Anime & Manga Interview with Honeyworks at AFA 2015

[Exclusive] Interview with Honeyworks at AFA 2015


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AFA Channel sat down with the members of Honeyworks, sana, as well as ChiCO, before their performance at the “I Love Anisong” concert at AFA on 27 November.

Honeyworks is made up of members Gom and Shito, who are the composers and producers of Honeyworks, as well as Yamako, who is in charge of the illustrations of Honeyworks. Sana is an Utaite who has sung most of Honeyworks’ songs, and ChiCo, an utaite as well, has recently collaborated with Honeyworks to sing theme songs for a few popular anime.

Interview with Honeyworks at AFA 2015

They shared with us some insights on their works and their music, in a short and light-hearted interview.

[Question for Honeyworks] How did it feel to perform for your fans outside of Japan?

shito: Well, it’s the same whether we’re performing in Japan or anywhere else, we still feel a little nervous.

Gom: Wherever we perform for an audience, we will always feel nervous, and this is the first time we’re performing outside of japan, so we are really excited and put a lot of effort into it.

[Question for Honeyworks] If you were introducing your songs for the first time, which song would you recommend?

shito: Our project, “Confession Executive Committee~Love Series~”, will be made into a movie next year in spring, and thus we would really like everyone to listen to the songs from that album.

[Question for ChiCO] Do you still remember the first time you performed live in front of a crowd? How was the feeling then and now?

ChiCO: I felt very nervous and unsure about how will it turn out, but it turned out that the audience was very warm and I felt that it was a good experience.

[Question for Honeyworks] In one of your compositions,“Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu (Confession Rehearsal)”, there was an electric guitar riff that made use of a motif from a classical piece. Does classical music often inspire you guys in your songwriting?

shito: No not at all. (laughs)

Gom: We try to bring different genres of music into our songs having listened to them all the time, and thus probably that was why it felt like our songs had some influence from classical music.

shito: He’s really good.

[Question for ChiCO] Outside of music (and even voice acting) are there any other artistic avenues that you’d like to pursue in future?

ChiCO: I would really like to design some concert goods someday.

[Question for Yamako] How did it feel like when you guys heard your characters from the “Confession Executive Committee ~Love Series~” being voiced by popular voice actors/actresses?

Yamako: Among the voice actors that voiced my characters, there were some whom I already familiar with, so it really felt like a dream for the characters to be voiced by them. Also, having voices attached to my characters and seeing them move really brought a new life into them.

[Question for all] Do you have a message for your overseas fans/ fans in Asia?

Gom: We’re really happy to be performing overseas, and we’re really happy to receive messages from fans, in real time from various SNS platforms. It doesn’t matter if it’s in Japanese or not, so please give a shout-out to us on twitter or something!

shito: We primarily post our work on the internet, which allows us to reach audiences all over the world very quickly, so don’t hesitate to check out our stuff online!

Yamako: Posting our work on the internet enables our work to cross international boundaries, and let our work be seen in real time. From now on, we will be posting new stuff soon, so please look forward to it!

sana: I am very excited and happy to have the chance to perform in Singapore this time. Although we may not be able to communicate with the audience in the same language, but I hope that through music, the audience will be able to enjoy the performance together with us. We’ll continue to work hard to be able to perform here again!

ChiCO: This is my first time travelling overseas, and also performing overseas, so I was quite nervous, but I’m thankful to be able to have the chance to perform here, and I will continue to work hard to be able to perform here at a festival like this, and even have a solo live as well. Up till now, I have only been holding activities in Japan, so I’ll work hard to be able to perform overseas again!

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CHiCO with HoneyWorks at AFA15 I LOVE ANISONG

With that, we ended the short interview session with Honeyworks, sana, as well as ChiCO!

Honeywork’s “Confession Executive Committee~Love Series~” project is currently being made into a movie, which will start airing on April 23, 2016, in cinemas across Japan. Watch the characters come to live on screen!

Confession Executive Committee~Love Series.jpg

Do check out their official site and official blog,  for more updates on their releases! They do live streams on Nico Nico Douga from time to time as well! Don’t forget to follow them on twitter!


Official blog

Official Youtube channel

Nico nico channel

Official Twitter

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