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Easy to Play Classic Free Online Slot Games

Online slots are a type of online gambling that uses 3 or 5 numbers and symbols in playing. In the game itself, there are various types according to the type. The most popular types are classic online slot games.

This type of classic game is of course to maintain the original slot game type according to its history. Despite adopting technologies such as online, virtual reality, or artificial intelligence, the classic concept is still being maintained.

What distinguishes classic slot games now from the past is the operating system. In addition, easy-to-use game media is also one of the advantages of classic online slot games.

In online casinos, there are hundreds of slot games to choose from. Then what are the classic online slot games that are easy to play and provide many benefits?

Popular IGT Online Slots

The most popular online slot is the IGT slot. IGT or International Gaming Technology is a game developed by Scientific Games Corporation (SGI). IGT slots are widely known in various countries such as Latin America, Europe and Australasia, and Macau.

Before occupying the online world, IGT slots once dominated offline gambling. Initially IGT developed through casinos in Las Vegas. Launched in the 1950s, IGT began to experience its golden age and became known to the public with its IPO ownership in 1981.

Apart from the Scientific Games Corporation (SGI), IGT also collaborated with WMS and Bally so that it was not only slots, but also poker. The innovation made by SGI in developing IGT certainly adapts to existing technology. The game in it is very fast developing.

Since 2005, International Gaming Technology has been developed through online channels. This also adapts to the conditions of the people who switch to online mode.

IGT online slot games contain classic slot games that are very fun to play. Some of the classic online slot games that are popular here are Cleopatra, Golden Goddess, Lobstermania, Texas Tea, Cats, and Da Vinci Diamonds. Other types such as Pharaoh’s Fortune, Wheel of Fortune, Siberian Storm, and Pixies of the Forest are also many fans. Meanwhile, Wolf Run, Stinkin ‘Rich, Double Diamond, and Triple Diamond are still in great demand.

Australia’s Largest Aristocrat Classic Online Slot

One of the popular classic online slot game developers is the Aristocrat type. This type was developed by Aristocrat Leisure Limited. The company is based in Sydney, Australia. Currently, the offices have spread over 200 different jurisdictions in various countries.

Aristocrat is the second largest slot game after IGT in the world. Meanwhile in Australia, of course, is ranked first as a slot game producer. This company was first founded by Len Ainsworth in 1953.

Entering 1996, the company was listed on the Australian stock exchange and was an important milestone in its development. As time goes by, this company continues to develop games that are not out of date.

A big leap like daring directly to make EGM or electronic game machine and interactive video terminal system is aristocratic progress. In addition, the games in it have also been connected to mobile devices such as the iPhone or iPad.

The most popular of the classic online slot games in it are Buffalo, Queen of the Nile, and 50 Dragons. In addition there are More Chilli, Where’s the Gold, and 50 Lions. Other types such as Wonder-4 Slots, Big Ben and Pompeii are also favored by classic online slot players.

Bally, Favorite Classic Online Slots

Playing classic online slots will be a lot of fun getting to know the Bally types. Developed by Bally Technologies in Las Vegas, making it famous in various countries. The games in it are equally interesting and fun.

This company originally appeared in 1968 and was known as Advanced Patent Technology then changed to Alliance Gaming in 1996. After that it changed to Bally in 2006.

The game inside is claimed to have good quality in terms of graphics and service. The software and features in it are of undeniable quality. Playing Bally online slots offers great bonuses and fun sfx.

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The most popularly played classic Bally type online slot is the Quick Hit Slots series. In addition, there are also Michael Jackson, 88 Fortunes and Dragon Spin which are favorites in classic online slots. Let’s try!

Artificial Intelligence Adaptation to the Latest Online Slots

The era of the industrial revolution 4.0 became a time where technology and biology became one. One that stands out is artificial intelligence, also known as AI. Artificial intelligence also did not escape the development of online slots.

Artificial intelligence or AI is an artificial intelligence. This intelligence will later help human life. There are so many aspects of life that rely on AI features. Starting from transportation to medical activities.

If you look at the developments and demands of the times, AI will flourish and fast. No exception to online slots. AI is also present in the midst of gambling. This adaptation is certainly a response to technological advances.

Online slots that previously only used manual slot machines were updated to online slots. After the online slot generation dominated electronic devices, AI technology began to be adapted. Then how sophisticated will online slots be with AI in them? Come see the following reviews!

One Step Forward Online Slots with Artificial Intelligence

The use of AI in various activities makes it a technology that is in great demand today. One of them is online slots. According to its latest developments, online slots have adapted AI in them.

If in online games, using AI as a tool makes it easier for users, it is the same with online slots. The principle is “do it yourself”. So that players can solve their own problems quickly.

One AI company, nQube, has tried it on several slot machines. Several times the experiment was to put a few buttons. Later the function will vary according to the button.

The uses of AI are of course very complex. When many online slots use AI, there will be a lot of impact. This is because AI has a stronger power than humans.

AI’s ability to process data is considered faster than humans. So that the position of AI becomes number one in data processing.

This has led to pros and cons on various sides. One contra opinion is that AI is annoying. The annoyance in this case is that it will eliminate certain professions in slot games.

Meanwhile, the pros claim that online slots with AI will be more fun. They say that AI provides new experiences. In addition, it can reduce the risk of fraud.

However, the presence of AI in addition to online slots still raises pros and cons. So it still needs further research on how to implement it in online slots.

AI and Virtual Reality as the Latest Online Slot Forms

The existence of artificial intelligence in the world of revolution 4.0 is no longer strange. All parties are competing to implement it. No exception is online slots.

So when you see the rapid development of online slots, AI is one of the latest updates. Besides AI, one of the faces of the industrial revolution 4.0 is virtual reality or VR technology.

The use of VR in collaboration with AI will produce the latest online slots. How cutting-edge technology today. Several developers have implemented the use of VR in online slots. Not to mention if the online slot uses AR or augmented reality features. This will add even more appeal.

If VR and AI implementation can be done, online slot players will be truly spoiled. Just imagine, players can set their own play mode. Besides that, it can be enjoyed with a real atmosphere thanks to the help of a VR headset.

Of course this is tricky and difficult. Resources that are not fully owned by many people become the obstacles. The use of qualified computer equipment must also exist.

In addition, this technology is known to many people but not many users. The use of VR or AI, or even both, is still rare. Not many sectors of life have used the collaboration of the two.

So far, VR has only been used in the realm of online games or movies. Meanwhile, AI is widely used in the industrial and health sectors. So if you want to apply both in online slots, it will take a long time.

Besides taking a long time, it costs a lot to overhaul the system in it. Only a few groups can enjoy this game.

Artificial Intelligence Rejection in Online Slots

For some it may be surprising why AI is rejected in online slots. Even though AI offers many advantages and conveniences. AI is also considered to be more effective and efficient in various ways.

Some of the reasons why then AI is rejected in online slots is the risk of cheating. Players are no longer faced with fellow players. The opponent to play is one hundred percent of the system.

Seeing this incident, many online gambling lovers think that this will increase the risk of cheating. In addition, the process of calculating the winning prize can also be manipulated and not transparent.

Of course, for online slot bookies, this will also allow robots to replace their profession. So they can lose their jobs.

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However, technological advances cannot be avoided. As humans, we must be smart and wise in dealing with the changes that exist. So that there is no loss with the system.

Ainsworth Online Slot Software: The Biggest System in Game’s World

Hearing the name Ainsworth is of course familiar with the world of gaming. This software has mastered many types of online games, including online slots. Ainsworth Online Slot Software offers many types of game in their system.

Various game and technology development companies compete and provide their advantages. With technological sophistication, online slot software was born that is not small. There are at least more than 30 types of software that are official and widely used in playing online slots.

This can happen because in addition to increasing online slot enthusiasts, the games in it are also interesting. So that there are many companies who want to promote the quality of their software on various sites. Of course, this advantage has different characters.

One software that is widely known is Ainsworth. Ainsworth is quite popular among online gambling and online game players. This development company has been managing digital games for quite a while and the quality is not in doubt.

Ainsworth as the Development of the Online Slot Aristocrat Software

Ainsworth has always been synonymous with slot games. Previously, the name used was Les Ainsworth. Although not for long, this name must be well known by players or workers in the old game industry.

This software is of course born from the previous generation. Aristocrat game company that was founded in 1953 has a huge advantage. It is even the second largest slot company in the world after IGT. Aristocrat owner then developed another game business outside the Aristocrat, namely Ainsworth.

In 1995, Ainsworth’s business was further matured by establishing Ainsworth Game Technology which focused on slot games only. Initially, this company only did business on slot machines in casinos in the Australian area. Its success is seen from how wide the reach is in stocking slot machines around the world.

Then, following the times, the developments also touched the online realm. The online version of Airnsworth is in the form of software and can be played anywhere and anytime.

At its inception, many people underestimated Ainsworth considering that IGT was a rival game company that was still dominating and continuing to innovate. However, Les Ainsworth as the founder is optimistic about his experience in the gaming industry. This can be proven by its current position.

With his current position which also rules the world of online slots, Ainsworth has a vision to provide an edge in global gaming. Various innovations and updates are of course carried out as a way to become the best company. The online gambling trend also shows that online slots in Ainsworth are not showing any signs of slowing down yet.

Classic Features of Online Slots at Ainsworth

Talking about the features in online slots, of course, is mandatory. Online slot players will see their features before playing. Ainsworth online slots have similarities to Aristocratic type online slots. This happens because the two are related.

However, the two have differences. As a generation after him, Ainsworth has better graphics than Aristocrats. This is of course with the existing developments. Technology is used in such a way to make it even better.

However, when compared to other developers, Ainsworth doesn’t seem to exist yet. Several other companies have better graphic designs. Even in comparison, Ainsworth could be said to be outdated.

Of course, because other competitors have used transitions in their 3D characters. Also a video in it. So don’t be surprised if playing with Ainsworth still has an old-school impression.

This system is still maintained by Ainsworth in online slots. The classic values ​​make it seem as if it gives a sense of ancient fashion play. In addition, there is also a free spin mode and betting features in it.

Unfortunately the audio features in Ainsworth are not very friendly. Some of the sound effects that appear actually interfere with the game. For example, the sound of a wheel engine crane is less flexible.

Ainsworth Offers the Best Online Slot Games

If online slot players want to play slots in classic mode, then this is the answer. Slot machines are a feature at Aisnworth. So don’t be surprised when there are so many slot machines available.

While the games in it are also very much. Players can choose freely at will which is their mainstay. There are more than 30 different game types available here. Of course, with their respective advantages.

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One of the most popular games from Ainsworth is Jade Emperor. In this game, players will be brought into an oriental atmosphere. The emperor of China is the most epic setting that is highlighted.

Interesting isn’t this review about Ainsworth’s online slot software? May be useful!

The Most Advanced Online Slot Game Software System

Online slots are the most popular type of gambling game today. At the start of its appearance in 1891 in New York, slot games had a large following. Technological developments have also made slot games develop into digital games. Online slot game software system also are developed in any time.

Various game development companies in the world are competing to create the latest online slots. Online slots currently have at least hundreds of different types, ranging from classic to progressive types.

Several large companies have dominated online slots and got a lot of fans in them. Then what is the list of online slot support software that is currently on the rise?

NetEnt Leads Online Slot Software

This gaming company is well known in the world of virtual gaming and online gambling, so it’s no surprise that NetEnt is number one. This developer rules almost all types of online gambling games including online slots.

Through this company, various official licenses are available that can be used by online slot site providers. This license covers Scarface, Aliens, Wild Wild West, and South Park. NetEnt’s resilience in the virtual world has earned him many awards, one of which is the EGR awards in 2016.

NetEnt was founded in 1996 and started to reach its peak in profit in 2003. In 2016, its work report noted that the company NetEnt was processing 68,000 game transactions per minute. This progress raised revenue by 28 percent to reach EUR 149.1 million.

Microgaming, the First Software in Online Slots

Online slot game software were first developed by microgaming. Similar to the previous company, microgaming does not only focus on online gambling games. Here various video games were also developed.

Microgaming was first developed in 1994. This is the company’s response to seeing creative and successful online casinos. With its offices on the Isle of Man, microgaming is already doing a lot of the game. A total of 850 game products were born from this developer.

So it is not surprising that many awards have been won by microgaming. One of these prestigious awards is the EGR award in the best mobile game software category in 2017. In addition, it also won the poker software category in 2013 to 2016. Then the online slot provider innovation award in 2011.

The advantage of this game developer is a bonus. Microgaming is very brave to give a bonus game, namely the progressive jackpot. This type of jackpot provides multiple prizes than the usual jackpot. One of the winners ever was a gambler from England who won 17.8 million EUR in 2015.

BetSoft The First 3D Software in Online Slots

Online gambling players, especially online slots, are certainly no stranger to applications made by BetSoft. Through BetSoft, online slot games recognize cinematic 3D technology. So that the game in the slot becomes interesting with a satisfying graphic design.

The company, which was founded in 1999, is based in Cyprus. Started to expand its business to a bigger size in 2008. This year, BetSoft also produced 3D online slots in the igaming industry. Some of the famous ones were ‘Slotfather, then’ Good Girl Bad Girl ‘, and’ True Sheriff ‘.

This game developer also won prestigious awards, such as Migea Malta iGaming Excellence Game in 2017 to 2019. Other awards such as the Media Innovator Award in 2019 and the 5 Stars iGaming Media Starlet Award in 2018 and 2019 were easily won.

Through its official website, BetSoft also has a game developer concept that is not just sticking to games. But also how to adapt the technology that is developing today, especially in the era of the twenty-first century.

Real Time Gaming, Popular Online Slot Software

This game development company located in Georgia is well known to game players and online gambling. Real Time Gaming or widely known as RTG was founded in 1998. The principle of this game company is to provide fast and sophisticated gaming capabilities so as not to lose many fans.

RTG has the right consistency in providing games of any kind, especially in online casino software and online slots. Thanks to this hard work, fans of games made by RTG don’t easily switch games.

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There are lots of online slot developer software that also provides the best quality. Everything returns to online slot players who will play and choose according to their respective preferences. Always check also trusted service provider sites to play. Good luck!

The Development of Online Slots in the Industrial Revolution 4.0

The topic of the 4.0 industrial revolution has become daily food. This era is a leap that brings humans to the all-technological era. Online slots are not spared from the existence of this 4.0 industrial revolution. How is the development of online slots?

Almost all activities today are linked to 4.0. Even though not all countries are ready for the changes. There are still many countries that are far from phase 4.0, which will cause inequality.

Even so, research and development of technology on various matters regarding the industrial revolution 4.0 is still ongoing, including online slots. This is also a form of how to deal with technology and its changes.

One of the things that has been in the spotlight lately is online gambling, especially online slots. Online slots are a topic of conversation in relation to the industrial revolution 4.0. The development of online slots ini this era is so fast.

Online slots now have good quality. Be it in terms of software or users and providers. If in the past slot games were played with slot machines available in casinos, now slots can be played via PC or HP.

This convenience further encourages technological changes to creep into it. The industrial revolution 4.0 is also increasingly aggressively able to change many things from the existence of online slots. Of course with a better purpose.

Then what are the aspects and things that pertain to online slots related to the industrial revolution 4.0? Will the impact be very significant, especially in terms of technology? Come see the following reviews!

Artificial Intelligence in Online Slots in the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0

The industrial revolution 4.0 is closely related to artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence or better known as AI is a component that is widely developed. Apart from online slots, AI is needed in various sectors of life.

Seeing its massive development of online slots, AI has become a charm in the face of this 4.0 industrial revolution. Several parties then gave ideas to implement it in online slots. This type of gambling game will get a touch of more advanced technology.

At first the idea of ​​applying AI to online slots appeared in ordinary slot machines. The goal is to make it easier for the players to play. Slot machines that use AI can be faster and more efficient.

After that, an idea emerged to develop it in online slots. Online slots that currently use a computer system in their operations. If it is also given AI, it will become the latest type of online gambling.

Several studies have also conducted trials in developing online slots with AI. However, two parties later emerged regarding the AI ​​response in online slots.

The group that agrees to support AI-based online slots. This is considered because it is easy and not out of date. Meanwhile, the group that disagreed gave the opinion that AI was not good for online slots.

Not good what it means is to raise the risk of fraud. In addition, online slot bookies will lose their jobs. Because everything is done with a robotic system. Even customer service that is usually done by real humans will also be replaced by robots.

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Seeing the Virtual Reality Feature of Online Slots Facing the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Technology continues to change and improve in quality. This also cannot be separated from the discussion of online slots.

If previously plans regarding AI in online slots were still being developed, it would be different from VR. VR or virtual reality is the latest technology that is widely used today. Virtual reality gives a real effect as if we are in a certain situation.

The online slot that uses VR in it is one of the most updated online slots. Not many have developed this type of online slot. Apart from being more complex, of course also more expensive.

Online slots with VR features are of course interesting because they bring the players as if they were in a real casino. Players can play it anywhere, even at home. With advantages like this, of course, players will feel more at home with online slots.

In using this technology, of course it is not cheap. Online slot players must provide computers that fit well and have certain specifications. Not all computers and operating systems support VR online slots.

Players who want VR features in online slot games must provide a computer with 8GB RAM. Of course with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 / Radeon R9 290 graphics or more.

In addition, the minimum CPU used is Intel i5-4590 or AMD FX 8350. The minimum operating system used is of course Mac-OS, Windows 7 SP1, or Linux. And another mandatory tool is a VR headset.

With all that, players can play with new sensations. The 5D view has players taken to Las Vegas in real time. Of course this is very interesting, right?

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Sophisticated Supporting Software for Online Slots in the Industrial Revolution 4.0

The existence of technology in the development of online slots is inevitable. Online slots are a familiar item for gambling groups. In fact, in the video game industry, online slots are also a part of it.

So it’s not surprising that many video game development companies are developing online slots. Even able to dominate and be ranked first on online gambling sites.

Talking about online slots, technology, and the 4.0 industrial revolution certainly has a connection between the three. The industrial revolution 4.0 can run successfully thanks to technology. Technology is also advancing after many developments towards a digital society.

Digitalization in all these sectors then encourages various things towards one access via the internet. The internet seems to be a place without boundaries and barriers, making it easier for everything to develop. Includes online slots.

So that online slots have a fast development too. Lots of digital companies, especially the game industry, are competing to compete. Compete provides the newest online slot applications.

With this, many supporting software have emerged which form the basis of online slot games. This software has advantages in each type. Several types of software are the rulers in the world of online slots.

This software was later adopted by various gambling sites and online slots. By pocketing an official license, online slot games can be played in a sophisticated way.

One of the most favored of each software is a graphical display. Graphic display is certainly a plus because it is the first aspect that is seen.

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The Latest Type of Online Slot Software in the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0

Playing online slots will certainly be very fun if you understand the type of software used. This is useful because players can identify the type of game in it. Not all software provides all types of games.

There are software that only provide one type of game, for example specifically for classics. However, some also provide several types in it.

If you want to know all types of software used in online slots, of course there are so many. There are more than 30 software developed by major gaming companies. This number does not include the types developed by small companies.

Software in the world of online slots is very important. Everything includes graphics quality, system speed, game responsibility, and more. So it is important for online gambling sites to choose the most updated software.

Then what are the most widely used and popular software among online slot players? Here’s the list:

• NetEnt

• MicroGaming

• BetSoft

• Amatic

• World match

• Booming games

• Pariplay

• Aristocrat

• Ainsworth


• Novomatic

• And others

In looking at this software, of course, you need to look at the characteristics in it. Also pay attention to this online slot provider site. Each software that is adopted into the online slot site is officially licensed.

Several types of official licenses issued by this software are Wild Wild West, Aliens, Scarface, and South Park. So if you want to play online slots, make sure this license has been obtained by the site in question.

Classic Online Slots Still Exist in The Industrial Revolution 4.0

Online slot games have many different types to play. Some gaming companies develop online slots with such sophistication. So that the type of online slots has experienced many development.

The types of online slots themselves have different characters and ways of playing. The most widely known and played is the classic type. The classic type of online slot adopts the oldest way of playing.

In its history, slot games only used a rolled iron roll. This method is then known as the classic type. Even though it has been brought into online mode, this method is still widely used.

Of course the classic online slots want to keep their original value. There are also many fans of online slots who still play in classic mode. Some top players also recommend playing classic online slots.

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Although some types such as multipayline offer a greater chance of winning, the method used is simpler, the classic type. With one turn, the slots can display images or symbols.

As for the progressive type, players must be faced with a jackpot that increases in value. This actually makes the game more difficult and reduces the chances of winning.

Classic online slots also allow players to place small bets. So that beginners who want to try can use this method. Also, on some sites classic online slots are available for free.

Players will also be taken to the early days of the appearance of slots. Even though it is modern type, the classic atmosphere is still there. The symbols and numbers used will also make the player feel like he was in an ancient casino.

Types of Classic Online Slots in the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0

The interest of slot players in this type of classic online slot provides great opportunities for game developers. The game industry is then competing to provide the best features in classic mode.

This classic online slot still has a lot of fans around the world. Each company then provides new innovations. This innovation was carried out not to change the classic character, but the variations. For example in the types of games in it.

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Several gaming companies are able to occupy the top positions in this competition. So it is possible that many competing companies will also emerge. This is a response to the widespread use of technology.

Several types of classic games that still survive are widely adopted by online gambling sites. What are the types of classic online slot software? Here’s the list:

  • IGT (which includes games similar to Las Vegas, such as Cleopatra, Golden Goddess, Lobstermania, Texas Tea. Then there are Cats, Da Vinci Diamonds, Pharaoh’s Fortune, Wheel of Fortune. )
  • Aristocrat (provides games like Buffalo, Queen of the Nile, 50 Dragons, More Chilli, Where’s the Gold, 50 Lions, Wonder-4 Slots, Big Ben, and Pompeii)
  • Bally (the most popular is the Quick Hit Slots series, while the other types are Michael Jackson, 88 Fortunes, and Dragon Spin)
  • WMS (the games are Wizard of Oz, Goldfish, Jackpot Party, Spartacus, Bier Haus, Alice in Wonderland, Raging Rhino, and Zeus)
  • Konami (favorite games are China Shores, Vibrant 7s, China Mystery, Lotus Land, Golden Wolves, and Roman Tribune).

Wow, the types in it are quite varied. Even though it’s classic, it still survives and exists in the world of online slots.

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Online Slot Tournaments are a Prestigious Event in the Industrial Revolution Era

Several online slot sites provide some competition in them. So that in responding to increasingly advanced technology, it is not only the developers who compete. But also online slot players.

This tournament is the response of many online slot players lately. So that the site provider provides a place for those who want to compete. These online slot matches are usually scheduled for certain tournaments.

There are two types of tournaments that online slot players can participate in. This type is free paid tournaments and invitation free tournaments. Both have differences and different types.

For the paid-free tournament type, all players can register. Similar to playing online slots, players give a certain amount of registration money to the dealer. Then select a tournament schedule, then compete with the opposing party.

Meanwhile, this type of invitation-free tournament is only for VIP online slot players. This means that not all online slot players can participate. Only certain people can join. This VIP membership is obtained from the frequency of players playing online slots.

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The more online slot players play, the greater the chance to collect points. These points will be accumulated and become VIP invitations. Wow, quite interesting, right?

Online slot games during the 4.0 industrial revolution are indeed very suitable to continue to be developed. Apart from answering market needs, it is also a place for updating technology.

Pengertian Konveksi Baju dan Bedanya dengan Garmen

Istilah konveksi dan garmen sudah tidak asing di telinga banyak orang. Mendengar kata konveksi, tentu saja pikiran tidak jauh dari tempat pembuatan pakaian. Meski begitu, masih banyak orang yang tidak mengetahui apa itu pengertian konveksi baju

Konveksi sendiri terdiri dari beragam jenis selain konveksi baju yaitu ada konveksi jaket, celana olah raga, celana kerja atau kaos. Setiap konveksi biasanya memiliki spesialisasi dalam membuat produknya. Ada yang dikhususkan bagi pria, wanita, remaja putra atau putri, juga segmen anak.

Pengertian Konveksi Baju

Secara umum, pengertian konveksi baju yaitu sebuah usaha yang bergerak dalam bidang pembuatan baju dengan jumlah produksi tertentu. Jumlah produksi inilah yang menjadi salah satu pembeda antara konveksi dengan garmen.

Konveksi baju adalah salah satu jenis usaha yang bisa dimiliki dan dijalankan oleh perseorangan. Konveksi baju atau pakaian masih masuk dalam kategori usaha kecil dan menengah yang bisa dijalankan di rumah.

Pengertian konveksi baju juga terkait dengan jenis pesanan yang diterima. Konveksi baju biasanya melayani pemesanan custom sehingga konsumen bebas menentukan model, ukuran dan juga bahan yang akan dipesan dengan jumlah tertentu.

Perbedaan Penjahit Rumahan, Penjahit Konveksi dan Garmen

Penjahit, konveksi dan garmen sekilas merupakan sebuah kegiatan produksi yang sama. Ketiganya sama-sama merupakan kegiatan usaha yang berfokus pada produksi pakaian. Berikut perbedaan antara pengertian penjahit rumah, pengertian konveksi baju dan pengertian garmen.

1. Penjahit Rumahan

Penjahit rumahan merupakan jenis usaha produksi pakaian dengan kapasitas produksi yang paling kecil jika dibandingkan dengan konveksi baju dan garmen. Penjahit rumahan melayani pemesanan hingga 12 buah baju dan biasanya dikerjakan sendiri tanpa bantuan tenaga kerja lain.

2. Konveksi

Konveksi dapat dibedakan menjadi konveksi baju bayi, anak, wanita, baju tidur atau jenis pakaian lain dengan kuantitas produksi antara 12 buah hingga 10.000 buah pakaian. Peralatan yang dimiliki konveksi tentu saja lebih lengkap dibandingkan dengan penjahit rumahan.

Pengertian konveksi baju juga mengacu pada jumlah karyawan yang dimiliki. Karyawan inilah yang menjadi salah satu pembeda dengan penjahit rumahan. Dari jumlah tenaga kerjanya, konveksi ada yang masuk dalam kategori kecil, menengah dan besar.

3. Garmen

Garmen merupakan jenis usaha produksi pakaian dengan kuantitas terbesar dibandingkan penjahit rumahan dan juga konveksi. Garmen menerima pesanan di atas 10.000 buah pakaian. Peralatan yang dimiliki oleh garmen tentu saja sangat lengkap dan beragam

Sebagai sebuah industri, karyawan yang dimiliki oleh garmen jumlahnya bisa mencapai ribuan. Para karyawan ini akan bekerja sesuai dengan peraturan yang berlaku dan mendapatkan upah dengan besaran minimal sesuai dengan upah minimum regional atau UMR.

Garmen merupakan sebuah perusahaan yang dijalankan dengan mengikuti aturan pemerintah. Garmen juga terikat pada kewajiban-kewajiban yang telah ditentukan oleh pemerintah. Salah satu kewajiban yang harus dipenuhi oleh perusahaan garmen adalah pembayaran pajak.

Dari pengertian masing-masing jenis usaha, jelas terlihat perbedaan antara penjahit rumahan, konveksi dan juga garmen. Konveksi baju wanita dan baju anak saat ini menjadi salah satu peluang bisnis yang banyak dilirik orang.

Tips Memulai Usaha Konveksi Skala Kecil Bagi Pemula

Konveksi merupakan salah satu usaha yang kini banyak diminati oleh kaum muda. Meski demikian, lakukan beberapa persiapan sebelum memulai usaha konveksi meski berskala kecil. Setelah mengetahui pengertian konveksi baju, berikut tips memulai usaha konveksi.

1. Buat analisa usaha

Tahap pertama yang harus dilakukan untuk memulai usaha konveksi adalah dengan membuat analisa usaha. Ketahui berapa besar modal yang diperlukan, peluang pasar, target pasar dan hal-hal lain yang penting untuk diketahui.

Analisa usaha menjadi salah satu hal yang wajib dilakukan sebelum memulai usaha. Dengan analisa usaha yang tepat maka akan semakin memantapkan langkah memulai usaha konveksi. Dalam analisa usaha juga perlu untuk dilihat kebutuhan karyawan untuk memulai usaha.

2. Siapkan Sarana dan Prasarana

Tahap selanjutnya untuk memulai bisnis konveksi adalah dengan mempersiapkan sarana dan prasarana. Mesin jahit dan kelengkapannya mutlak dimiliki untuk bisa memulai bisnis konveksi. Selain mesin jahit, ada mesin obras, mesin potong, meja potong dan peralatan menjahit lainnya.

Lokasi konveksi juga perlu untuk dipertimbangkan. Meskipun masih dalam skala kecil dan dapat dilakukan di rumah, sebaiknya siapkan ruangan khusus untuk menjalankan usaha konveksi. Hal ini akan membuat kenyamanan bekerja lebih tinggi.

3. Mencari Pemasok Kain

Mencari pemasok kain dengan harga yang murah tentu saja sangat menguntungkan bagi pengusaha konveksi. Kain merupakan bahan baku dalam usaha konveksi sehingga jika mempunyai pemasok kain dengan harga murah, harga jual pun bisa menjadi murah.

4. Lakukan Strategi Promosi dan Pemasaran

Promosi dan pemasaran perlu untuk dilakukan untuk memperkenalkan konveksi kepada para calon konsumen. Buatlah strategi promosi dan pemasaran yang menarik sehingga membuat calon konsumen tertarik untuk memesan. Sesuaikan strategi promosi dengan segmen pasar yang dituju.

Demikianlah pengertian konveksi baju dan perbedaannya dengan penjahit rumahan serta garmen. Semoga beberapa tips memulai usaha konveksi skala kecil yang telah di bahas di atas dapat bermanfaat.

Game Online Terbaik dan Paling Populer Di Indonesia

Dulu, game masih dimainkan dengan perangkat game konsol seperti Play Station, Sega Genesis, Gamecube, Atari, Nintendo, dan banyak lagi lainnya.

Seiring perkembangan zaman modern, sekarang semakin menarik dan beragam untuk membuat game konsol kompetitif dengan game online di perangkat seluler dan PC.

Alasannya adalah Anda hanya dapat memainkan game online terbaik dan terpopuler menggunakan PC, komputer, atau gadget.

Selain game online terbaik, game offline juga bisa jadi pilihan seru untuk menambah waktu liburan panjang kamu.

Namun apa perbedaan antara game online dan game offline yang sering Anda temukan di gadget Anda? Yuk, cari tahu informasinya berikut ini:

Daftar Game Online Yang Terpopuler Di Indonesia

Game Offline

Game offline adalah game atau game yang bisa kamu mainkan di gadget kamu tanpa harus menghabiskan kuota internet kamu. Pasalnya, Anda tidak memerlukan jaringan internet untuk memainkan berbagai game offline seperti Subway Surfers, Fruit Ninja, dan Candy Crush.

Anda hanya membutuhkan jaringan internet jika Anda hanya mendownload game offline dari Play Store atau Apple Store. Selain itu, jika game offline sudah diunduh, kamu bisa bermain dengan leluasa meski gadget kamu tidak punya pulsa, kuota atau akses internet.

Game Online Terbaik

Bedanya game online dan game offline, game online bisa dibilang kebalikan dari game offline. Pasalnya, di era internet dan smartphone yang semakin canggih, kamu bisa bermain game di mana saja, kapan saja. Tentunya harus menggunakan internet.

Tidak hanya bisa kamu mainkan saja, dengan seri populer game online terbaik ini kamu juga bisa bermain multiplayer atau bermain bersama (main bareng) yang tentunya sangat seru daripada game offline.

Dengan smartphone dan PC, Anda dapat bermain game dengan bebas tanpa batasan apa pun. Selain itu, dengan banyaknya variasi game online terbaik dan terpopuler, kamu bisa memilih jenis game yang kamu suka dan kuasai.

Nah, kamu bisa mencoba beberapa rekomendasi pilihan game online terbaik untuk menambah liburan panjang akhir tahun kamu.

Mulai dari game online bergenre FPS, perang, petualangan, strategi dan masih banyak lagi. Semuanya dirangkum dan dipilih berdasarkan yang terbaik dan terpopuler.

Deretan Game Online Terpopuler

Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Game online terbaik dan terpopuler pertama adalah Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Sering disingkat ML, game online ini dirilis pada tahun 2016 dimana ML saat ini sedang sangat digemari banyak orang. Game yang juga termasuk dalam genre MOBA atau (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) hanya bisa dimainkan melalui Internet.

Meski begitu, koneksi internet dan spesifikasi yang dibutuhkan dalam game online ini tidak terlalu tinggi. Namun, untuk memainkan game online ini, Anda dan tim harus bekerja sama dengan baik.

Pasalnya di dalam game ini kamu terbagi menjadi dua tim yaitu 5 lawan 5. Tidak hanya melawan musuh, kamu dan tim juga harus menghancurkan tower musuh. Jika Anda berhasil menghancurkan menara utama musuh, Anda dan tim Anda menang.

Game Poker Online

Salah satu jenis permainan kartu poker yang paling populer adalah draw poker. Dalam permainan ini setiap pemain dibagikan tertutup dan harus menebak kartu mana yang ada. Setelah menebak-nebak, pemain diperbolehkan mengganti kartu yang tidak diinginkan dengan kartu baru. Jenis draw poker yang paling populer adalah jenis lima kartu.

Berikut Ini jenis jenis-game online yang paling diminati: judi slot online dan poker online.

PUBG Mobile

Game online terbaik selanjutnya adalah PUBG Mobile. Dimana game online dengan genre FPS atau First Person Shutter ini sangat digemari oleh para gamer di semua kalangan.Sebelum PUBG dirilis untuk seluler pada Maret 2018, game ini pertama kali dirilis untuk PC pada Maret 2017.

Sejak game online resmi PUBG Mobile dirilis, game ini langsung mendapatkan popularitas yang luar biasa, bahkan popularitas PUBG Mobel bisa menyaingi Moblie Legends.

Untuk konsep gamenya, PUBG punya satu tujuan yaitu agar bisa bertahan hidup dengan sebaik-baiknya agar bisa menjadi orang terakhir yang masih hidup. Selain itu, pada game online ini juga terdapat fitur seperti voice chat yang memudahkan anda untuk berkomunikasi dengan tim.

Garena Free Fire

Game online terbaik selanjutnya yang bergenre mirip PUBG Mobile adalah Free Fire. Konsep dari game online ini adalah kita berdua harus bisa bertahan melawan musuh di sebuah pulau agar bisa menjadi pribadi yang berhasil bertahan di akhir permainan.

Anda dapat mengunduh game online terbaik di platform iOS dan Android. Bahkan karena kepopulerannya, game ini pun berhasil menjadi game mobile nomor 1 di 22 negara dan 5 game mobile teratas di lebih dari 50 negara. Total unduhan untuk game ini telah mencapai puluhan juta.

Call of Duty / COD (2003) & (2019 di Indonesia)

COD sendiri dirilis sebagai game PC online pada tahun 2003. COD Mobile sendiri telah resmi dirilis di Indonesia sejak Oktober 2019 lalu. Namun, pemain akan dapat melakukan pra-registrasi menggunakan akun Garena atau akun Facebook mulai 24 Juli 2019.

Call of Duty Mobile merupakan game online dengan mode multiplayer dan battle royale. Namun, ada beberapa yang membedakan metode ini dari game lain seperti PUBG. Tak hanya itu, game ini juga akan menampilkan karakter ikonik dari seri Call of Duty sebelumnya.

Point Blank (2008)

Point Blank adalah sebuah game komputer atau PC online yang menggunakan genre FPS. Dimana game ini memiliki cerita tentang perseteruan Free Rebels dengan pemerintah, dalam hal ini Counter Terrorist Force (CT Force). Selain itu, PB menawarkan berbagai fungsi atau mode permainan termasuk Deathmatch, Bomb Mission, Destroy Mission, Madness, Eliminate, dan banyak lagi.

Tidak hanya PB dapat dimainkan di komputer atau PC, PB juga muncul sebagai versi mobile dari game online. Namun Point Blank Mobile Indonesia resmi ditutup pada 2017 sedangkan PB Mobile baru dirilis November 2016. Hal ini dibenarkan oleh Zepetto bahwa penutupan PB Mobile dikarenakan kualitas yang buruk saat dimainkan di perangkat.

Super Mario Bros: Cara Bermain dan Aturannya

Super Mario Bros: Cara Bermain dan Aturannya – Super Mario Bros. adalah gim video platform 1985 yang dikembangkan secara internal oleh Nintendo EAD dan diterbitkan oleh Nintendo sebagai sekuel semu dari gim 1983 Mario Bros.

Awalnya dirilis di Jepang untuk Komputer Keluarga pada 13 September 1985, dan kemudian untuk Nintendo Entertainment System di Amerika Utara pada tahun 1985, Eropa pada 15 Mei 1987 dan Australia pada tahun 1987. Ini adalah yang pertama dari seri game Super Mario.

Dalam Super Mario Bros, pemain mengontrol Mario dan dalam permainan dua pemain, pemain kedua mengontrol saudara laki-laki Mario, Luigi, saat ia melakukan perjalanan melalui Kerajaan Jamur untuk menyelamatkan Putri Toadstool dari antagonis Bowser.

Gim ini sangat berpengaruh, mempopulerkan genre gulir samping. Pada tahun 2005, jajak pendapat IGN menamakannya sebagai The Greatest Game Of All Time. Gim ini juga terjual dengan sangat baik, dan merupakan gim terlaris sepanjang masa selama kurang lebih tiga dekade, sampai Wii Sports mengambil gelar itu.

Kesuksesan komersial Super Mario Bros. telah membuatnya diporting ke hampir semua konsol game utama Nintendo. Nintendo merilis varian merah khusus dari konsol Wii dan Nintendo DSi XL dalam paket edisi terbatas bertema Mario, edisi terbatas pada akhir 2010 sebagai bagian dari peringatan 25 tahun rilis game.

Pemain mengambil peran protagonis utama dari seri, Mario. Adik Mario, Luigi, hanya dapat dimainkan oleh pemain kedua dalam mode multipemain gim, dan mengambil peran plot dan fungsi yang sama dengan Mario.

Tujuannya adalah untuk berlomba melalui Kerajaan Jamur, bertahan dari pasukan antagonis utama Bowser, dan menyelamatkan Putri Toadstool. Pemain bergerak dari sisi kiri layar ke sisi kanan untuk mencapai tiang bendera di akhir setiap level.

Dunia game memiliki koin yang tersebar di sekitarnya untuk dikumpulkan oleh Mario, dan batu bata khusus yang ditandai dengan tanda tanya (?), Yang jika dipukul dari bawah oleh Mario, dapat mengungkapkan lebih banyak koin atau item khusus.

Jika pemain mendapatkan Jamur Super merah dan kuning, Mario akan menggandakan ukurannya dan dapat menerima satu pukulan ekstra dari sebagian besar musuh dan rintangan, selain bisa memecahkan batu bata di atasnya.

Pemain diberikan sejumlah nyawa, dan dapat memperoleh nyawa tambahan dengan mengambil 1-Up jamur hijau dan oranye, mengumpulkan 100 koin, mengalahkan beberapa musuh berturut-turut dengan cangkang Koopa, atau memantul ke musuh secara berturut-turut tanpa menyentuh tanah.

Satu nyawa hilang ketika Mario menerima kerusakan saat kecil, jatuh ke dalam lubang, atau kehabisan waktu.

Bagaimana trik pertama yang dilakukan oleh supermario untuk menghadapi musuhnya?

  • Serangan utama Mario adalah melompati musuh, meskipun banyak musuh memiliki respon yang berbeda-beda. Misalnya, Goomba akan diratakan dan dikalahkan, sementara Koopa Troopa akan ditarik sementara ke dalam cangkangnya, memungkinkan Mario untuk menggunakannya sebagai proyektil. Untuk mengetahui game seru lainnya, anda bisa kunjungi qiu qiu online.
  • Cangkang ini dapat dibelokkan dari dinding untuk menghancurkan musuh lain, meskipun mereka juga dapat bangkit kembali melawan Mario, yang akan melukai atau membunuhnya. Serangan lain, untuk musuh yang berdiri di atas kepala, adalah melompat dan memukul di bawah batu bata tempat musuh berdiri.
  • Yang lainnya adalah Bunga Api; saat diambil, item ini mengubah warna pakaian Super Mario dan memungkinkan dia untuk melempar bola api, atau hanya mengupgrade Mario menjadi Super Mario jika dia belum melakukannya.
  • Permainan ini terdiri dari delapan dunia dengan empat sub-level yang disebut ‘tahapan’ di setiap dunia. Tahap terakhir dari setiap dunia berlangsung di sebuah kastil tempat Bowser atau salah satu umpannya bertarung.
  • Gim ini juga mencakup beberapa tahapan yang terjadi di bawah air, yang berisi musuh berbeda. Selain itu, ada bonus dan area rahasia di dalam game. Sebagian besar area rahasia berisi lebih banyak koin untuk dikumpulkan Mario, tetapi beberapa berisi ‘pipa warp’ yang memungkinkan Mario maju ke dunia selanjutnya.
  • Versi Super Mario Bros. ini dirancang untuk Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), yang merupakan konsol video game delapan-bit yang diproduksi oleh Nintendo pada tahun 1983 – 2003. Saat itu, itu adalah konsol video game terlaris di mana lebih dari 700 game berlisensi dan sejumlah game non-lisensi telah dibuat.
  • Memainkan game Super Mario online adalah metode paling sederhana untuk menyenangkan para pengguna yang tidak memiliki pemahaman teknis tentang emulator. Tetapi, jika Anda ingin mendapatkan pengalaman permainan yang sebenarnya maka Anda harus memeriksa emulator untuk memainkan Super Mario di komputer.

Demikian artikel tentang Super Mario yang tentu dapat Anda mainkan. Anda dapat menghindari diri dari game-game judi online yang merugikan, seperti qui qui online, semoga bermanfaat.

Easy Guide for Beginners to play Free Fire

Easy Guide for Beginners to play Free Fire – Maybe you have been tired of playing Free Fire for a long time but it doesn’t improve? Maybe you have completed thousands of matches but always lose? Or have killed hundreds of enemies but never made it to the end of the game? Don’t worry, it’s completely normal. We are all beginners at first and the only way to become a “Pro” is to practice as much as you can, or also by following some tips on how to play the game Free Fire from various sources.

In this game there will only be one winner who can survive at the end of the game, Free Fire is one of the very tense battle royale games from 111dots Studios. More than 30 players are competing in one map, and you are one of them. Where in the end you have to deal with enemies and can’t avoid it because the Free Fire Map will continue to shrink over time. To find out other exciting games, you can visit

Therefore, Kabar Games has made tips and tricks on how to quickly rank up in Free Fire for beginners by using the Bluestacks emulator which will make you better at playing this battle royale game in the future. Hopefully (maybe) you will be the next Indonesian version of “Kyle Giersdorf” in this Free Fire game. The following are tips for playing Free Fire for the Kabar Games version of beginners.

Select a Suitable Device

The first and most important tip from the Free Fire game, choose a device that suits your playing comfort. For example, if you are an experienced CSGO player who is used to playing on the desktop but is new to Mobile games, use an Android emulator like Bluestacks or Nox. There are many videos out there, for example on Youtube, which will guide you on how to set up the settings.

How to Win Playing the Free Fire Game?

Adjust Screen Sensitivity

The next Free Fire Beginner Tips, Adjust the HUD to your comfort. Activate the fire button on the left side, apart from the fire button, position the jump and scope buttons correctly because you will often use them in battle. After that adjust the sensitivity, This is very critical and has a big impact on the gameplay. The sensitivity settings between one player and another are different, adjust the sensitivity according to your playing comfort.

PC (emulator) users will likely prefer a lower sensitivity setting and should consider the mouse dpi setting as well. Mobile users usually prefer a slightly higher HP screen sensitivity for comfortable playing. Mobile users who use “Precise On Scope” usually prefer a slightly lower sensitivity than “Default” users. And remember that the sensitivity setting will decrease according to the scope quality, 8X / AWM scope is always set to the lowest sensitivity.

Don’t Focus on Cosmetics

Items such as t-shirts, pants, and hats are just cosmetics, remember these Free Fire tips. These items do not provide any advantage in terms of gameplay for your character. They can make your character look cool but this is not an MMORPG and your competitors won’t be admiring your clothes, they are there just to kill you. To find out other exciting games, you can visit Poker Online.

These cosmetic items are sold in exchange for Diamonds or in-game currency which you can buy for real money but do not provide any benefits other than just looking cool and cool. Character, on the other hand, is different from cosmetics, it is the character that will give you an advantage. There are lots of characters in Free Fire, 2 of them, Adam and Eve, “unlocked” from the start. However, they have no “statistics” and don’t offer any advantages.

New players or beginners are free to play this character from the start of the game. The other six characters offer the following benefits:

• Nikita – 4% faster submachine reload

• Misha – 2% faster-driving speed

• Ford – 4% less damage when outside the safety zone

Andrew – 2% less endurance loss

• Kelly – 1% increase in sprint speed

You can unlock these characters with in-game currency, diamonds (real money), or dollars (although Misha can only be purchased through diamonds). Note that each character’s stats keep increasing as long as you keep leveling up the character. For example, Andrew starts with 2% less endurance loss and can increase this stat by up to 10%, by leveling up your character and completing achievements in the game Free Fire.

What are you doing to win playing free fire?

Customize Landing Points

The next tip, often lands where many people land, but at least at the beginning of the game Free Fire, avoid locations that are preferred by players who count ‘Pros’. Don’t try to dodge your opponent, at first you might not last long but this will help you get used to your game setup, and exposure to multiple enemies will improve your gameplay and increase your confidence. To find out other exciting games, you can visit Poker.

The second option is to always choose a place with a smaller crowd. Every player plays to win and they will kill you. That’s why it’s always recommended to land in a place that doesn’t have many opponents and this will also help you collect the best Free Fire weapons and other supplies with ease. Besides that, try various kinds of weapons and grenades to be able to set the strategy for which free fire sick weapons you think will be the best combination in battle.

Pay attention to the red mark

The next tip for beginners in playing Free Fire, you may notice that your screen will turn red from time to time, but only for a few seconds. Well, there’s a reason for that, the red mark means there’s an enemy in front of you and if you pull the trigger when the screen turns red, you’ve shot the enemy. This applies to aim mode (which you can activate by pressing the right mouse button) and regular mode.

When your vision starts to turn red, pulling the trigger is a visual clue that you can hit the enemy. But it does not guarantee that you have killed him, for example, a headshot, but it does guarantee that you have dealt damage to the opponent. If you’re having to troubleshoot your enemies, be aware of these visual clues.

Download Cover Lagu – Lagu Terbaik 2020

Download lagu cover sudah makin sering dibicarakan akhir-akhir ini. Apa sih sebenarnya arti dari lagu cover ini? Dan sejak kapan istilah cover lagu digunakan untuk menamai kegiatan membawakan lagu orang lain? Sepertinya tren ini mulai populer di era YouTube.

Meng-cover lagu pada jaman sekarang sudah terlalu sempurna. Mengapa dibilang begitu? Mari kita bandingkan dengan zaman dimana YouTube belum sebesar sekarang. Dulu ciri khas dari cover justru suasananya yang live sehingga membuatnya terdengar berbeda dengan versi aslinya. Walau secara audio tak sebaik versi aslinya, tapi justru daya tariknya terletak di ketidaksempurnaannya.

Mari bandingkan dengan tren cover zaman sekarang yang jika dilihat dengan seksama, sudah tidak ada bedanya dengan lagu baru yang digarap secara profesional. Dikerjakan di studio dengan video klip yang kualitas HD. Dan lebih gila lagi, vokalnya di-autotune. Semakin berbeda jauh dari ciri khas cover yang kukenal dulu.

Sebenarnya saat kita memilih untuk menyanyikan lagu orang lain dan mengunggahnya di media sosial, alasan pertama adalah kita memang menyukai lagu yang dinyanyikan itu. Alasan kedua mungkin untuk pamer suara, untuk membuat orang lain terkesan dengan kita.

Pertanyaannya sekarang adalah apakah para  para peng-cover zaman sekarang ini membawakan lagu yang memang mereka sukai atau mungkin nggak suka tapi yang penting cover? Karena fakta, para peng-cover ini akan meng-cover lagu apapun yang baru dirilis ataupun lagu yang lagi viral. Alasan utamanya adalah ikutan viral.

Alasan Orang Download Lagu-Lagu Cover

Sekarang mari kita lihat alasan kenapa orang download lagu –lagu cover

Musisi cover adalah orang/musisi  yang memainkan lagu orang lain. Musisi cover berbeda dengan musisi yang menciptakan lagu versi asli. Tapi kita juga tidak bisa memandang sebelah mata para musisi cover ini sebab dengan mengcover, kita bisa melihat sebuah proses kreativitas yang hebat dari mereka.

Dari cara mereka mengcover, atau jenis lagu yang mereka cover, bisa memancarkan siapa diri mereka. Misalnya mereka  yang suka men-cover lagu menjadi ber aliran jazz, kamu termasuk golongan orang-orang yang outgoing dan santai. Mengcover lagu menjadi beraliran reggae, bisa menggambarkan orang yang senang dengan tokoh-tokoh Reggae

Pun menikmat musik yang senang mendownload lagu cover, mereka punya alasan sendiri. Misalnya mereka senang menikmati sebuah lagu yang memang berbeda dari versi aslinya, alasan klasik bukan?

Sekarang ini, banyak situs-situs yang menyediakan lagu-lagu dari berbagai aliran musik. Selain aliran, mereka juga menyuguhkan berbagai jenis musik, termasuk lagu cover.

Kebanyakan lagu cover itu adalah dalam versi video. Dan hampir rata-rata video-video itu bisa kita temukan di saluran Youtube yang memang adalah spesialis penyuguh video.

Selain Youtube, kita pun bisa menemukan banyak situs-situs lainnya yang menyuguhkan lagu-lagu cover. Tinggal kita pilih sesuai kapasitas atau kualitas dari media kita. Atau sesuai kepercayaan kita terhadap sebuag situs. Atau juga sesuai selera kita

Kualitas Lagu-lagu cover

Seburuk apapun kualitas dari versi asli, maka versi asli tetaplah yang terbaik. Sebab lagu asli pasti  memiliki nilai yang tak dimiliki versi cover. Terutama nilai pada proses kreatif pembuatan lagu itu. Versi cover lebih enak, tinggal meliuk-liukkan suara biar terdengar berbeda, atau membuat aransemen sedikit aneh untuk memberi suasana baru pada lgu . walaupun terkadang malah melupakan esensi lagunya. Tidak jarang, para peng-cover bahkan tidak menganalisis lirik lagu yang sedang dibawakan. Padahal dalam pembuatan sebuah lagu itu, para musisi sudah memperhitungkan setiap nada dan pilihan warna suara untuk menginterpretasikan ide yang ingin mereka sampaikan dalam lagu itu. Dan itu bukan sebuah pekerjaan mudah.

Dibutuhkan dedikasi yang besar untuk bisa menghasilkan sebuah karya yang baik.

Kita mungkin berpikir bahwa setiap musisi akan lebih memilih lagunya yang dicover orang. Tapi bisa juga ada yang bilang bahwa dia tidak berbakat, sehingga lebih memilih cover saja.

Kenyataannya, sebenarnya tak ada orang yang terlahir berbakat menulis lagu. Setiap orang berlatih untuk akhirnya bisa menghasilkan lagu yang bisa dinikmati banyak orang.

Akhir kata, tanpa bermaksud merendahkan para pecinta cover, belajarlah mencintai versi asli sebuah musik. Marilah kita tetap bermusik dan kalau bisa cobalah membuat lagu sendiri.

Simak juga artikel menarik kami lainnya.