Permainan “Yokai Watch” Releases Smartphone AR Game “Yokai Watch World”

“Yokai Watch” Releases Smartphone AR Game “Yokai Watch World”


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Level 5’s “Yokai Watch” series has released a new game today for the iOS App Store and Google Play Stores mobile platforms titled “Yokai Watch World“! The app is free to download and play, and features optional microtransactions that players may choose to purchase to gain advantages inside the game.

“Yokai Watch”
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“Yokai Watch World” is an AR-based game where you exorcise youkai, grow their abilities by walking, as well as battle more powerful youkai as a cooperative group. And yes, it sounds exactly like this other game that starts with “P” and ends in “okemonGO”.

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Yo-kai Watch is a multimedia franchise covering games, manga, anime, films, toys, and theme park experiences created by game company Level 5. Aside from the new game, the franchise will also be releasing a new film “Yokai Watch the Movie Forever Friends” on 14th December 2018.

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