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How to Target Market Instagram Advertising Strategy for Maximum Conversion


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If you have a business, marketing is one of the most important parts that you should remember. Marketing can bring you to reach more customers and also engagement. Instagram as one of the biggest social media nowadays can help your business grow and have more income. You can see a lot of brands using Instagram to run their Instagram advertising strategy.

This day, Instagram has more than 700 million active users with more than 60 million pictures that have been shared each day. As a medium to share photos and videos, Instagram can be the perfect way for advertising your product. Some of you may have a question about Instagram marketing strategy, in purpose to get more engagement. We will explain it as completely as we can here!

What is Instagram Advertising?

Instagram was acquired by Facebook nearly in 2013 and it changes this platform a lot. The first time that Instagram opened Instagram advertising was in 2015 and grew exponentially each year. In 2017, they successfully reached 1 million advertisers, it is awesome because it was only 2 years after the first time it opened.

Facebook Ads Manager has to handle Instagram advertising and offer access for advertisers to manage their ads. It is possible for each advertiser to target their potential audience. With Instagram Ads, your ads can appear in the audience’s timeline, stories, and also in explore.

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Tricks to get Success in Instagram Advertising Strategy

We can say that Instagram succeeds to bring your ads to the highest engagement and also buying rates. For the engagement, Instagram offers you 5x higher than Facebook and also higher than other platforms. You can insist on not using Instagram Ads but don’t ever expect that your business will grow. We have gathered some tricks on the Instagram advertising strategy here.

1. Targeting Your Audience First

The first thing that you should do in any social media campaign is to select your potential audience. The two biggest things that will increase the conversion rate is targeting the audience and giving an offer for them. Honestly, Instagram Ads is using the same targeting feature as on Facebook that is to reach more engagement for your products.

You can select different demographics, interests, gender, ages, and so on according to your budget. If you make it more detailed, you can get higher selling rates and your business will grow too. While advertising your product, the most important thing to do is to get the audience’s attention. You can hook it by offering some deals for them like a discount or something else.

2. Break Through the Wall

Instagram advertising strategy. The first time when you use Instagram, you will realize that a lot of people will like to look at other people. They love seeing their lovely influencer or person using the brands so they get interested to buy the product. But this was not enough because you need to raise your image without the person. So, you need to break the wall and find your style of advertising.

If you ask us what is the best method to build the best way to advertise the product, then the answer is trying. You can start by trying your newest advertisement materials like changing the style of photo. For example, the Walls Need to succeed to gain more customers using light and air pictures. Find your style and if your followers love it, then develop it.

3. Using the Influencer

There are two ways people find new products, using display ads and also through social media. Many brands have blended two of them just to create higher selling rates and engagement. Problems still appear on Instagram Ads, it is all about ads blocker, banner blindness, and also people trust their peers. But you can go through these problems.

The solution is using an indirect partnership to increase brand awareness and then rise the selling rates. If you sell clothes, there are available tons of influencers that can expose you to their followers. You just need to search for the right influencers for your brand and negotiate the payment. Make sure you tell them to do honest reviews, not as many do.

4. Hone in Your Audiences

Some companies outside there have multiple audiences and sometimes it can be a big problem. You should prepare some personas to attract different customers for different stuff too. It means that you also need to prepare different ad campaigns to target multiple audiences. Now, take a look at GAP on Instagram and see their feeds.

They have to sell different product segmentation from kids, adults, girls, and also men but they succeed in building a good feed. Every content there has different purposes to get different audiences too and it is going well. GAP is one of the best examples of funnel segmentation. You need to find your style and don’t forget to put attention to the engagement you get.

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5. Segment Audiences

If you have done 4 steps before, then you have gone so far on the Instagram advertising strategy. Even Instagram is similar to Facebook, but you still need to hone your seduction and foreplay skills. It is the perfect time for you to evaluate and recreate again your Instagram advertising strategy. Retarget your ads using the people who visit your profile through the ad or story.

You may be thinking that you’ve got nothing after you have done these 4 steps. If you put attention to what you got, then you will find that some clues get neatly compiled on your table. You can evaluate which offers, which style, which influencers, which product, and which persona that is perfect for your business. It is time for you to arrange these pieces until you get the perfect images.

So these are several tips about Instagram advertising strategy that can improve your engagement. You need to realize that almost every social media is important for business continuity and its development. Stop thinking that social media is unimportant or you will get caught in your dreams about going to the international market. Hope this article can help you and good luck!

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