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Finn and The Swirly Spin Online Slot Review

In this article, we will be reviewing another online slot game. This online slot game is one of the rather unique ones. This amazing online slot game will take you on a magic adventure to a leprechaun happy land. This slot game is called the Finn and The Swirly Spin.

Contrary to the older slot games, Finn and The Swirly Spin is for you players that seek beautiful animation and a colourful game. As opposed to the classic, 3 reeled slot machines, Finn and the Swirly Spin has 5 reels in it. With 5 reels and 10 pay-lines, this slot game is one of the best in the internet. Finn and The Swirly Spin is another creation by Net Entertainment. They were also the ones who were responsible for creating other slot games such as Magic Portals.

In this article, we will discuss further the features and other advantages and disadvantages of this slot game.

First Impressions and General Look

Different online slot games boast different themes. There are games with wild west themes such as Guns and Roses. Others boasts fantasy themes such as Magic Portals. Finn and The Swirly Spin brings along with it a magical leprechaun theme. It has 5 reels and 10 pay-lines. Using a Spin Mechanic, the game is played out on a 5×5 grid set containing 25 spaces – 25 symbols appear and are independent from each other. A win is comprised of any horizontal/vertical line of 3 or more of the same symbols.

The reels are unique and set up in an uncommon way – having a stone as its background. The symbols move and traverse throughout a maze. The entire game and picture are also decorated with an amazing landscape of green fields and rainbows. On the left side, a leprechaun sits while accompanying you playing the game. Truly a little touch which makes you feel like you’re not playing the online slot alone.

Set your Bets

Before going on an adventure over the rainbow, you need to set your bets. The coin denominations in Finn and The Swirly Spin go from 0.01 to 2. It can be set by simply clicking on the “Coin Value +/- “section. By clicking on “+” you are adding your bets. Choosing “- “will minimize your bets. If you are feeling lucky, you can go all out. This can be done by clicking on “Max Bet”. This will set the maximum bet available. Players can bet as low as 10 pence (0.13 cents). For higher stakes, they can bet at a value as high as 200 pounds ($256).

Payout and Winnings

While being fun and decorative, sadly Finn and The Swirly Spin is not a big hit game. Instead, this is a game where you have to constantly play in order to get good amount of payout. However, this also means that your budget and money will last long. Regardless, it boasts a decent win. Players can win up to 420 to 500 times the stake they put on each spin.

In-Game Bonuses and Features

Like any other online slot game, Finn and The Swirly Spin is generous. It is rich in features which adds up the chances of winning. Players can benefit from 4 random features. Firstly, is the Starfall Wilds Random feature. This feature adds 2 to 5 more wilds on the reels. To put it simply, a wild is a symbol that can substitute any other symbol.

This increases the probability of winning a spin that the player otherwise wouldn’t win. The next feature is called the Dragon Destroy Random feature. This feature destroys a random number of symbols. This will then give the player an avalanche. Another feature is the Irish Luck Random feature. This feature gives the player a horizontal or vertical line of 1 type symbol. When added, this feature gives the players a guaranteed win.

This feature is arguably the best feature available among the 4 features. The last feature is the Magic Transform Random feature. This feature transforms all space/heart symbols into a higher paying symbol in online slot. This symbol increases the player’s stakes and chances of getting a higher payout.

This game also does not forget the conventional free spin feature. The free spin can be obtained by getting a free spins key. This is done when a free spins key scatter symbol is in the centre after all wins have taken place.

Magic Portals: An Online Slot Game Review

While gambling is available in different shapes and forms at casinos, not everyone has access to it. Some either live far away from the city and is impossible for them to visit a casino. Some, may not have the money or time to go to casino. Hence, a lot of accessible forms of gambling starts to show up. Particularly one that does not require gamblers to go to a casino. One of those forms of gambling is called slot games.

Online slot games are computerized versions of slot machines. They are typically accessible from mobile phones or the internet and can be played from your home. The concept of these online slot games is the same as the machine one. However. these slot games carry with them a lot of additional features that are not found in conventional slot machines.

These features range from wild symbols, scatter symbols and interactive bonuses. Slot games are perfect for online gambling as they’re quick and easy to understand and get used to. Online slot games payout when a player lines up winning symbols. There are a various certain number of pay lines and a certain number of symbols that will trigger a payout.

Online Slot Games

There are different online slot games available to be played. In this article, we will review one of the oldest looking but famous online slot game. It is called the Magic Portals Slot. This mobile online slot game boasts its World of Warcraft and Lord of The Rings looking theme. Magic Portals has 5 reels and 25 paylines available in the game. The graphics – though looks vintage is still magical. Teemed with a lot of fire and ice symbols, this slot game is taking you on a fantasy journey. This game is available to play in both Android and Apple operating systems.

Betting System and Payout Winnings

Different online slot games mean different winnings and also prizes. In Magic Portals, there are 5 reels and 25 paylines. With that number of reels, it gives you the chance to win a lot of prizes.

If you are on a close budget, do not worry. Magic Portals can be played with a bet as low as $0.25. For high stakes players, they can even bet up to $250. The payout in Magic Portals is quite exceptional. It offers a maximum non-progressive jackpot payout of 64,000 coins. It boasts a 96.6% return to player (RTP).

Slot Patterns and Designs

If you like elves and witches, then Magic Portals is for you. It is designed to resemble a fantasy world. Like stated earlier, it carries a World of Warcraft and Lord of The Rings theme. The patterns here are unique as well. When the player hits a jackpot, it creates a magical ice, fire and wind effect depending on the pattern hit. The reels take shape of magical portals (just like the name suggests).

It has red circles that symbolizes fire, blue which symbolizes ice and green which symbolizes wind. The most distinguishable is of course the magic portal. It is designed and colored in a dark, blue looking portal. Not only portals, but the reels also have other symbols. Symbols such as fire witch, ice elves and wolves also decorate this game. Other symbols include eagles, demons, and bearded elders. All in all, this game truly boasts its fantasy theme.

In-Game Bonuses and Promos

Magic Portal is an online slot that is generous towards its players. Magic Portals offers to its player’s different in-game bonuses and promos. Players are given free stuff – which is not something that is common from online gambling websites. Among the bonuses and promos offered are free spins. Simply called the free spin, this bonus can be obtained when the symbol pitches on reels 1 and 2 and if they land within the magic portal.

This means that the players need to be lucky if they want to get a free spin. However, up to a total of 10 free spins can be obtained while playing this game. If you are smart enough, utilizing the free spin to get a big win will prove to be beneficial. Worry not, as the free spins here are not fraudulent. It means that even if you hit a jackpot or get a big win with free spins, the payout will still be available in your account.

Jammin Jars Slot Review Online: Winrates and Tips to Win

Everyone loves a portion of online gambling as well as casino games. Slot games have always dominated the world of online gambling. A study found out that around 70 percent of all the online casino games are slot machines. This has became a favorite for everyone in the world. Whether you are in America, Macau, Singapore, or wherever else in the world, you can surely find slot machines. Slot machines are fun to play and it is very affordable too. But if you want maximum comfort for a cheap price, then online slot games can be the solution. Online slot games offer a lot more than just fun. It offers you a brand new experience as well as getting a lot of money. This is where the jammin jars slot review comes in.

In this article, we will give you a full walk through as well as a guide of this game. So sit tight and enjoy the read ahead.

Jammin Jars Slot Review: Gameplay

The jammin jars slot is a fun themed slot to play. At a glance, you might think of this slot game as a mobile game. This is because it has a fun looking disco themed as its featured characteristics. The symbols or patterns in this game are quite simple. They come in the shapes of fruits and with different colors. But what is unique is the amount of reels it has. An online game usually has around 3, or 5, or even 6 reels. Well at most, 6 reels is already very much in an online slot game. But this time, jammin jars takes it a step further and offers you a hardcore style slot game. This online slot machine has 8 reels in total. You might not even see it as an online slot machine anymore. But it actually has a lot of different possible combinations to help you gain more profit.

Our team had tried playing this game and made a jammin sars slot review. We recommend this online slot game if you are looking for some whacky fun. This is because the jammin jars online slot game is quite easy to understand. You can easily get your money and win if you form a pattern of 5 or more symbols. The more symbols you have in a pattern would be better and increases your winning prizes. So you should understand all the horizontal as well as the vertical patterns before playing this game.

Winrate and Return To Players Rate

In this game, there are so many patterns that you can get. Each pattern will bring you one step closer to gaining a profit. Profits can be considered as the main goal in playing online slots. If you are looking to play an online slot game, then you must find the most profitable one.

According to our jammin jars slot review, we have found that this game has a 96.83 percent return to player rate. This is a very high RTP or return to player rate for this game. RTP basically shows the percentage of money you can win back or even more. If you hit the jackpots, this specific game can multiply your money thousands of times. A player once had gained an estimated 2000x the amount of bet that he placed.

The lowest price you have to pay to play this game is actually only $0.20. This is very cheap and everyone can afford to play this game. You might even want to risk more to win more. That is why jammin jars slot game has offered a maximum of $100 bet. Just imagine if you get a jackpot by playing a $100 bet. The maximum total winnings you can get in this game is over $200,000. Almost a quarter of a million of dollars and it takes a few seconds to win that much.

Features and bonuses

In jammin jars, you will also get a lot more than you paid for. This is because players will receive a lot of bonuses. Bonuses would also come in two different ways. Such as credits or even free spins. Players do not have to worry about losing money. Because this game will bring you victory.

How To Set Up Instagram for Business

Instagram is considered as one of the most popular social media with more than 800 million users around the globe. Also, Instagram is very popular for business purposes. Owners of small businesses and also companies of established businesses applied all the way of how to set up Instagram for Business.

But, how to set up Instagram for business for beginners? And what makes it so popular among business owners?

Instagram for Business Purpose

Talking how to set up Instagram for business bound to make the correlation for digital marketing. Marketing today is always about how to spread awareness and news to the market in the most interesting ways. We cannot find any other attractive, interesting, and easy way than using Instagram.

Business owners today prefer to engage with their customers through Instagram because it has the capability to build awareness. Instagram is based on pictures and people tend to believe anything they see. It is very effective, especially for small business owners.

Business owners love Instagram unconditionally. Why is that? First of all, as stated before, more than 800 million people around the world are active users of Instagram. So, if you want to launch or promote something and want exposure, Instagram is the best place to do it.

Since Instagram is based on visual content, it is like putting the face of your brand. Pictures help business owners to build more engagement or connection with their customers and audience. By sharing pictures, quotes, or videos, the audiences will be aware and engage with the brand.

On the other hand, the best part of using Instagram for business purposes is that it can boost your sales. By sharing useful content such as a high quality such as promotional campaigns, tips, or announcements, you can turn your audience into paying customers.

The picture is very provocative and a mind changer. For example, a home décor store that posts pictures of living room décor or design will provoke and inspire the audience. The audience with an interest in home décor will tend to look closer and deeper to the official website or go to the store for shopping.

Once the audience is educated or aware of your brand, they will possibly come back as paying customers. And Instagram is doing a good job at it. It has so many attractive filters for any of your posts. Moreover, Instagram is able to provide you with statistical data on your post.

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Instagram for Business Feature

After knowing that Instagram is suitable for any business purpose, the question of how to set up Instagram for business is emerging. Especially, for beginners who run a small business. Small business owners should know the Instagram business feature first before diving deeper.

Luckily, Instagram keeps updating its features in order to relate to social space evolution. By knowing and exploring the Instagram business feature, you can grow your business and increase your sales. Don’t worry, every feature on Instagram is very friendly and easy to understand.

There are at least 5 powerful Instagram features to boost your sales and build brand awareness. Below is the list of them all:

1. Instagram Stories

Everyone loves stories and Instagram takes it to another level. If you want to know how to set up Instagram for business, you should know the Instagram story first and why it is a powerful feature. Instagram stories possible to post anything in a slideshow format that lasts only for 24 hours.

This short period creates such urgency that drives the audience to stay in touch with your Instagram post. In a story, you can share a live video, open a live question or vote, and of course pictures. You can also add a filter, location, caption, and also shoppable tags.


Video is another powerful tool to attract audience attention. IGTV let users share video for a longer period than in the feed or stories. It has a notification feature on it. The audience will be notified so they will not miss your shared video. Moreover, it will last forever in your IGTV profile.

IGTV is more like an episode of a TV series. Additionally, this is an interesting feature because the audience can live comments, likes, and share it with other users. The impact of video content is huge. So, no wonder that 80% of marketers today are using a video to promote products or services.

3. Instagram Live

If you wanted real live interaction with your audience, you can use the Instagram Live feature. Business owners should use this feature because Instagram will reward users who utilize this feature. Your followers will be notified by Instagram that you are on Live.

Things you should pay attention to when you go live is your content. Make sure your audio is clear and your discussion is interactive. For example, you want to advertise your latest product which is a shampoo. You can go live in the form of discussing hair care for an active person. Be creative!

4. Instagram Algorithm

Instagram provides users with an algorithm. Users cannot take hands-on it but it is manageable. Once users follow your account, you can expect that your brand will appear on their feed. All you have to do is keep posting.

It will be better if your post is added with location, price tag, and hashtag. Actually, you will get a report based on Instagram Algorithm once you switch your account to a business account. It will tell you the statistical data on every post that you make.

5. Repost Feature

Using Instagram repost feature for feed or video allows users to share proof of customer’s posts related to your product. Today, social proof is something customers consider when they want to buy something. Fortunately, Instagram users love to share anything they buy by mentioning the store account.

Repost feature also applicable to your latest post to remind your audience of what will be expired or what will be launched. This is how you interact and connect with your followers and audience in order to boost sales and build awareness.

Examples of Instagram for Business Bio

Instagram bio is a space under your name or username where you can write a description of your business or your brands. It should be short but strong and detailed because it could be the first thing your audience will see.

Before talking more about how to set up Instagram for business, you should know how impactful your Instagram Bio is. In the Bio, the audience must be able to acknowledge who you are and how to interact with you. Most importantly how to buy from you.

Fortunately, you are free to write your bio. There are no particular rules or templates to follow from Instagram. However, there are several things you should pay attention to when creating an Instagram Bio. This is important for you to know to keep your focus.

The first thing you must know is that your Bio is a place to describe yourself. So, you need to write a strong line about your company. Add your job title and company you run. It must be written in a strong way. For reference, take a look at HubSpot Bio or Toko Kopi Tuku’s Bio.

Another way to write down a business bio is by adding the location of the store. If you have an official store, you can tell your audience where it is. Location may elevate your business value. Some people consider a business with an actual store legitimate and stable.

Furthermore, don’t forget to add your official website, e-commerce link, and YouTube on your bio. Instagram is one of the ways you can try to increase web traffic. Also, you can utilize Instagram to direct people to your online shop or to e-commerce links.

Please see this bellow simple Instagram business bio and try to create yours:

  • ShoeBesties
  • Premium shoe cleaning and caring
  • We will clean and treat your beloved shoes, bags, hat, belt and purse-like our own child
  • Ready to Serve you 7 days a week from 10 am to 7 pm
  • Call us at +18xxxxxxx for pick up and delivery service

Instagram for Business App

Instagram is no longer social media for photo sharing. It transforms into a platform to build and grow a business. Business owners must know how to set up Instagram for business purposes. Somehow, it just needs a simple action by downloading Instagram for a business app.

By having an Instagram app, you own your market in your grasp. All you need to do is maintain them and keep them loyal by providing them with useful content related to your business. Marketers today always use Instagram as a showcase of their promotional program. Below is a simple step of how to set up Instagram for business:

1. Create an Instagram Account

If you really don’t have an Instagram account, you have to download it from your app store. It is available for Windows, iOS, and also Android. Once you enter the app you have to sign in by adding your email. You can also connect it to your Facebook Business Page.

On the profile of your new Instagram account, fill it with every information that describes your business. At the above, we have shared with you how to create a bio for your business account. Once you are done with the profile, switch your account to a business account.

To convert your account to business, simply click the three lines icon. The icon located on the right top. Click it and choose the setting. On setting, choose switch to a business profile and then click continue. If you already have an Instagram account before, simply switch it to a business profile.

2. Complete your Profile

Right after describing your bio, the next step is to complete your profile. Your account will need a profile picture. Since it’s a business account, the best picture you can use is your logo. If you have other social media, make sure you use the same pictures. It helps your audience acknowledge your brand easily.

Feel free if you want to change your profile picture occasionally. For example, you will have an upcoming event such as a new product launching or program. You can change your profile picture with a promotional picture of the program. This way is perfect to attract your audience’s attention.

3. Post for The First Time

Well done! Your business is on Instagram now. It’s time to post. Because this is your first post, make sure it’s attractive. Moreover, your post must be in a high-quality picture. Aesthetic posts on your feed will attract the audience.

The engagement rate from an aesthetic picture is incredible. Your debut in the Instagram business must be recognizable. Once your audience recognizes that there is a fascinating new brand, they will engage and follow every update you make.

How to Make Instagram for Business Account Interesting?

It is true that visual is the heart of Instagram. But it is wrong to think that posting a high-quality picture is enough. Your Instagram business needs thorough maintenance to make it interesting. Below are some things you can do to boost your Instagram performance:

1. Identify Your Target Audience

If you want to know how to set up Instagram for business purposes, you need to identify your audience first. By acknowledging your audience, it will ease you in determining your type of content. Instead of posting arbitrary, your post will be more conceptual and engaging.

For a short brief, most Instagram users are under 35 with a fare split between males and females. Meanwhile, another thing you can do is acknowledge who orders from you in the past. You can also check your other social media followers. Research of competitor followers also helps.

2. Create a Commitment to Post Contents

Instagram works on an algorithm and it reads the pattern of your post habit. Your audience will grow bigger as well as your brand awareness if you post content regularly. So, you need a particular schedule of posting. For a starter, you have to post at least once a day.

By having this schedule, you can satisfy your followers and audience with a new update every day. This is also important to build a strong engagement with your audience. Since Instagram works on algorithms, it will put you on the first appearance of your audience’s home. It is all because of your consistent posting schedule.

3. Share a Fabulous Content

We understand that fabulous content needs more effort. But, it is something you must do to gather a high engagement rate. Focus on what you want to share for your target audience and showcase them.

Since you must produce aesthetic posts, try to be consistent about filters, colors, themes, and also the angle of your pictures. Once you have done it, you will have a loyal audience who waited for impatience for your next post.

The conclusion is Instagram is the best app for branding. You can learn how to set up Instagram for business purposes from this article. Dig more and explore more so you can create superb content for your Instagram business account.

How To Improve Your Tourism Business Today

Tourism has been a stable line of business since forever. You can find hotels, theme parks, and malls, everywhere in the world. If you are a business owner, well today is your lucky day. Because we will be discussing everything about the tourism business. Some tourism business may be profitable if you are able to manage it well.

But many tourism businesses eventually runs out of fuel due to trends and time. There are so many ways to prevent that as well as keeping the hype alive. So do not be scared when opening a tourism business for the first time. This is a quick guide on how to improve your tourism business today. We hope this can help you with your future endeavors.

Basics Of Tourism Businesses

Tourism businesses can be defined as businesses that offer a different range of entertainment. People would seek any kinds of entertainment when it comes to cities. If you are trying to build a business, there should be a proper demand first. But in this case, you already have your business. And all you are going to learn is to improve the amount of customers in your tourism business.

Tourism businesses can be found in every part of a city. This is because people would eventually visit cities around the world. And local business owners would take advantage of those visits to open up a shop or hotel. Besides that, some businesses even take it a step further to build a theme park, casino, and some similar businesses.

You cannot expect a business to thrive so well unless you are lucky enough. As business owners, you need to put effort as well as the proper resources. All businesses will improve as long as you keep investing in it.

Improve Your Tourism Business:

Strategize Your Businesses To Important Holidays

One common trick that all tourism business uses is to plan and use strategies. Within all of the 365 days in a week, there will be dozens of holidays scattered throughout. As an owner, you need to choose some of the biggest and longest holidays. Be aware of all the days in which people might be visiting a lot. Usually, the summer holidays will bring in a lot of people into places like hotels. When this happens, you need to take the next step into bringing in new customers. There are two ways to do this. The first way is to mass advertise and publicize.

This will be explained more in the next part of this article. But the other important thing is to offer promotions as well as discounts. Discounts and promotions will bring a lot of new customers to your tourism business. This can be very beneficial if you can put it to good use. As business owners, you have choices to give to your customers.

You can give a hefty discount to increase sales as well as publication for your tourism spot. Or you could also offer a small discount, but market the discount as a big percentage cut. This will save you a lot of money if you are not looking to spare any extra budget. Make sure that your price tags are still affordable.

Adapting Price Tags to Tourism Spot

People will often compare places when they are going on holiday. When comparing, they will see two main things. The first thing they will see is the interior design or the architecture of your building. This will attract many visitors. Seeing unique interiors or an interesting design will attract more people. This has been proven many times. So make sure that the tourism destination you have is vibrant in color. Make the place look alive to gain more customers. If you need help, you could even seek help from a tourism consultation firm. These places will help you renovate, or even give you further advice.

Advertising and Digital Marketing

Businesses are able to thrive due to people buying a certain service or product. Business and tourism destination usually sell services such as entertainment. You need customers to do so, and customers does not come easily without publication. Digital marketing is the future of publication as well as mass advertisement. All businesses needs to be publicized. Some businesses use pamphlets, online advertisements, ads, TV, and other kinds of advertising.

This can be effective, but you need to find the right kind of advertising for your budget. Not every business will have the budget to put up a huge sign by the side of the road. This will be very beneficial, but it would not be if you spent all of your budget on one thing. One of the best things to do is to first make use of free applications. There are so many free ways to make your business go booming.

There are mobile apps online that acts as a third party platform to advertise. These are usually called travel apps and will be a marketplace for all of the tourism destinations on a certain spot. You can list up your business online for people to see. They could even book tickets to whatever service you are selling.

As a business owner, you also need websites to make your business more credible. Hire a professional web designer to manage everything. Or you can hire a professional digital marketer to also manage your social media platform. Social media is also a key to gaining more popularity. Many businesses go boom after going viral on social media. Some of social media you might want to consider are Instagram and Facebook.

Learn The Demands and Take Critics

To improve your tourism business, you need to know what the customers want. Think of it as if you are a customer. What would you expect to get when you are visiting your own business? This is an important question to ask yourself when owning a business. The more you learn, the more you can get more customers. Try to accept critics that are given by people too. These are some of the ways you can improve your tourism business today.

How to Purchase Instagram Followers and the Things that You Have to Know

Now many people use Instagram not only to present their daily lives but also as a promotional medium. Therefore, many people like influencers, celebs, and even online stores purchase followers so that their Instagram accounts look amazing. If you are also keen on doing so, you should find out how to purchase Instagram followers.

Moreover, you also have to know whether purchasing Instagram followers is safe or not. Then, you can start to find out where you can purchase active Instagram followers. However, before discussing how to purchase Instagram followers, you should know a few things about purchasing Instagram followers below.

Things to Know about Purchasing Instagram Followers

For some people, having an Instagram account with a large number of followers is mandatory. For example, such as influencers and celebs who are willing to purchase followers to increase the number of their Instagram followers. If you’re curious about influencers and celebrities who purchase Instagram followers, here are the reviews:

1. Influencer Who Purchased Followers

Last year, American Instagram influencer Caroline Calloway was caught purchasing followers for her Instagram fanbase account. Calloway intends to purchase Instagram followers to make memoirs to publishers. This resulted in ghostwriter Calloway, Natalie Beach refusing to continue writing the memoir.

Then, Calloway became even more controversial after she made a writing workshop that lasted for 5 hours and charging $165 per person. Many people thought the workshop was a “scam” because Calloway had sold the workshop tickets even before booking venues.

Because Calloway was caught purchasing Instagram followers and she even hired someone to write the captions, many people don’t trust her anymore. This is a pathetic story for an influencer who purchases Instagram followers. Therefore, before you want to know how to purchase Instagram followers, you should also know the effect of it.

2. Celebs Who Purchased Followers

Not only influencers, but some celebs are also considered to purchase followers to increase the number of followers of their Instagram account. For example, like Katy Perry, the “Roar” singer is suspected of purchasing many followers on her Instagram.

This was exposed when Instagram made a purge on spam and fake accounts in 2014. Then, many others also think that the other world celebs such as Ellen DeGeneres, BTS, Kourtney Kardashian, and even Taylor Swift also have many fake followers on their Instagram accounts.

This is known after the investigation by ICMP, Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, London. However, some people suspect that it is not the celebs that purchase fake followers, but others do.

From this case, you know that how to purchase Instagram followers is very easy. In fact, anyone can purchase Instagram followers, even though they are not influencers or followers. However, you must be careful if you want to purchase followers for your Instagram account.

This is because the act of purchasing Instagram followers is very easy to identify. In fact, everyone can know whether an Instagram account has fake followers or not. If you are curious about how to find out which Instagram accounts have fake followers, let’s read the review below.

How to Know Instagram Accounts that with Paid Followers

Apparently, there are some influencers and celebs who purchased followers to increase the number of followers on Instagram. In fact, there are many risks that they will get when they purchase followers. So, here are the ways that you can try to find out which Instagram account with paid followers:

1. Comparing Number of Likes with Number of Followers

How to purchase Instagram followers seems easy because many influencers and celebs who purchased followers. However, Instagram accounts with paid followers have a bad engagement. In fact, this will affect the image of an influencer and celebrity.

The first way to check whether an Instagram account has paid followers or not is to compare the number of likes with the number of followers. Usually, the number of likes for a photo that has been uploaded for more than one day is around 5% – 25% of the followers of the account.

For example, if the number of followers is 1000 and the photo you just uploaded the day before has 150 likes. When this happens, it means that the Instagram account has no paid followers.

Otherwise, if the number of followers is 1000, but the number of likes in a new photo uploaded the day before was only 50 likes. This indicates that the Instagram account has a few paid followers.

Meanwhile, if the number of followers is 1000, the number of likes in the photo that was uploaded the day before was only 10 likes. So, this means that the Instagram account has many paid followers.

So, paid followers will tend not to be active in providing feedback on posts on an Instagram account. However, you can further analyze the connection between the number of likes and the number of followers. This is because not only followers but also likes can be purchased.

2. Comparing Comments with Number of Followers

The second way you can check whether an Instagram account has paid followers or not is to compare comments and the number of followers. You might often see Instagram accounts that have a lot of followers but only a few followers who give comments.

So, you can make it as a benchmark whether the Instagram account has paid followers or not. For example, in 5000 followers, there will usually be at least 13 comments per post, and so on.

If the Instagram followers that you see are more than 5000, but the comments don’t even reach 10, or even none at all. So, it means that the Instagram account has a lot of paid followers.

However, some sites offer automatic likes and comments so the Instagram account can use this method. You can see whether followers on an Instagram account are real or fake based on their comments. For example, if a comment on a post has similarities, it could be fake followers.

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3. Check Their Followers Account

The final way to find out whether the followers are real or fake is to check all the followers’ accounts on that Instagram account. This is the most troublesome way because you have to check each follower’s account one by one.

However, the way to check whether the Instagram account is fake or real is by looking at the profile picture. If the Instagram account uses a profile picture from Google, or have never posted anything, it could be a fake account.

Or, fake accounts usually don’t have a lot of followers but have a lot of following. You can also see whether the Instagram account has fake followers or not from the quality of its followers.

For example, if most followers of the Instagram account are from abroad, even though the account owner has never left or lived abroad, surely that is quite strange, isn’t it? So, this can indicate that the Instagram account has fake followers.

If the Instagram account that you see has followers with these characteristics, it means that most likely the account has paid followers. Thus, how to purchase Instagram followers is simple but many people find it easy to recognize which Instagram account is purchasing followers.


Apparently, some influencers and celebs purchase followers to increase followers on their Instagram accounts. Unfortunately, it is very easy to know this action from just a few steps, even anyone can do it. However, if you are still curious about how to purchase Instagram followers and where to purchase it, here’s the FAQ that will useful for you:

1. How to Purchase Active Instagram Followers

Some Instagram accounts, such as influencers or celebs, purchase followers to have many followers on Instagram. In fact, now many online stores also purchase followers to increase sales. This is because most people think that an online store’s Instagram account has a lot of followers who have a good image and trusted.

In fact, the online store’s Instagram account could have purchased followers to attract more buyers. If you are also keen on increasing Instagram followers and want to know how to purchase Instagram followers that are active, you will get the information here.

However, you have to make sure the followers you purchase are active Instagram followers. An active Instagram account is not only the real Instagram account but also the followers like to communicate between Instagram accounts, such as giving likes or comments.

So, Instagram accounts that have active Instagram followers can get a very good engagement rate. For influencers and celebs, it is very important to get a good engagement rate to gain more endorsements.
So, how to purchase Instagram followers that are active is so easy. You can search for Instagram followers sellers online and look for those that are trusted and provide the best service. Then, you can choose the service package according to your needs.

Usually, the more followers you purchase, the more expensive the price you pay. Then, you can make a transaction by transferring the fees that you must pay. Wait for your transaction processing and your Instagram account followers will increase gradually.

2. Is It Safe to Buy Followers for Instagram

You know how to purchase Instagram followers that are active in an easy way. However, when buying followers, you must be careful because there are bad effects that might occur on your Instagram account. For example, the number of followers who increase a lot in a short time is certainly an unusual activity.

Just like other social media, Instagram can also find out if there are unusual activities that occur in your account. If you’re not careful, Instagram can suspend your account because the number of your followers is suddenly increasing.

How to purchase Instagram followers is easy but buying Instagram followers isn’t 100% safe yet. In addition to the possibility that Instagram will suspend your Instagram account, the level of engagement can also continue to decline.

The better the engagement rate of an Instagram account, the more frequent posts will be displayed on the timeline of its users. Moreover, fake followers will not give value in the long run. They might give likes, comments, or views at the beginning, but eventually, it will disappear.

Moreover, fake followers will not share your content or recommend your business to others, because they are not real. Another bad effect is that if many people find out you have fake followers, your reputation will be bad. Having a large number of followers does look cool.

But after finding out that the number is nothing more than fraud, your real followers will doubt you. If you already know how to purchase Instagram followers and want to do it, you have to be alert.

Instagram often changes the algorithm so that the activity will delete Instagram accounts that are considered “bugs” like fake accounts. When you buy followers, the account that follows your account is certainly a bug, so the account may disappear.

3. Where You Can Purchase for Instagram Followers

You already know how to purchase Instagram followers, but you should think about it carefully because purchasing followers isn’t always good. However, if you have carefully considered it and you still want to purchase followers. So, you also have to know where you can purchase for Instagram followers.

There are lots of Instagram follower seller services on the internet. For example, such as All Social Media, Followersindo, Instagram Optimization Services, Jasa Optimasi Instagram, and Kedai Sosmed. You can purchase followers packages according to your needs there.

The packages they offer are very diverse, ranging from active user packages, passive users, bot, or fake users, to specific users in certain countries. After you choose the package, you can make payments through their website.

However, you must be careful and ensure the process of it without telling your Instagram account password to the seller. Then, make sure they maintain your privacy and there is a guarantee if the followers on your Instagram account have not increased.


That’s the review of how to purchase Instagram followers and where to purchase it. If you are keen on purchasing followers, you should know the risks of it. It is because purchasing followers has bad effects and is not 100% safe. In fact, some influencers and celebs that purchase followers will affect their reputation.

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Terminator Slots Review: Guide to Playing and Win Rates

The world of online slot games keeps on evolving every day. You can see that there are so many new variations of online slots online. With this in mind, you need to choose the right one that will suit your interests. Some online slot games may be fast paced while others may even be slow-paced. If you are looking for a game to play, we have some other reviews too. Terminator slots is truly one of a kind that you need to try.

So make sure that you read other online slots review before finding the right one. And well if you are looking for some awesome quick animation game, the terminator is the right one. That is why we have compiled some of the best information to make this terminator slot review. We hope that this can help you with your future games.

Basics of Online Slot Games

Online slot games are an adaptation of the traditional slot games. This game is considered as an arcade game because it is played using a machine. When you want to play slot games, the players only have to click a button to spin the wheels. Each types of games differ from the other. Some of which may have 3 wheel or reels while the other could have 5 reels.

This will also affect how your win rates are and how much money you will get in return. Slot games can be played using credits. After you spin the wheel, the wheel will spin and they will spin in a random manner. The system would usually use a fair play system or a random number generator. This way, you can gain money and prizes without being cheated on.

Terminator Slots Review Theme

The terminator online slot game is a fun game to play. I am sure most of you have heard of the Terminator movie. Well today, you can experience the game itself. There are so many things to discover from this game. The terminator slot game itself has many different patterns and combinations. Unlike the usual slot machine games, the terminator themed slot machine uses unique patterns as well as symbols.

These symbols can be seen on the reels where each and every one of them is unique in their own ways. This will surely make you not bored and keep you playing. If you are looking for a game with animations as well as cool graphics, well this is it. Some people just do not like to play a boring and classic online slot. That is why the terminator themed online slot is the best choice if you are interested in movies.

Betting System

When it comes to the betting system, slots are quite flexible for betting. In the terminator slot game, there are 5 reels in total. This means that there are about 243 different pay lines or combination for players to get. Each and every pay line will give you different amount of money. And you can bet in all 5 of the pay lines or even just one. If you are looking for a high risk high reward play, then try to bet on all 5 lines.

Who knows you might be lucky enough to get the jackpot. The minimum bet per line is around $0,01 or 0,01 in-game credits. And as a whole, you could bet up to $10 per play or per game. This is not too expensive and surely is very affordable. So if you are looking for some affordable high reward fun, this is the right game to choose. With as low as $0,01 cent, you can win up to a $300 jackpot.

Bonuses and Free Spins

There will always be bonuses to be found in a game of slots. This is very true especially for the terminator themed online slot. Our terminator slots review have found that you can gain many various bonuses. Some of which are bonuses such as free spins. When you gain a special pattern in the wheels, players will be awarded bonuses such as free spins. These free spins can be useful and can gain you some extra credits upon winning. We truly recommend this game if you are looking for a good time.

Buffalo Blitz Review of Online Slot Games

Online slot games have always been the favorite gambling game in the world. All of the casino games are made up of around 70 percent slot games. With that number in mind, many people have been rushing in and out to play online slots. Some may have understood how the game works, while others do not really understand it. Today, we will bring you a buffalo blitz review to learn more about this slot game.

That is why it is very important to choose an online slot game that will suit your needs. Every time slot games have different chances, animations, as well as themes. It will depend on what type of preferences you would like. Maybe you like an old school game, or you might even like a more graphical slot game.

Basics of Online Slot Games

When it comes to buffalo blitz review, there are so many things to consider. But there is not much point in talking about online slot games if you haven’t understand how to play this game. To be exact, a slot game is an arcade game. It is quite simple to play and you do not need any skills to do so. The more you play, the more experience you will have at playing online slot games.

That is why practice is needed to play online slot games. Each online slot machine will have around 3 or 5 reels in total. These reels or wheels will spin after the players hit a button. They will be spinning for a short period of seconds. After the wheel stops spinning, the players will get all sorts of different prizes. This is how you can make a lot of money online.

Buffalo Blitz Review: Gameplay

Gameplay wise, buffalo blitz is a fun and unique type of theme. This game is also provided by the most known slot operator as Playtech. This game uses a theme of Africa as well as the nature and environment of North America. That is why the name of the game itself is called buffalo blitz.

There will be lots of buffalos in this game, so don’t be surprised when you see them. This game adopts a nature style gameplay. So you can see animals as patterns instead of normal cherries and jackpot. Some of the symbols in the reels would be like grizzly bears, raccoons, lions, zebras, and all sorts of animals.

Animations and Graphics of Buffalo Blitz

We have seen in this buffalo blitz review on how the graphics are. If you are looking for a modern touch to online slot games, then this is the perfect choice. Buffalo blitz offers 3D animations unlike any other types of slot machines. All the animals in the reels are also made perfectly to fit in the game. So that you can enjoy each aspect of this game as well as the visual animation. This can be considered as game with high quality. So make sure you check this game out because it will be totally worth it.

Payouts and Winnings

Buffalo blitz is a chill game to play. You can play it casually without much pressure to lose or win money. As a player, you can certainly make a ton of money just from playing buffalo blitz. This game has 6 reels to play which is a bit more than usual. Besides that, there are also over 4000 different combinations for players to win.

Hence, there are more chances for you to win this game. Many people love playing this game because they can make a lot of money off of it. All the patterns can be learned and understood before playing the game. Try to get many patterns when playing this game.

Bonuses For Players

People also play this game due to the bonuses you can receive. Bonuses in this game can give you many free spins. Buffalo blitz has certain patterns or symbols that will give players additional spins. For example, you need to get scatter symbols to receive free spins. A minimum of 3 scatter symbols will gain you about eight free spins. The more scatter symbols you receive, the more free spins you can get. So come try this game out, we totally recommend after doing a buffalo blitz review.

Gambling Addiction is a Terrible Thing

Gambling can just be a simple hobby or a terrible addiction in the end. It can happen to anyone regardless of their scope of friendship and background. Those who have been going too deep in this kind of problem are often not realizing it at all. So, what is it all about?

What is a Gambling Addiction?

It is important to understand the main problem at first before trying to deal with it or avoiding it for a better outcome in life. The basic idea of gambling addiction is that there is no way a person can control the impulse to do gambling regardless of everything else. Once the thought to gamble strikes the mind of that person with gambling addiction, it is impossible to stop that person to gamble. What is in the mind of that person is only gambling and gambling.

An Addiction is Uncontrollable

The one called addiction is when it is totally out of control. The one person who experienced it alone cannot control the compulsive gambling behavior. As long as the impulse to gamble is fulfilled, nothing bad will happen to that person. Unfortunately, that leads to terrible effects around that person. It will eventually affect the life of that person badly. Those who have never been involved with someone with this particular problem may not see how terrible the problem is for real.

What is Problem Gambling?

Casino Online
Illustration: Slot

It is a rather different thing from the one called an addiction. It is the level before addiction where the one having the problem can still control it a bit. This is the time when gambling transforms from a really fun activity to a kind of unhealthy obsession to do and win. This is the best time to deal with the problem before it gets worse and eventually becomes an addiction. Gambling should only be a matter of fun things to do on some occasions and never be a problem or even an addiction.

Initial Stage of Gambling Addiction

At this stage of a serious issue with gambling, there will already be some visible effects of it. The one having the problem will start to have a change of habit and attitude. That person will shift the focus on gambling and leaving other things a bit. This is the stage where the symptoms are visible in which proper things need to be done to prevent it from getting worse. That underlines the importance of loved and closest ones around to help the person having a gambling problem.

The Effects of Gambling Problem and Addiction

The fact that gambling can become a problem and addiction means that there will be terrible effects on them. The effects range from small things to big stuff that will need the help of others to eventually handle and clear them. Unfortunately, the one who is having either problem gambling or gambling addiction will not realize the terrible effects due to the impulsive desire to just continue gambling no matter what happens.

One of the effects of gambling addiction that happened in the very first place is the worse relationship with the loved and closest ones around. The partners will surely feel the change in the relationship with the one having problem gambling or gambling addiction. At this point, two possibilities could happen later on. The partner will address the problem and try to help to deal with it or the partner will just leave the one with the problem.

Another effect that is the result of gambling addiction is a financial problem. There could be a deep debt to someone due to the impulsive desire to gamble while there is no money left. It could get even worse when the debt is related to the loan shark that will need a huge amount of interest to be paid alongside the main debt amount. In some cases, all of the belongings that include owned properties could end up being taken over by other people to pay for the debt.

Next on the list of effects of gambling addiction is the change of self-identity and behavior of the one with the addiction itself. It is called an addiction because it is pretty much the same as other types of addiction. When the strong need to gamble is not fulfilled the person can go crazy in a lot of different ways. The most terrible thing that may happen is that the person could do something dangerous to those who are close.

The Cause of Gambling Addiction and Problem Gambling

There is a clear reason that addiction could eventually happen to someone. It is a way to relieve and express something out. Those who are unable to express and deliver what they have in their mind and feeling will always try to find a way to get rid of it. Gambling is eventually like drinking that will just start small as a kind of refreshing thing to do after work or at the weekend. Days after, it turns out that gambling has become a need and eventually an addiction.

In other words, it is often closely associated with many problems such as abuse issues, stress, unmanaged ADHD, depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety. Those problems are not visible for most people because mostly the one with those problems are pretty quiet and enclosed to themselves. The possibilities are so many that could be the result of those problems one of which is gambling addiction. It is important to be able to understand the signs of those problems.

Signs and Symptoms

Just like other problems and addictions, there are signs and symptoms of this particular case. Being aware of the symptoms is very crucial to deal with the problem especially for those family members and loved ones who are close by. The signs and symptoms are visible that should not be ignored at all for it will lead to a worse state of the one with the addiction. It is quite similar to the symptoms and signs of other addictions as well though.

The first sign is that the person is getting secretive about the gambling activity. The one with the gambling addiction may regularly go out every night to gamble while telling nothing about that to other family members and even the partners. The second common sign is that the ability to control the desire to gamble is not around anymore. It is getting harder and harder to control the desire to gamble while it has never been like that before.

The third sign is the carelessness about the situation when the desire to gamble strikes. A person with a gambling addiction will still gamble although there is no money left. Once the money is gone there could be ideas that seem to be solutions for that in mind just to fulfill the need to gamble. It is possible that eventually some stuff is used as the leverage for gambling such as watches, jewelry, cars, and even houses. In the end, it can be very terrible for a lot of people.

The fourth sign is the denial of anything that happens concerning gambling. A person that is addicted to gambling will always deny that he or she has that problem. That person will get angry when being addressed on that particular problem even by family members. The fifth symptom is the change of habit of the one with the addiction. The person will look like they are occupied by something without a clear reason for that. Sometimes he or she will seem lost somewhere during a conversation.

Dealing with Gambling Addiction and Problem Gambling

This problem is not just an individual problem of a person. This will affect many people around the one with the actual problem. In dealing with the problem it is important to be together especially within the scope of family. So, in getting rid of the problem the start will always be the family. Improve the relationship with family members and loved ones and address the issue without any denial. It should be done by both the one with the addiction and the family around him or her.

There are groups as well that can either be online or offline to seek help in dealing with the addiction of gambling. Once this problem has been taken care of internally within the scope of the family it is recommended to seek help from the outside as well. Getting help from the experts in this matter will greatly help to deal with it. This may come to the need for a certain amount of money for the service in the form of therapy but the result is always a good one.


Gambling addiction is a terrible problem that will lead to a lot of terrible things in the end. It has to be addressed and handled properly for the sake of everyone involved in it. The best way to deal with it is to start from the inside by making peace with the self. With peace of mind and soul, it will be easier to address the issue of gambling addiction and problem gambling on the outside. The most important thing is that it can be stopped with a strong will to stop it.

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How Much is Instagram Promotion Budget?

Since it was first launched, Instagram is known for its unique visual style. People love to share photos of their personal life or interest. But as time goes by, it becomes a popular media to promote something. Amazingly, advertisements on Instagram feel natural so it won’t disturb the user’s view. If you are interested in using Instagram as a marketing strategy, then you better find out everything about the Instagram promotion budget.

Actually, there is no exact number regarding the Instagram promotion budget. It depends on your goal to achieve which set at the beginning. But as a quick answer, you can see the CPC (cost-per-click). It shows the cost you will pay for every ad which clicked by viewers. Remember, CPC is only for the clicked ad, not for a complete purchase or action you wish. For further discussion about the advertisement on Instagram, see what we discuss here.

Is It Worth to Advertise on Instagram?

Knowing that Instagram costs you money for promotion, you might wonder how worth it is. We might say that it is better for you to put an advertisement on Instagram than on its parents’ company, Facebook. Because the ads do not only look natural but also open a wider opportunity to interact with people. So, you have more chances to get a conversion.

Another greater thing is Instagram leads more people compared to other social media platforms. The more you significantly target people, the more potential they click then buy your product or use your service. So, it is normal when the Instagram promotion budget becomes higher than for Facebook. That is because of a better result you will get at the end.

One more fact you should know is Instagram like a pool for celebrities, influencers, Millennials, etc. It is a hub with massive increasing users day by day. There is no social platform like Instagram that is able to reach different leads and potential customers. When you successfully tailor the ads with the right target audience, then you can connect with more leads without knowing from anywhere they are and your business will expand wider.

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Instagram promotion budget You Should Prepare

At the opening, we have mentioned CPC which requires you to pay because your ads clicked. There is another charge you might get, it is called CPM (cost-per-mille). People also familiar with CPM ad impression cost that you are paying for every 1,000 potential customers view your ad. Whether the CPC or CPM, they are the cost model for bidding which will be explained in the next chapter.

As for an illustration, when you choose the bidding based on CPC, it will cost about $0.5 – $2. It could be higher for competitive industries, such as fashion, travel, etc. Also, the age group can determine the amount too. The 25-35 years old group has a higher price than people below 17 and above 40 years old people. On the other hand, CPM can reach up to $5 or $6 per 1,000 viewers on average.

Generally, there are two types of Instagram promotion budgets: daily and lifetime budget. These kinds of budgeting are based on the campaign. You can decide which budgeting type to choose in the Budget & Schedule section when setting up the Instagram campaign. Remember, once the campaign has been created, you cannot change the budget type. So, see what the difference between both budgeting below:

1. Daily Budget

The first kind of Instagram promotion budget is a daily budget that sets your ad to run throughout the day 24-hours. As the user, you just need to put a specific amount, then Instagram will allocate the budget in full for one day. But one thing you should know that people set their budget on average rather than the absolute entire amount. Before you end up setting, Instagram will show you the prediction to help you decide the budget.

The actual amount daily can be varied. On a certain day, it might get higher than others to get a better result. Because you cannot predict when people click more, thus, sometimes the user might get over budget on that day. But don’t be worry, Instagram won’t stop your campaign, it will keep trying to promote your ad and compensate tomorrow.

This type is fit for the remarketing campaign. Instagram will help you to catch relevant users throughout the day and night. Instagram ensures them to keep in touch with your business and tries hard to lead them into conversion.

2. Lifetime Budget

This one is another Instagram promotion budget. The lifetime budget is for those who want to spend the budget during the campaign running. So, you have to set the specific length of the campaign, then the algorithm will manage your spending over that time period. You don’t have to check and adjust the budget daily because Instagram automatically spreads the amount.

How about a certain day when many people click an ad? You won’t face this case because Instagram only selects the best timing to advertise based on your target audience selected. That is why there will be no over budget or an additional cost than the budget you have set in the first place. But, remember, you also won’t get a better result because you probably miss a “special” moment.

The lifetime budget is the answer when you are in a strict campaign budget. There will be no extra budget given during the campaign. But, this budgeting is actually good for maximizing exposure in a short period. Your ad will be time-sensitive and only shoot the right people to get engagement.

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Factors That Affect Your Budget

After knowing what makes the daily and lifetime budget is different, now is the time to understand what will affect your budget. These five things influence Instagram promotion budgets, no matter what kinds of industries. See what contributes to your campaign cost:

1. Bid Price

This is what we mean related to the CPC and CPM. There are two kinds of bidding: manual and automatic bid. The manual is good if you already have known how much budget to spend, what exactly the goal to achieve, and understand the market sense. While we recommend choosing the automatic bid if you are unsure about the amount to bid.

2. Ad Quality and Relevance Score

It represents how potential your ad will be shown on people’s accounts. The higher your ad quality and relevance score, the more people surely will see your ad. Because Instagram detects your ad has a highly relevant content to appear in someone’s feed.

3. Estimated Action Rates

It is based on past actions you have done and the Instagram ad’s performance data. For automatic bidding, Instagram will help you to win based on your budget even though you have a low estimated action rate before. While in manual bidding, you have to be clever in placing the amount to compete.

4. Time of Year

Instagram knows when to promote the brand at the right time. Thus, when it is the peak, there is no wonder when the cost becomes high. Because it will be hard to catch the exact target you want. The one who offers the highest bid will win. The examples of the time are Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, etc.

5. Target Audience and Competitor

It obviously affects your budget because the more brands target the same audience, the competition will be harder. Within this situation, the bidding will be a war. To be a winner, it is for sure offering higher bidding than your competitors.

Understanding Instagram promotion budgets are really important for every marketer and business owner. You won’t get the exact answer without knowing what’s behind this advertising strategy. Use your sense to grab the expected goal and learn the data from your previous activities. Those will help you too to optimize the money.

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