Info Classic manga Urusei Yatsura gets 40th Anniversary store in...

Classic manga Urusei Yatsura gets 40th Anniversary store in Japan


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Urusei Yatsura didn’t just give us one of the first waifu characters ever in Lum, but also launched the career of one of the greatest mangaka ever, Rumiko Takahashi. The trailblazing female mangaka would go on to bring us such hits like Ranma 1/2 and InuYasha, but Urusei Yatsura will always be the first. And now, as the classic celebrates its 40th anniversary, they’re opening special pop-up stores around Japan.

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As expected, it will feature plenty of exclusive merchandise. This includes a few clear files featuring every single one of the manga’s 374 tankoubon volume covers. Each one is worth 324 yen. They also have a throw pillow worth 2,160 yen, as well manga-style handkerchiefs worth 648 yen.

Now, since Takahashi herself is a proud daughter of Niigata prefecture, they’re opening up a pop-up store there. Specifically, it will open at Niigata City from 8th-20th August. The Niigata store will also exclusively sell a special clear file featuring Lum, Ten, and the Niigata City landmark, Rainbow Tower.

And speaking of Lum and Ten, the pop-up store will also feature a trick art photo corner featuring the two.

After Niigata, the pop-up store’s next stop is Fukuoka from 1st-17th September. More of these stores will also be opening around Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya. However, they will be announcing when they will open in the days ahead.

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source: Sora News 24

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