learning about the culture there.

Your father first taught you to play guitar. What was that experience like?

When I was a junior high school student, I was watching a music show on TV, and thought that playing the guitar was really cool — so I told my dad, “I want to play the guitar!”. My dad replied happily, “My old guitar is at your grandpa’s place.” — and that was how I started playing guitar. Even though it seemed so trivial at the time, I still remember it quite fondly.

Who is your biggest musical inspiration and why?

I don’t really think of him as an influence, but I really admire Foo Fighters’ frontman Dave Grohl. I am a huge fan of his powerful vocals and his guitar performance, as well as his looks and his personality. I am female, as well as short in stature, so I am his complete opposite — so I cannot achieve the same level of power. But I like to think “I can be as powerful as the Wildman of America.” (laughs)

Tell us something interesting about yourself – for example, what do you think is harder: singing or playing guitar?

Regarding which is more difficult: singing or playing the guitar, I would say playing the guitar is more difficult. Since I started playing the guitar, I would be singing as well, so I thought that “a guitar is an accompaniment to songs”. If you don’t do both as a set, it’s really very difficult. At first it was hard to sing on the microphone, and I would get really impatient and say “I just want to play the guitar solo!”. I really need to practice some more, don’t you think?!

Please give a message to your fans in Indonesia.

First of all, thanks for reading my interview ♪ I think a lot of people will be seeing me perform for the first time, so I will do my best from the bottom of my heart — please wait for me! See you all at the concert!

C3 AFA Jakarta 2017

Are you looking for even more reasons to come to C3 AFA Jakarta?! Check out the official website for more information at! Want to make sure you get the best seats in the house?! You can also get early bird 2-day VIP tickets via Loket!

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18 – 20 Aug 2017
JIEXPO Jakarta, Indonesia

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