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[GAMES] Kantai Collection’s Summer 2015 event begins, new ships added

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Aura Rico

It’s event time once again for the teitokus playing DMM and Kadokawa’s extremely popular PC browser game, Kantai Collection. Admirals all over the globe are stressing out because events have been known to be an energy-draining and resource-draining affair. So teitokus, get your hearts and minds ready because this one is predicted to be a tough one to crack.

The new update adds seven new fleet girls who will be joining the game’s already large line-up, so admirals better be clearing some space for these new additions, because once the event is over, they will become rare. Let’s start with the newest Shiratsuyu-class destroyer, Kawakaze, who is the reward for clearing the E-2 map:

Those who clear the E-5 map meanwhile will be getting the cute new Italian destroyer, Libeccio, a Maestrale Class Destroyer and is the third Italian ship to join the game after Littorio/ Italia and Roma.

The event also introduces Mizuho, a Mizuho-class Seaplane tender.

Kazagumo is the latest Yuugumo-class Destroyer to join the game.

Besides Kawakaze, there is another Shiratsuyu-class Destroyer joining the game, and she is Umikaze.

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The auxiliary ship, Hayasui, who is a Hayasui-class fleet oiler, is the first oiler joining the game.

And finally, the final ship added is Teruzuki, an Akizuki-class Destroyer.

The event will feature seven new limited-time maps all-in-all, from E-1 to E-7, which recreates the Second Battle of the Solomon Islands. It is officially titled Operation SN.

Second Battle of the Solomon Islands

A new Abyssal Ship will act as the “Final Boss” for this event, and she is known as the Anti-Air Princess, and she can be found in the Boss Node of E-7.

Boss Node of E-7

The event is noted for its Ship Locking , which limits a teitoku’s choices when choosing the ships to send out in a particular mission. The event also makes use of the Combined Fleet.

So, who here has cleared E-1 already? Who here is already stressed out?! Because I surely am, and I’m still on E-2!

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