Permainan Easy Guide for Beginners to play Free Fire

Easy Guide for Beginners to play Free Fire


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Easy Guide for Beginners to play Free Fire – Maybe you have been tired of playing Free Fire for a long time but it doesn’t improve? Maybe you have completed thousands of matches but always lose? Or have killed hundreds of enemies but never made it to the end of the game? Don’t worry, it’s completely normal. We are all beginners at first and the only way to become a “Pro” is to practice as much as you can, or also by following some tips on how to play the game Free Fire from various sources.

In this game there will only be one winner who can survive at the end of the game, Free Fire is one of the very tense battle royale games from 111dots Studios. More than 30 players are competing in one map, and you are one of them. Where in the end you have to deal with enemies and can’t avoid it because the Free Fire Map will continue to shrink over time. To find out other exciting games, you can visit

Therefore, Kabar Games has made tips and tricks on how to quickly rank up in Free Fire for beginners by using the Bluestacks emulator which will make you better at playing this battle royale game in the future. Hopefully (maybe) you will be the next Indonesian version of “Kyle Giersdorf” in this Free Fire game. The following are tips for playing Free Fire for the Kabar Games version of beginners.

Select a Suitable Device

The first and most important tip from the Free Fire game, choose a device that suits your playing comfort. For example, if you are an experienced CSGO player who is used to playing on the desktop but is new to Mobile games, use an Android emulator like Bluestacks or Nox. There are many videos out there, for example on Youtube, which will guide you on how to set up the settings.

How to Win Playing the Free Fire Game?

Adjust Screen Sensitivity

The next Free Fire Beginner Tips, Adjust the HUD to your comfort. Activate the fire button on the left side, apart from the fire button, position the jump and scope buttons correctly because you will often use them in battle. After that adjust the sensitivity, This is very critical and has a big impact on the gameplay. The sensitivity settings between one player and another are different, adjust the sensitivity according to your playing comfort.

PC (emulator) users will likely prefer a lower sensitivity setting and should consider the mouse dpi setting as well. Mobile users usually prefer a slightly higher HP screen sensitivity for comfortable playing. Mobile users who use “Precise On Scope” usually prefer a slightly lower sensitivity than “Default” users. And remember that the sensitivity setting will decrease according to the scope quality, 8X / AWM scope is always set to the lowest sensitivity.

Don’t Focus on Cosmetics

Items such as t-shirts, pants, and hats are just cosmetics, remember these Free Fire tips. These items do not provide any advantage in terms of gameplay for your character. They can make your character look cool but this is not an MMORPG and your competitors won’t be admiring your clothes, they are there just to kill you. To find out other exciting games, you can visit Poker Online.

These cosmetic items are sold in exchange for Diamonds or in-game currency which you can buy for real money but do not provide any benefits other than just looking cool and cool. Character, on the other hand, is different from cosmetics, it is the character that will give you an advantage. There are lots of characters in Free Fire, 2 of them, Adam and Eve, “unlocked” from the start. However, they have no “statistics” and don’t offer any advantages.

New players or beginners are free to play this character from the start of the game. The other six characters offer the following benefits:

• Nikita – 4% faster submachine reload

• Misha – 2% faster-driving speed

• Ford – 4% less damage when outside the safety zone

Andrew – 2% less endurance loss

• Kelly – 1% increase in sprint speed

You can unlock these characters with in-game currency, diamonds (real money), or dollars (although Misha can only be purchased through diamonds). Note that each character’s stats keep increasing as long as you keep leveling up the character. For example, Andrew starts with 2% less endurance loss and can increase this stat by up to 10%, by leveling up your character and completing achievements in the game Free Fire.

What are you doing to win playing free fire?

Customize Landing Points

The next tip, often lands where many people land, but at least at the beginning of the game Free Fire, avoid locations that are preferred by players who count ‘Pros’. Don’t try to dodge your opponent, at first you might not last long but this will help you get used to your game setup, and exposure to multiple enemies will improve your gameplay and increase your confidence. To find out other exciting games, you can visit Poker.

The second option is to always choose a place with a smaller crowd. Every player plays to win and they will kill you. That’s why it’s always recommended to land in a place that doesn’t have many opponents and this will also help you collect the best Free Fire weapons and other supplies with ease. Besides that, try various kinds of weapons and grenades to be able to set the strategy for which free fire sick weapons you think will be the best combination in battle.

Pay attention to the red mark

The next tip for beginners in playing Free Fire, you may notice that your screen will turn red from time to time, but only for a few seconds. Well, there’s a reason for that, the red mark means there’s an enemy in front of you and if you pull the trigger when the screen turns red, you’ve shot the enemy. This applies to aim mode (which you can activate by pressing the right mouse button) and regular mode.

When your vision starts to turn red, pulling the trigger is a visual clue that you can hit the enemy. But it does not guarantee that you have killed him, for example, a headshot, but it does guarantee that you have dealt damage to the opponent. If you’re having to troubleshoot your enemies, be aware of these visual clues.

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