“Koyomimonogatari” Gets 6th July Terrestrial Rebroadcast

“Koyomimonogatari” Gets 6th July Terrestrial Rebroadcast


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The animated adaptation of Monogatari Series‘ eleventh installment “Koyomimonogatari”, which was originally distrubuted as exclusive content via their smartphone app, will be re-cut and rebroadcast on Japanese terrestrial TV this 6th July 2018! “Koyomimonogatari” will be aired on TOKYO MX, BS 11, Tochigi TV, and Gunma TV.

© Nisio Isin / Kodansha / Aniplex / Shaft
© Nisio Isin / Kodansha / Aniplex / Shaft

“Koyomimonogatari” is the eleventh part of the Monogatari series — the fourteenth book overall, and contains twelve short stories. The short stories center on series lead Koyomi — thus the title means “Koyomi’s Story”, and progress in twelve segments, much like the months in a calendar.

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