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The History of Casino Slot Gambling


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The history of casino slot gambling. Gambling is a sport of chance.  However, not everyone is born with an instinctive ability for taking risks.  It takes hard work, risk-taking and endless patience to master the pitfalls of the game of chance.

In this case, we are talking about casino slot gambling.  There is no question that casino judi slot gambling is more than a game of pure chance.  However, in our increasingly Technology-driven culture.

Many of the games that the casinos offer us today are built on a foundation of real science. That is, of mathematical formulas that have been developed by mathematicians.

Knowing that, it is only natural that an increasing number of people are attracted to the game of slot gambling. 

And, in a bid to increase the prospects of earning a commission from their clients’ winnings. Many have begun to look for and find ways of tickets online.

The History of Casino Slot Gambling Games

The Keno Game, Blackjack

Of course, all of the popular casino games that we are familiar with were developed by the Europeans.  The Keno game, for example. Was developed in China and brought to Europe by the Portuguese. 

However, it was not until the 1700s when the game was introduced that the game we now know as Blackjack was born. 

The game of Blackjack, as we know it. Was derived from decks of playing cards that were in use at the time in France. 

Each card had a face value associated with it and the addition of the Ace and the King comprised the high cards. 

Thus, the French revolutionized the game by replacing the traditional deck of playing cards with the modern 52-card deck.

The Game of three, the Ancestor of Modern Poker

Another example of the European penchant for card games is the game of threes. Which can be traced back to the French game of “vingt-et-un”.

A variation of the game that was played between the Royal family and other noblemen during the 1700s. 

Although the game was eventually brought to the United States of America. The card game of three card monte is the ancestor of modern poker.

The History of Casino Slot Gambling

The Game of Twenty-One

Another contribution to the world of poker was made by a Mr. Binion of Las Vegas.  Mr. Binion was a wealthy businessman and backer of many major gambling and sports events. 

He popularized the game of twenty-one and turned it into a vast arena. Where individuals and teams could compete against each other until they reached a predetermined card count. 

In the game of twenty-one, the card count was based on the number of face cards. That were dealt out to the players and the cards that were dealt out to the dealer. 

The counts were based on a maximum of ten and a single card was valued as ten.

Although the early days of poker are often remembered as being those of the gangsters. And the men who acted tricks and cheat in the Old West.

The history of poker tells us. That the game of poker is not necessarily related to the history of the notorious Wild West figures of old such as Wild Bill Hickock.

Wild Bill Hickock (then called the “Hick” for the additional face cards in his hand), and Wild Bill Hickock himself. 

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Lottery Game

It is interesting to note that the modern version of poker which has been the most popular form of casino gambling.

All over the world in virtually all times has its roots in a game played in China during the time of the Han dynasty. 

The game was called the “Lottery Game” and was played with a deck of fifty-two cards. The cards were ranked colorfully and there was a lot of money in it. 

The color of the cards was determined as follows: A Red card was ranked either red or black. And Chinese gamblers would always bet on the color of the card that would come out.

The basic premise of the game was that whatever card came out of lately. The gambler, in order to collect his stake, had to bet the corresponding amount in red or black. 

In this way, the gambler would always win whatever sum of money was set aside for his bet. 

Unfortunately, the innovation did not prove popular among Chinese gamblers. And it was not very long before the gamblers interest waned. And the game was banned from all casinos. /  Dy

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