GamesTop 9 PS4 Games for Kids

Top 9 PS4 Games for Kids


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Do you ever have a game that makes your heart dances even when you’re just hearing out the music intro? If you think of one, that must be your best and most favorite game ever.

The world is shindig by the launch of PlayStation 5, but when you peek in your living, the PlayStation 4 is still a pleasant console. Besides, as the PS 5 is still new, there aren’t many compatible games that you can choose on. If you are a father or brother who has kids at home, upgrading your PS 5 might be a big decision.

But if you are currently considering it, I suggest you not. Because there are some recommended PS4 games for kids that you can play with the kids. Besides, you can still play your favorite games joyfully without the fear that it won’t be compatible when you upgrade the PS4 into PS5. Think about it.

Although we don’t recommend spending hours and hours playing games in front of the TV with the kids, but spending some times with playing the games can be a fun choice to create stronger bonding and train their imagination thought and creative thinking skill to think fast and think critically in various condition. When it comes to playing with the little one(s), it is best to have a co – op mode, which makes the game played with two or more people to work together.

With those perquisite, here are our top nine to play PlayStation 4 games for kids as recommendation.

Top 9 PS4 Games for Kids


1. Gigantosaurus

Gigantosaurus is a joyful adventure for young players that will raise smile on their faces, this game is charming too with great visual that will awaken their imagination. This game is published by Wildsphere in March 27th, 2020.

This game is adapted from the World of Disney Junior’s GIgantosaurus and is made to invite the children to explore the prehistoric world of GIgantosaurus. The aims of the game include saving the Earth, playing all giant sized games and super race games to save the day. This game will make your little one to be fastest game racer or game adventurer.

Although this game doesn’t offer something new to the game table concerning to the whole gameplay. This game is worth to try with the kids. It is an open world levels which makes you and the kids be the fastest or adventurous gamer. The other positive reasons why this game is best is this game uses super easy paltform and fun kart racing mode.

Released on: March 27th, 2020
Publisher: Wildsphere
Developed by: Outright Games
Genre: Action Adventure
Best Played For: 5+

Positive Message
The easiness of play

Notes for parents

This game can be downloaded for Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, Windows PCs, and Xbox One. As this game is adapted from a cartoon, hence it aims to be played for the younger players. There isn’t any inappropriate content found in this game.


2. Chariot

Chariot is developed by Frima Studio. This game is challenging enough to raise creativity and really joyful to be played by your littles. This game is using co – op platform which allow parents to jump into the game and train how teamwork play for their kids.

This game is humoristic physic – based which will makes the children feel enthusiastic while skill – testing with you to reach the highest level of the game. This game is about how a brave princess along with her suitor bring the funeral wagon to bury the king’s remains in a tomb filled with gold. During their way, they face some resistances in an ancient caves, repelling the swarms of looters, and more

This game stimulates the critical thinking skill for the kids as it allows them to test some coordination skills of mechanics and thrilling physic stunts. This game is perfect if you want to train the kids’ teamwork skill.

Released on: September 30th, 2014
Publisher: Frima Studio
Developed by: Frima Studio
Genre: Action, platformer, 2D
Best Played For: 6+

Positive Message
The easiness of play

Notes for parents

This game can be downloaded and is compatible for PlayStation 4, Windows, Nintendo Wii U, and Xbox One. This game’s genre might be action and require player to fight the enemies, but there isn’t any blood. The enemies will just disappear when they are defeated.


3. Human: Fall Flat

The Human: Fall Flat is a physics – based fun game and is a perfect one for the children to learn about physics in fun way since early age, this game is even adored by the adults too. The game which is developed by No Brakes Games might seem weird and quirky with only 11 levels, but once you play it, you won’t quit the game until it reaches the game. That’s how fun it is

This game is a fun litte puzzler with various swirl activities. When you play it, you will feel like you play in the playground. As it allows the player to play alone of co – op, you and your littles might create chaos. But that absolutely okay as it is the fun part. As long as the player can hold on to objects, you will all well.

Overall, this game is very entertaining and joyful. The Human: Fall flat is hilarious when the player falls down as they can’t hold on to objects, this game also has a good music.

Released on: May 9th, 2017 for PS4 users
Publisher: Curve Digital
Developed by: No Brakes Games
Genre: Action Adventure
Best Played For: 7+

Positive Message
The easiness of play


This game is downloadable and is suitable for PlayStation 4, Mac, Windows, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. This game triggers the children to explore their creativity, imagination, and teamwork skill as this is a puzzle solving game. Although there isn’t any story line, the characters and personality are interesting and have goofy action.


4. Pac – Man 256

Pac – Man 256 is an arcade game that is suitable for the kids. The game which is developed by 3 Sprockets and Hipster Whale gained a praise as it was published at the same time for iOS and Android in August 2015. This soon got the hype and nominated in the category Best Mobile/ Handled Game for The Game Awards 2015.

This game is a unique arcade game which require common sense and is good to train the kids’ thinking skill ability. The game puts the players into an endless maze and need to race to be the fastest one while avoiding the ghosts.

Pac – Man 256 provides visual indicator and letting the player about their progress. Overall, this game is designed to be challenging and fun for 5 years kid.  

Released on: August 20th, 2015
Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment, iOS, Android, Europe SAS.
Developed by: Hipster Whale, 2 Sprockets Pty Ltd, Bandai Namco Studios
Genre: Adventure
Best Played For: 5+

Positive Message
The easiness of play

Notes for parents

This game is suitable for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows. This is a pure racing game with blue ghosts which aren’t scary at all, in fact, they look cute. This game is safe for the kids as it doesn’t have any bloody scene, violence, or naughty language. 


5. Pix the Cat

The Pix the Cat game is another classic arcade that you can play in PlayStation 4 and Vita Back in 2014. This game is a bit similar to the Pac – Man 256. However, the visual appearance is similar to the “Retro Arcade Remix”.

This basic gameplay for this game is to use the titular cat as the player’s navigation to play. The titular cat needs to collect the eggs ad targets during their way in the maze. The fastest one that finds a way out in the maze with the most collected eggs wins the game. To find way out, the cat needs to deliver the eggs to the target to opens up the path to the other maze until the player reaches the exit. As it require skills to reach the fastest exits, this game is suitable for children

Released on: October 7th, 2014
Publisher: Pasta Games, Focus Home Interactive.
Developed by: Pasta Games
Genre: Action, Adventure, Arcade
Best Played For: 5+

Positive Message
The easiness of play

Notes for parents

This game can be said as the upgraded version of the classic snake video games that require the player to reach the exit in the middle of a maze.


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6. Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends is one of game with unpredictable ideas for over 12 hours when you decided to play it. This animated game can be played co-op packed with various inventive ideas to be mixed.

This game requires Rayman, the player, to do a lot of jump, run, and punch to avoid the sneaky and deadly traps or playing with some challenge levels which reminds us to 90s music videos.

Surprisingly, Rayman Legends has majestic stages. The visual creates Rayman Origins’ look more colorful, alive, and beautifully transitioned. Especially when it shows the scene when Loony Toons music and cute alien Teensies Raynman tries to save the Legends character and personality. Compared to other platfirms, Raymon’s jump physics looks a little floaty.   

Released on: August 29th, 2013
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developed by: Ubisoft Montpellier
Genre: Action
Best Played For: 10+

Positive Message
The easiness of play
Violence and scariness

Notes for parents

Rayman Legends is action and adventurous game. It has some punching, slapping, slamming, shooting gun, and kicking. But those are made quite tame when it is compared to violence in most video games


7. Just Dance 2016

Just Dance 2016 is a fun game made for basically all ages and allow multiple ways to play. This game has over 40 songs to choose based on player preference. This Just Dance 2016 is the upgraded version of Just Dance 2015.

Just Dance 2016 is an interactive game which is suitable for kids and whole family. The game which was released on October 20th, 2015. This game features amazing track list an entertaining and creative visual than its prior edition. This gameplay idea is very simple. Its main mode is the Dance Party which is everything that you expect from a Just Dance game that you’ll find joy while playing it and spend more time on it.

Released on: October 22nd, 2015 (UE)
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developed by: Ubisoft Paris, Ubisoft Milan, Ubisoft Pune
Genre: Dance
Best Played For: 6+

Positive Message
The easiness of play

Notes for parents

Just Dance 2016 is suitable for the whole family and for the children, they can play when they are 6 years old or more. This game’s platforms are PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, Wii. There isn’t any violence found and all the dance moves are appropriate. Thus, this game is suitable for family bonding and children activity.


8. Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Spyro Reignited Trilogy is an action and adventurous game which is published by Activision in 2018 for PS4 and Xbox One users. This game is the upgraded version which offer so many goodness. The animation visual is way better, the player can see how pleasant is the colorful and cuteness of all the characters. Thank to Toys for Bob which made this game provides better experience for the player.

This game requires players to navigating the world in the game and need to complete the remaining puzzle to the whole. To do all the missions, the player explores the expansive realms and reminisce the adventure to reach the glory. As this game contains some wars or battleships, the Cartoon Violence and Comic Mischief describe this game as rated E10+. Above that, the concept of this game is still appropriate for young players and youngest one.

Released on: M September 3rd, 2018 (PS4 and Xbox One)
Publisher: Activision
Developed by: Toys for Bob
Genre: Miscellaneous, compilation
Best Played For: 10+

Positive Message
The easiness of play

Notes for parents

This game is suitable for some game platforms such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch. Although this require some fighting movements, the movement aren’t show some bloodiness or scary battlefields. Thus game is safe for children who are 10 years old or more.  


9. Disney Infinity 3.0: Finding Dory Play Set

The Disney Infinity 3.0 has similar gameplay to Disney Infinite: Marvel Super Heroes and Disney Infinite. What makes this play set interesting is that this game needs the figures to play the game on PS4. There are 8 figures you can choose, including Twilights of the Republic, Rise Against the Empire, The Force Awakens, Inside Out, Marvel Battlegrounds, Toy Box takeover, Toy Box Speedway and Finding Dory.

The basic gameplay is the player can utilize the additional weapons based on the figures that they choose. The Disney Infinity Finding Dory Play Set is the last release of Disney Infinity. This play set comes with big picture of Dory from the Finding Dory cartoon. However, the figure doesn’t do much in the box. The character does swim by floating around above the ground, but it can’t go up and down just like the real character in the movie does.

This play set makes the player to learn how to float the dory at Marine Life Institute. Along with Nemo, Marlin, Destiny, Bailey, and Hanks. Dory tries to rescue them to lead them to find a way to the safety. When the game plays, the player can use some weapons that can be used by Dory.

Released on: August 28th, 2015
Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
Developed by: Avalanche Software
Genre: Action – adventure, sandbox, toys of life
Best Played For: 5+

Positive Message
The easiness of play

Notes for parents      

This game can be played in PlayStation 3 and 4, Windows, Xbox 360, Xbox Ones, Android, and Apple TV. The contents in this game is quite good. There isn’t any violence and gore scene, there isn’t bad language and sexual content. Overall this game is appropriate for the children for 5 years old or more.



The games mentioned above are recommended games for 2012 to play with your little ones, sources from video game store site, Good Deals Games Australia. Once again, we don’t recommend the kids to spend more times on screen, but sometimes game is great tool to bond with them well and introduce them how to utilize modern technology. And by using the PS4, this can be your big consideration before ugrading it into PS5. The PS4 will still give great experience for you and your little ones.

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