• This year's line-up is the biggest ever -- so if you think there's a lot going on, then you're right! But we at WOW Japan will be happy to lend a hand, by counting down to our top five reasons for getting off our butts and making our way to the biggest event for fans of Japanese anime, cosplay, gaming, and anisong!

    Celebrating her 10th year in the business, the highly sought after singer and voice actress Megumi Nakajima is making her very first appearance in Indonesia at C3 AFA Jakarta 2018! Megumi has been busy promoting her latest double A-side single “Shiranai Kimochi/Bitter Sweet Harmony”, so we are very happy and honoured that she found the time to answer a few questions from WOW Japan!

    Mashiro Ayano is currently on tour in Japan, and has just released a brand new single titled “Shoudou (Impulse)”. Despite her busy schedule, Mashiro has very graciously agreed to answer a few questions about her upcoming Indonesian performance and hew new single from us here at WOW Japan. Enjoy!

    Konomi Suzuki has just come off from her succesful performances in Bangkok and Penang for I Love Anisong, and has set her sights on Jakarta! She sits down for another candid conversation with us from WOW Japan, as she talks about her work as as newly-minted voice actress as well as her upcoming performance this weekend.

    Yes, these girls can really shred -- something dramatically different from the usual manufactured girl bands composed of wannabes who could barely sing, let alone play instruments!

    Ami has appeared as a guest in events overseas as well in countries such as China, the Philippines and Singapore, and is among the next generation of Anisong singers to keep an eye on.