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The Position of The Football Player and Their Duties on the Field


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The position of the football player and their duties on the field – Football is one of the major soccer sports played by 11 people. In the game, there are several soccer player positions that have their respective duties. These various positions also indicate that football is a game that is played as a team and cannot be played individually. Some of the positions of these soccer players also show that when playing football, they also have various division of tasks in the game.

In general, the position of this soccer game is divided into 3 parts, namely the back line, midfield and front line. With this division, they will have different tasks in the field. The position of this soccer player can depend on the manager or coach, thus making the team more organized. To determine the position of the game, there will usually be a game formation. The most popular formation is 4-3-3 which means 4 behind, 3 in the middle and forwards. Then, what are the positions of the soccer players and their duties?

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The Position of the Football Player; Goalkeeper, Keeping Goals on the Field

One of the positions that should not be absent is the goalkeeper or goalkeeper. The goalkeeper is the only player allowed to hold the ball to block the ball into the goal. Thus, the goalkeeper has a very crucial position.

Defender in the Football Game

In soccer games, the defender is in front of the goalkeeper as the soccer player’s position to keep the ball from getting close to the goal. With good defense, the opponent’s goal can be cleared first. With this trusted online slot gambling site, defender surely knows various strategies to block the ball.

Midfielders on the Football Field
The game of soccer will be more fun and exciting if there are a variety of attacks on the field. This will usually be held by a midfielder or midfielder. Its job is to make the game fun by cutting the direction of the ball coming from the opponent.

Forward in the Football Game

The striker or striker is one of the important soccer player positions, especially in scoring goals. They will be in charge of attacking the ball coming from the enemy’s direction and bringing it into the enemy’s goal.

With the right distribution of soccer players’ positions, it will certainly be easier to carry out attack and defense strategies. Through Situs Judi Slot Online, you will also see how game score predictions can be seen from various matches. / Dy

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