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Wild Diamonds Online Slots Review

Online slots review

In today’s online slots review, we would discuss a bit about wild diamonds. If you have ever played slot games before, well this might be a treat for you. Not all kinds of slot games are made to be fully animated or given a theme. Sometimes, its better to just go back in time and find some classic games. Classic games are way more simple to play compared to the games we have right now. Instead of using 3 reels, classic games such as wild diamonds will use 5 reels.

Five wheels will bring a twist to the old school three reel slot games. The more reels you have, the more patterns and combinations that you need to understand before playing. If you are into online slot games that has many animations and patterns, well you might want to look somewhere else. We have other online slots review with many different slot games.

But if simplicity is what you seek, then wild diamonds is your answer. Read this article to learn more about the advantages and the disadvantages of this slots.

General Information Surrounding Wild Diamonds Online Slots Review

Wild diamonds is a classic themed online slots games. This variety of slots only uses a 3 reel system. Besides that, Wild Diamonds is easy to understand and also play. It has around 20 reels in total. Bonuses as well as free spins are also offered in this slot game. That is why many people love playing in iSoftbet’s website. With the bonuses in mind, there are also other types of bonuses. Some of which are such as multipliers and other kinds of bonuses that players can get. This game is a great casual and a slow paced online slots game.

Pot Winnings and Payouts in Wild Diamonds

Our online slots review has shown that this game has a high payout rate. People have actually won up to tens of thousands of dollars from wild diamonds before. The patterns for payouts are also quite fun to watch. It may not be as heavily animated, but it still uses classic emblem. Some of which are such as cherries, bombs, jackpot, dollar signs, and much more. I personally have played this wild diamonds slot game several times.

It is quite enjoyable because it brings you back to the good old days. Besides that, it also has a high payout rate of about 96 percent. This can also be called as the return percentage or the chances you can win from this game. You can get even more profits when you hit a progressive jackpot. Progressive jackpots are fun to play because your money will keep on multiplying. This is a very important thing to consider in this online slots review.

Minimum Bets

Wild diamond is a game of flexibility as well as comfort. Players can place a bet however much they want as long as its from $0.01 up to $20. Due to this game being a casual game, the bets are low too. This is so that you can have much fun without thinking too much about your credits. Players can also choose in which like they want to bet on. There will be several different lines in wild diamonds to choose from.

Free Spins and Demo Mode

Not everyone is a professional in online slot games. Our online slots review has found that wild diamonds offer a fun demo mode. Players can now play for free without having to pay a single cent. This can be a fun thing to do if you want to practice. That is why wild diamonds offer such fun features. Right after you are done your practice, you can then start playing the real game. Even the real game will offer you some free spins. These free spins can be used to gain money and get payouts. And from those free spins, you could even gain more free spins. Getting free spins is quite often and normal in this case.

So make sure you use all of the features mentioned above. This can help you gain more credits and money. We highly recommend this online slot game to you due to its advantages. However, there are also other types of games for you to discover.

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