InfoFive Effective Methods for Reducing Tilt at the Micros

Five Effective Methods for Reducing Tilt at the Micros


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When playing against this level of competition, you will surely encounter more poor beats than at any other stakes since they don’t fold anything. It is very important to look at the reason why you should Reducing Tilt at the Micros. The answers are below. Check this out!

Reducing Tilt at the Micros by Take Short Breaks

When I’m playing online and the metaphorical excrement hits the fan, I’ll frequently sit out on all of my tables for five minutes and go for a walk. If the weather is beautiful, I’ll go outside.

The goal here is for me to take a little break. When the rhythms and coolers are flowing at a rapid rate, it’s easy to get caught up in the scene. By taking a brief pause like this, I am able to gather my thoughts and calmly consider what is going on. I remind myself that I am a long-term winner.

Reducing Tilt at the Micros by Give Permission to Make Mistakes

One of the most common reasons people tilt is because they are hard on themselves for making errors. You’re bound to make a bad decision now and then. You will occasionally misread someone and lose a large pot as a result.

You may even make the dreaded misclick in a huge hand online from time to time. You’ll never be a flawless poker player. Everyone makes mistakes like this, and you must accept that it is normal.

You may learn from your errors as well. If you play online and utilize a HUD, mark the hands when you believe you performed poorly. After your session, go through them with a clear mind. This way, you can prevent repeating the same errors in the future.

Reducing Tilt at the Micros
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Reducing Tilt at the Micros by Reminding the Long Run Frequently

Hopefully, you are a consistent winner in poker. If this is the case, simply remind yourself that, regardless of what is going on right now, you are lucrative at the tables in the long term. In this game, the short term is always an illusion.

You can even make some tangible evidence to assist you recall. As my desktop background, I frequently utilize a long-term graph of my outcomes. If you play live, you may keep track of your results on a mobile device and be able to refer to them.

Small reminders like these might be useful at times. Make it difficult to disregard long-term success. It assists you in understanding that what is happening right now isn’t genuine or, at the very least, isn’t reflective of the broader picture.

If you do not yet have a track record of success, you should focus on identifying and resolving your game’s flaws. Reviewing your hands or discussing them with other successful poker players may be quite beneficial.

Reducing Tilt at the Micros by Modify Your Inner Thoughts

The negative ideas that start swimming around in your brain when things go poorly are a huge component of the real psychology of tilt. You may begin to believe them, which can lead to a “victim mentality,” which can lead to emotions of dissatisfaction and poor decision-making.

You may begin to tell yourself things like:

  • “They always strike their flush against me.”
  • “When I have kings, they always have aces.” 
  • “On the river, these fish usually play their fortunate card against me.”

The issue with these claims is that none of them are true. A flush draw is always a major underdog to a constructed hand, running pocket kings into pocket aces is incredibly unusual, and lucky cards are called “lucky” for a reason.

Reducing Tilt at the Micros by Make a joke out of the situation

Finally, it is critical not to take this game too seriously. You probably started playing poker because you thought it was entertaining, right? I certainly did. The game, on the other hand, should always be played in this manner.

When things aren’t going well at the tables, consider how important it is in the broader scheme of things. Is a poor day or week at the tables going to bring your entire world tumbling down on you? Is it really such a huge thing to lose 20 dollars, 50 dollars, or 100 dollars? Most likely not.

Look for the comedy in this game. On numerous days, even the world’s finest players are smacked dumb while playing. What is the purpose of becoming enraged and angry over it? The only thing you have control over is your own performance. You should be pleased as long as you make smart judgments on a consistent basis to play at ratu89 site.

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