Film “Yuri!!! on ICE” Movie Gets Teaser Visual, 2019 Release...

“Yuri!!! on ICE” Movie Gets Teaser Visual, 2019 Release Date


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1st July 2018 was a big day for ice-skating anime “Yuri!!! ON ICE” fans, as the franchise not only livestreamed the the main performance of “Yuri!!! ON CONCERT”, but also announced that the upcoming “Yuri!!! ON ICE” film now has an official title as well as a 2019 playdate. A special teaser visual was done by YOI artist Takashi Hiramatsu.

yuri on ice poster.jpg

The announcement for “ICE ADOLESCENCE: Yuri! ON ICE!!! The Movie” was made through a special promotional video, with Viktor Nikiforov voice actor Junichi Suwabe doing the narrations. Both the teaser and the title hint that the movie may be a prequel to the main series, focusing on the early days of Victor’s skating career.

YOI fans can keep tabs on the upcoming YOI movie via their official website.

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