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kantai collection

One of Kantai Collection’s biggest mysteries solved: Warspite’s “Perfect English”-speaking seiyuu revealed

What British battleship, HMS Warspite, was revealed for Kantai Collection, it was revealed that she had perfect English intonation, and even had a British accent. Given that most seiyuu (even the really good ones) sound awkward when speaking in English, Warspite’s “Good English” has surprised many… and yes, the “Ad-Mai-ral” thing is “Ye Olde English” […]

[GAMES] Kantai Collection teases Android game version, Satsuki Kai Ni added

The Winter 2016 event for Kantai Collection has now ended, and the game update which ended the event fielded a few new surprises, including the addition of a new Kai Ni, which was given to the Mutsuki-class destroyer, Satsuki. Satsuki can be upgraded to Kai Ni at level 75, and blueprints are not required. Much […]