• The new Kirin "Mets" commercial features the members of competing with each other to be the first to give their present to their senpai, as well as bringing "Kabedon" to a whole new level.

    An introduction to Akihabara DearStage, home of & Moso Calibration. Birthplace of many idols. DearStage is located at Akihabara, it features live performances by budding idols on the first floor, a cafe on the second floor and a bar on the third floor. They have members in STAR☆ANIS, Band Ja Naimon!, and Moso Calibration. Notable ex-members include Maon Kurosaki. They have close ties with CLUB MOGRA too.

    Hikaru Skirt, the skirt that lights up the "Zettai Ryouiki", also known as the absolute territory, and turn it into "Komorebi Ryouiki" loosely translated as light filtering through foliage. The skirt is featured into idol group, Moso Calibration's MV for their upcoming single, Mahou no Juice.