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Finn and The Swirly Spin Online Slot Review

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In this article, we will be reviewing another online slot game. This online slot game is one of the rather unique ones. This amazing online slot game will take you on a magic adventure to a leprechaun happy land. This slot game is called the Finn and The Swirly Spin.

Contrary to the older slot games, Finn and The Swirly Spin is for you players that seek beautiful animation and a colourful game. As opposed to the classic, 3 reeled slot machines, Finn and the Swirly Spin has 5 reels in it. With 5 reels and 10 pay-lines, this slot game is one of the best in the internet. Finn and The Swirly Spin is another creation by Net Entertainment. They were also the ones who were responsible for creating other slot games such as Magic Portals.

In this article, we will discuss further the features and other advantages and disadvantages of this slot game.

First Impressions and General Look

Different online slot games boast different themes. There are games with wild west themes such as Guns and Roses. Others boasts fantasy themes such as Magic Portals. Finn and The Swirly Spin brings along with it a magical leprechaun theme. It has 5 reels and 10 pay-lines. Using a Spin Mechanic, the game is played out on a 5×5 grid set containing 25 spaces – 25 symbols appear and are independent from each other. A win is comprised of any horizontal/vertical line of 3 or more of the same symbols.

The reels are unique and set up in an uncommon way – having a stone as its background. The symbols move and traverse throughout a maze. The entire game and picture are also decorated with an amazing landscape of green fields and rainbows. On the left side, a leprechaun sits while accompanying you playing the game. Truly a little touch which makes you feel like you’re not playing the online slot alone.

Set your Bets

Before going on an adventure over the rainbow, you need to set your bets. The coin denominations in Finn and The Swirly Spin go from 0.01 to 2. It can be set by simply clicking on the “Coin Value +/- “section. By clicking on “+” you are adding your bets. Choosing “- “will minimize your bets. If you are feeling lucky, you can go all out. This can be done by clicking on “Max Bet”. This will set the maximum bet available. Players can bet as low as 10 pence (0.13 cents). For higher stakes, they can bet at a value as high as 200 pounds ($256).

Payout and Winnings

While being fun and decorative, sadly Finn and The Swirly Spin is not a big hit game. Instead, this is a game where you have to constantly play in order to get good amount of payout. However, this also means that your budget and money will last long. Regardless, it boasts a decent win. Players can win up to 420 to 500 times the stake they put on each spin.

In-Game Bonuses and Features

Like any other online slot game, Finn and The Swirly Spin is generous. It is rich in features which adds up the chances of winning. Players can benefit from 4 random features. Firstly, is the Starfall Wilds Random feature. This feature adds 2 to 5 more wilds on the reels. To put it simply, a wild is a symbol that can substitute any other symbol.

This increases the probability of winning a spin that the player otherwise wouldn’t win. The next feature is called the Dragon Destroy Random feature. This feature destroys a random number of symbols. This will then give the player an avalanche. Another feature is the Irish Luck Random feature. This feature gives the player a horizontal or vertical line of 1 type symbol. When added, this feature gives the players a guaranteed win.

This feature is arguably the best feature available among the 4 features. The last feature is the Magic Transform Random feature. This feature transforms all space/heart symbols into a higher paying symbol in online slot. This symbol increases the player’s stakes and chances of getting a higher payout.

This game also does not forget the conventional free spin feature. The free spin can be obtained by getting a free spins key. This is done when a free spins key scatter symbol is in the centre after all wins have taken place.

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