BisnisHow to Use Instagram For Business with Current Followers

How to Use Instagram For Business with Current Followers


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Instagram is one of the top social media that has millions of active users from around the world. Most people use this app to communicate and show their moments with other people. However, some people also use this media to do their business needs. So, what are the strategies to use Instagram for business needs and get some profit?

One of the main benefits of Instagram is that it has many kinds of features. These features can help promote your account and the products available. Everyone with an Instagram account can use these features whether it is a normal account or a business account.

Easy Ways use Instagram for Business with Current Followers

One of the keys to a successful business on Instagram is to have many right followers. These days, people can buy their followers online, however, sometimes they aren’t real and not as a target. Therefore, it is best to get real followers that are really interested in your business rather than fake followers. Now, how can you use your followers and use Instagram for business at the same time?

1. Current Account to Business Account

If you happen to have an Instagram account that has many followers, then why not use it too. Rather than having to make a new account, change your current account into a business account. At least this way you’ll already have followers to introduce your business too. These followers will also be a help later when you promote your business.

You can use your current account for business needs. However, there are some features that are only available for a business account that is very useful to monitor your business. Therefore, it is recommended to change it to a business account. You can change your account back once you need it back, so don’t worry.

2. Endorsement

Use Instagram for business & popular followers to help you promote your business by giving them an endorsement. This is a type of endorsement where you give your products to them. Then they will use and promote the product and give a review of it. Give a list of details on what they should review so their viewers can get detailed information about the product.

However, make sure you choose the right person to endorse. Because by choosing the follower, it can really impact your business. First, choose a person that is related to your product. Like if you are selling basketball shoes then choose a basketball player. Then, choose someone that has many real followers that will potentially buy your products.

3. Giveaway

One of the ways to use Instagram for Business & followers is by giving giveaways. The concept here is by making your followers repost the posting you have made and mention other people. This will help promote your account to other people that might not be your followers yet.

So, make sure to give requirements before giving away the prize. Some of the requirements you can apply are to follow the business account and repost. Don’t forget to make them mention 5 other people and invite them to follow and participate too.

4. Quiz

If you have loyal and real followers, then why not just maximize them for your business. Make a quiz about your product and business. Like what is the function and product of the business and make them comment in your post. You can also require them to repost the posting so others can see.

However, the main purpose of this activity is so that your real followers know about your product too. By giving them a quiz about the business, they will seek more information about the product and business. This will make your Instagram for business more viewed and seen by more people.

5. Discount / Promo

Give your new and loyal followers with discounts and promos by making them follow your business account. Also, make your followers invite new people to follow your Instagram business account. Therefore, you will get new potential customers for your business. So, make sure to give interesting promos and discounts on your Instagram.

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How to Get More Followers for Business Accounts

If you have tried all the steps above and you still don’t have enough followers yet, then it is time for a new strategy. Make sure you use Instagram for business for these strategies, so you can analyze and evaluate if these strategies are effective or not. Here are some brilliant ways to add followers for your account:

1. Post Consistently

Followers will want to see something new all the time, therefore make sure to post on your account consistently. Try at least once a day to post something on your Instagram. You can post anything, from your products to useful information about your products. Therefore, people will be interested in your account and want to see more.

2. Use Random Posts

Don’t only post photos but also upload videos, music, and IG tv’s on your post. This will also make your posting more interesting than just a photo. However, make sure to mix them up so your followers don’t get bored easily too.

3. Collaborate with Other Brands

Other than working together with your followers, why not collaborate with other brands too. Try to work together with other brands that have the same vision and mission. This way you can get their followers that haven’t followed your business account yet. Make something useful from this collaboration so people will be more interesting in your business.

After trying these steps, maximize the use of Instagram for business like the analytical feature. Analyze and evaluate the viewers of your Instagram and see if there is any difference. This feature is only available on Instagram for business, so make sure you use this default in the beginning.

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So, these are the ways to use Instagram for business and get more followers for your business account. It may take time to get it established, so be patient. If you want to choose the most effective step, the endorsement is the first to try. By choosing the right person or follower, you can get more followers and buyers for your business.

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