Business Instagram Business Success Stories

Instagram Business Success Stories


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There are many ways for people to reach success, no exception to Instagram. This app has created many Instagram success stories. It is because people have realized that Instagram can give some benefits more than just sharing their personal things.

How Instagram Can Make a Business Success

Most people that use Instagram for business make it a promotion media. Because it is very easy to promote your product or branding since it can be accessed globally. Furthermore, Instagram is the most popular video and photo sharing application on this day.

Besides, Instagram also sees this phenomenon and answers it by giving support. There is a feature you can use to maximize your promotion. It is called Instagram Ads. This feature has various formats to help you reach your right and specific target.

Instagram does not have a limit about what business you want to promote. That is why you can find the Instagram success stories from any background of the business. And also because of it, there will always be many other businesses that are getting ready to take the same step.

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Instagram Success Stories

No matter if you are a big company or home industry, Instagram is always open to being a promotion media. Not only that, but it also brings you to significant progress. There are many businesses that have seen the proof.

Talking and learning about success stories is always interesting. And of course, it will not be complete without telling you some of the success stories. So, here are the stories that may inspire you.

1.Yoga International

Instagram Business Success Stories


Let’s start with something that offers a healthy lifestyle. Yoga International started in 2013. It has a commitment to raise the availability and accessibility of yoga. Hence, they work to make yoga an online course.

Using Instagram, they ask users to join as yoga trial members. They utilize polling in Instagram Stories with 2 answer choices and both are yes. In less than 2 months of the campaign, they can get more than 3000 new trial members. And this makes their marketing cost decrease.

This success develops its business fourfold. So, it then demands them to recruit 40 employees more. It proves that doing a campaign and promotion on Instagram is the right decision for them.

There are many programs, classes, and courses to join, also some communities for members. Yoga International has hundreds of expert teachers on different specialties and styles. With that, they can make their dream to bring yoga as an inclusive activity come true.

Yoga International has been one example of the Instagram success stories. They consistently post everything about yoga for their 250 thousand followers and the other users.

2. Michael Kors

Michael Kors  - Instagram Business Success Stories

Established in 1981, Michael Kors has given influence on the fashion of the world. Being a popular brand does not make them stop to step forward. The enhancement of brand awareness and the number of buying is their goal.

Using Instagram Ads, they focus to introduce and promote Michael Kors Access. This product is a smartwatch that mixes technology and style. Their target is the high-class people. And they understand that Instagram can bring their promotion to the right target.

They have 16 million followers from around the world. So no wonder, with Instagram, Michael Kors gets a higher return on investment than any other ad formats. It surely increases their ads cost efficiency.

This case is proof that Instagram can even affect a big and older company. Before, they were not really sure about the performance. But then the result goes beyond their expectations.

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3. The Bridestory (@thebridestory)

Kevin Mintaraga was preparing his wedding in 2012. But he found that it is hard to get information about vendors and wedding inspiration. This situation opened his mind. He thought about how worthy the existence of a platform that connects the bride and vendors.

With support from his wife who is a wedding stylist, Kevin then built a company named Bridestory. He wanted this company to be a medium for the vendors to show their visibility. Likewise, the bride to be can get the inspiration from their creation.

Started from Indonesia, The Bridestory then expanded its business to the other Southeast Asian countries. This business has its own website, but they use Instagram as the promotion media. And it gives a significant effect because most of their app installation come from Instagram Ads.

This business continues to grow. Now, they have cooperated with thousands of vendors from 65 countries in less than 10 years. Now, Bridestory’s Instagram has more than 900 thousand followers and be trusted by many public figures.

4. Dulcet Patisserie (@dulcetpatisserie)

Bakery business is always a potential field to run. And this is what two sisters, Keshia and Karina do as their business. Their family has an interest in cooking in general. But they both are the first who are trying to make bakery.

Keshia and Karina started Dulcet Patisserie in 2011 as a home industry. They only offer their cakes to their relatives. Although finally, they had some regular customers, they admit that the progress is so slow. Even when they offered some corporations to many cafes, all they got was rejection.

This reality is what motivates them to find another way. Dulcet Patisserie then is promoted online via a website and social media, especially Instagram. They posted high-quality photos with attractive captions. From then on, their product is increasingly known.

They always try to innovate their product and make some special creations. Nevertheless, they keep being consistent to make less sugar and low-fat cakes. With more than 68 thousand followers on Instagram, Dulcet Patisserie has been a popular bakery business.

Being a success is not about luck and only by hoping everything will happen as you want. But it also needs dedication and commitment to work hard. Besides, you must not forget to also think smart and innovative to follow the current development. 

Many Instagram success stories have proved that Instagram can give a great effect on the success of a business. So, no doubt to learn from them. Then, take your turn to show your business and introduce your brand to many more people. Be successful and keep being a learner.

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