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Gambling That Makes Money on Roulette


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Makes Money on Roulette – Nothing beats the thrill of playing roulette. You can play the game in so many different ways it is sometimes hard to know just where to start.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the most convenient method; which is playing roulette in the comfort of your home and using a inexpensive system to increase your chances of winning. This method is one that many people use, especially Canadians.

First of all, in order to make money at roulette, you must understand the basics of the game. The objective is to pick the winning number that appears on the roulette wheel.

You are allowed to bet on this number up to fifteen times, each time between every 19 and 36. The money goes on the outside of the roulette table, in a big circle in the middle of the table.

Eventually, if the ball ends up on the number you picked, you will win back your original bet, plus exit the casino with your profit. If you lose, your bet will be for thirty-six numbers and you will lose. The ability to win and lose alike is what keeps people coming back to this game.

The downside to playing roulette in this fashion is that the house edge is 5.26% on every bet on the table, except the five number bet.

This means that for every dollar bet on the table, the house will keep 5.26 cents. It seems small, but the 5.26% means profit after loss is far less than most people are willing to make.

There are a few ways to take advantage of the house edge. The first one is to only bet on red or black, odd or even, or high or low. The second is to bet on the same number for both red and black, or all even and all odd numbers.

This will double your odds of winning, however the house will only keep half of the winnings. Another way is to bet on two sections of the table.

First, a low bet on the first section, and then a higher bet on the second section. Both bets should bet the same number, 1-34. This lowers the house advantage of the second section, but still keeps the house edge of the first section the same.

It is also important to bet in groups. The wheel is divided into 3 sections. You can bet on numbers in this section individually. You can also bet on twelve consecutive numbers. This is not recommended since the number 14 is still in the Euromillions wager.

Winning color roulette wheel

Selecting the winning color requires just as much skill as selecting any other number. Fortunately, as the numbers on the wheel are less than 50, you have a 1 in 48 chance of selecting the winning color, if you bet on the color.

If you just pick the color for the entire wheel, you have a 1 in 47.37 chance of selecting the winning color. Picking either red or black is 1 in 47.37, and choosing odd or even is 1 in46.53.

To bet, you just place your chips on the layout in the square that has the color you want to bet on. If you win, you cross out the chip you placed on the number that corresponds to the winning color.

Then you add the chip you placed on the new number to see if it counts as part of the winning color. If it does, you win the roulette bet, and keep the chips you placed on the table. If the number you choose does not match any of the numbers on the wheel, you lose.

Since you can bet on as many numbers as you want, you can maximize your winnings by placing multiple bets on the same number. If you placed a chip on the 32 you want, then placing a second chip on that number should also win you a profit.

Adding and subtracting chips


Some bets are more difficult to win than others. The easiest bets to win, the pass and don’t pass bets, take no horses betting names. These bets are just guessing who the horses will be as they leave the gate. You do not need to have any knowledge of the horses, just that they are racing.

Other bets are a little more complicated but they can be winnable. With parlay bets, you need to win all of the bets in the parlay to win. With corner bets, you are trying to make four changes in your bet. It is more difficult to win these bets because of the increased odds.

Corner bets can be winnable but need a lot of skill. You can win if your change is exactly the winning number. With corner bets, you can cover the 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3 numbers. If the winning number is one of them, you win.

In playing other gambling you can try on this site which will give you a big advantage.

That’s the review about Gambling That Makes Money on Roulette that I can convey, hopefully it will be useful information. /Aha

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