Bisnis New Powerful Instagram Marketing Strategy

New Powerful Instagram Marketing Strategy


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Instagram has been one of the most powerful social media in the world. It is one of the social media that has millions of active and real users from around the world. Therefore, no wonder many businesses choose this app for their business needs. However, to achieve the best result, you must know the best Instagram marketing strategy for your business.

One of the benefits of Instagram compared to other social media is it has many kinds of features. These features can help promote and sell your products easier and faster compared to original ways. Now, what and how are these features helpful for your business. Well, let’s learn and see the Instagram marketing strategy to develop your business:

Instagram Marketing Strategy

1. Make your Contents Interesting

One of the marketing strategies that you should do is make interesting content. If the account is totally new, then there will be no friends or followers yet. Therefore, you must make the content interesting to attract new followers. Design your content with a unique theme and make sure to update it recently.

One of the ways to make your content interesting is by posting mix formats. So, post-mix content from photos, videos, and moving pictures. Post these formats with different contents but with the same theme. Therefore, the profile will look neat and attractive at the same time.

Other than making an interesting content, make sure you also pay attention to the quality of it. Don’t just post any kind of content without considering the post. Make sure that when your followers read or see the content, they get useful or additional information. This way, they will want to come back to your account to see more of your content.

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2. Update & Post Often

These days, millennials open their Instagram at least once every two hours. They can check on random things from their own updates to their followers’ stories. Therefore, to make the business account alive and occur in many people’s homes, then update it. Make sure to update your post on InstaStories at least once a day.

3. Hashtag

Try to create a new community by creating a new hashtag on Instagram. Using hashtags on your posts will make it easier for people to find the product and account too. Rather than just using the product description for the hashtag, try to use a new slogan.

For example, if you are planning to promote a health product then use #letstayhealthy as the slogan. Use this hashtag on your post and invite people to do the same on their posting. This will attract more people to follow your hashtag and to your company.

4. Collaborate with Professionals

If you want to market your business to more people, then get help from the professional. However, rather than just sitting down, make a strategy by collaborating with them. Make a project together that can make people interesting and want to be involved too.

However, when you choose the professionals, make sure to choose the right person. Choose a person that understands and needs the product or service too. Therefore, if you collaborate in making a project or a product they are in the same vision and mission.

5. Interact with Followers

Other than posting, try to understand and communicate with your followers on Instagram. One of the features that you can use to interact with your followers in Insta Story. With this feature, you can let your followers ask a question or reverse.

This simple feature can help you get closer to your customers and let them know more too. So, try to do this activity once or twice every weekend to make the account more fun.

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6. Games & Prizes

Who doesn’t love games and prices for free? It seems that everyone loves something that is free, so why not make a quiz with a price. Make a small quiz about your business or product and let your followers or customers answer. Then those who answer correctly will be randomly chosen to win a prize. The prize doesn’t have to be something big but makes it interesting.

However, to make it more fun for your followers give them a mega price once a month. This will make them more excited and want to join in more. This is also a great way to promote and market the business account.

7. Repost Customers Stories / Postings

Make your customers tag the business account when they buy something. This way, you can know the customers for your business. If they tag you in a story, then repost the story and give a comment on your story. Most customers love when their stories are reposted by the store or business account. This is one of the new but powerful Instagram marketing strategy in this period.

8. Endorse to Top Users

An Instagram marketing strategy that has been quite booming is endorsing people with millions of followers. This is an instant way to promote your Instagram and make it popular with their followers. However, you have to ensure their followers are real and can really give an impact. Therefore, make sure to choose wisely when you endorse a person.

9. Live on Instagram

The next feature that can be quite useful to market your business is Live on Instagram. Rather than just recording a video, go live on Instagram. This way you can share knowledge and communicate with the customers too. Invite guests that people would love to see and make them watch it on your channel.

10. Follow Back

An easy marketing strategy that you can apply on Instagram is by following back to your customers. Just like how they get excited when you repost, they will also like it when you follow back. Even if you have millions of followers, try to follow them back one by one.

So, overall there are many features on Instagram that can really help your marketing strategies. Use an Instagram marketing strategy to promote and introduce your business to people from around the world. Make sure to maximize the use of each feature on Instagram to market your business, especially the free ones.

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