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Seiko’s Alba Watch Line Collaborates with “My Neighbor Totoro” and “Kiki’s Delivery Service”

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Aura Rico

Japanese watchmaker Seiko is on a roll with its recent collaborations with major anime and game franchises. It recently announced an Fate Grand Order Gilgamesh ladies wristwatch, and now it’s looking to do one better by announcing a new collaboration with Studio Ghibli with its Alba line of ladies wristwatches.

alba line

First up is not one but two lines for “My Neighbor Totoro”! The first line will feature four separate designs in white, navy blue, camel, and brown. There is also a special 30th Anniversary line in white and black, which will be limited to 1000 pieces.

My Neighbor Totoro.jpg

If fluffy forest creatures aren’t your thing, and are happier with a black cat or two, then this “Kiki’s Delivery Service” line in navy, dark brown, brown, and pink might be more to your speed. Flying broomstick not included!

Kiki Delivery Service line.jpg

Tha various watches range in price from JPY 7,000 to JPY 9,000, so as far as collab goods go they’re not completely ridiculous — as a matter of fact, they’re quite useful! These Studio Ghibli Alba watches will launch in Japan on July 2018.

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