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Poker is a Stressful Game, Is Poker Online Good For your Health?


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Playing online games is one of the favorite things that people love nowadays. There is an assumption that ‘it’s not cool if you don’t know and play online games’. However, you have to choose the games because some of them could become an addiction. So, before your health becoming worst, make sure that poker online game existence is a god or bad in your life.

Some of these poker online games are paid, but you could also play for free. For example Link Poker, Vietnam Poker, SBOBET, Bet 88, Asian Poker, etc. If you playing this kind of gambling game more than 10 hours every day, it has a bad impact on your health. Supposedly damaging the nerves to the worst result you will die. Check out the full review below!

Normal Activity Inside Brain Changes Because of Poker Games

There is already a lot of journal on the internet that someone who addicts to online games has some problems in their brain. Negative impact on the brain nerves, paralysis, brain injury, etc. Even health problems happen in the part of the brain and are treated by the doctor, you are still feeling damage.

University of California researchers conducted a study of poker players. The surprising result from 116 poker players turned out to change the structure and function of the brain. It is caused by their behavior when playing poker online.

Poker online not only changes the performance of the brain, but it impacts to structure as well. For example, a poker player will focus on his cards and the cards of the opponent player. 

This focus squeezes out energy and thought. As a result, for some people experiencing brain nerve blockage. Research has also found that poker games increase brain size to be responsible for the visuospatial activity. This part function to human ability, translate the visual concepts that are received by the eye.

For example, reading cards, distinguishing the shape and color of each card. Poker gamers have allegedly experienced an enlargement of the brain in the right hippocampus. It is an important part because the function to store long-term memory. So, when poker online players get older, their brains had potential experience dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Avoid Poker Online Game Addiction, Before Its too Late!

The health effects of playing poker are quite devastating, even make you die. As a good player, you have to play safe to avoid addiction. Neuroscientists also mention that the addiction to playing online poker games leads to certain health problems.

There will be functional and structural changes inside the neural reward system. Neural rewards are a group of neural structures that are linked to making pleasure, learning, and bring motivation.

Based on the health journal from Addiction Biology, which carried out magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans on 78 susceptible adolescent boys aged 15-19 years. These teenagers were diagnosed with an online gaming disorder. Also, 73 other participants did not have internet gaming problems.

The researchers compared the connection with 25 different areas inside the game addict’s brain. The results, researchers saw an increase in coordination in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex with the temporoparietal junction.

This condition causes guaranteed control over someone and becomes player addicting. The more severe condition that impact the most is patient with schizophrenia, autism, and Down’s syndrome.

Poker Online Addiction – Neurologist Doctor’s Explanation

Playing any type of game online is safe, as long as there are restrictions. The ideal limit for playing is 1-2 hours. If you want to play for more than 6 hours, you should stretch your muscles. So, your body does not become stiff, also accompanied by adequate sleep.

Remember to avoid playing poker online games at sleeping time because it means don’t give the brain a break. According to a statement from Dr. Rubiana Nurhayati, SpS, a neurologist from Pondok Indah Hospital, the online game positively make brain damage.

“Games always impact the damage inside the human brain. It is because many people take their rest time for playing, from middle night till early morning. The habits of gamers will not stop until they die. And playing together with their friend more fun, ” Nurhayati told to detikcom team (24/9/2019).

Forcing the brain to work when night falls make the brain performance decline. Other impacts are difficulty storing memory, disturbed mood, and slow thinking.

After reading the facts of poker online games, do you still want to play excessively? Avoid poker games before it’s too late and hurt others. 

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