Here Are The Reasons For The Prohibition of Gambling From Ancient Times

Berikut Ini Alasan Larangan Judi Dari Zaman Dahulu
Berikut Ini Alasan Larangan Judi Dari Zaman Dahulu

Gambling is a bad habit that has been loved by people since ancient times until now Prohibition of Gambling. In ancient times gambling was mostly done by psychics who often decided various events that would or are happening. The drawing will be carried out only through the existing symbols. In Indonesia itself, this gambling game has been known since European times came to Indonesia. Europeans brought dice and cards, unlike the Dutch who introduced lottery gambling.

All Types of Prohibition of Gambling Including The Online Version

Now all types of gambling are prohibited including the online version of gambling . The rules themselves were first put forward to Soekarno around 1965 through a presidential decree. And this issue became the most controversial for the country. Then, legal gambling was also issued in different forms such as sports lottery, commonly known as the Social Rehabilitation Foundation lottery. The implementation of the lottery was also a lot of corruption.

Gambling, which was a pretext to raise sports funds, was finally forced to disband. This gambling decision was made because many parties felt disadvantaged and the bad effects of gambling were felt. Since then, there is no more a lottery launched by the government. For the prohibition, it is stated in the book that contains criminal law.

What is meant by the perpetrators of gambling is someone who offers and conveys gambling to other people, individually or in groups. Both those who want to act as agents and dealers of the gambling. They are all included in the violators of the online gambling provisions that have been set in the applicable rules.

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It is true that it is not easy for those who are addicted to online gambling to get rid of the habit. Which is already intertwined from hereditary traditions. For the victory, it is beautiful when we win by getting money.

However, we must think in advance what the impact will be when we violate the gambling ban from time to time.

Prohibition of Gambling

This can be used for online bookies to get many advantages. Technology that is getting more and more sophisticated is used to get many advantages. People’s lives are getting worse and worse and even the economy is getting sadder if you look at it. In fact, to prevent online gambling from becoming more widespread, the Ministry of Communication and Informatics cooperates with online operators .

If seen, this is quite effective in eliminating gambling which is rampant. However, the bad effect is that it greatly affects sites that have nothing to do with this online gambling site . The technology that continues to develop is widely used by gamblers to make a profit. Even the eradication efforts are still being carried out, although not too strictly.

For internet providers , it continues to be developed in order to prevent this online gambling practice from happening on various channels. Our government should also continue to look for the best way to limit various practices against online gambling . In fact, since there is a gambling ban from time to time, gambling players will not feel enough if they get a little profit.


Well, so why do we do useless work that doesn’t even benefit us. In fact, many get destruction and pain both in the economy and in their lives.

The existence of a gambling ban from time to time should be able to make people aware that gambling is not good.

Well, that’s the reason for the ban on online gamblingfrom time to time, hopefully it will be useful for us and make ourselves better.

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