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6 Best Gambling Casinos Near me in Asia, 2 Most Luxurious in The World


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Asia is one of the best places that you could ever visit to find the best gambling casinos near me.

You’re in luck because we have found some of the greatest casinos that ever existed. Each and every one of these casinos are equipped with resorts as well as relaxation places.

You will be able to gamble as well as spend money on luxury things. Do not worry because everything is still affordable when you are going to an Asian casino.

This is different when you go on a European or an even American casino.

Drinks and food is way more affordable when you come and visit to Asian casinos. Huge and some of the best casinos near you should have a lot of variety of games.

Not only that they should serve game such as poker and other card games, they should be also serving games such as slot machines.

There are so many things that you want to look for whenever you visit a casino near you. Because finding the right gambling casinos near me can be a very interesting challenge.

What to look for when looking for a casino?

When looking for a gambling casino near me you may want to look at the price range first. Because accessibility is a very important factor if you want to visit a casino.

Take for example you live near china.

Anywhere around China is very close to a gambling city called Macao or Hong Kong. That is why it is better off for you to fly to Macao or Hong Kong instead of going across to Southeast Asia.

There are also other alternatives such as going to online casinos but you would not have the same thrilled usually many places have their own local casinos.

But each and every single one of these local casinos would still not be able to have the same experience.

Take for example huge resort in Macao.

The experience that you will get in Macao is of course different from the ones that you would get in me mainland China.

On top of that you also want to save money on things such as resorts. You want to find a place that is affordable and would not cost you thousands of dollars.

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Best Gambling Casinos Near me in Asia

Our list today will involve some of the best casinos in the world. You will also be able to enjoy luxury things such as drinking, going to spas, enjoy shopping and malls and etc.

But the difference is that you can do it at a much cheaper price in comparison to Las vegas.

The Venetian Macao

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The first place that you would love to visit is the venetian. The Venetian is a place in which people gamble, as well as go as a resort retreat.

People go to this place because it is way affordable than Las vegas. On top of that it also has excellent and beautiful architecture that no other place on Earth will ever have.

This place is very huge and it is around 20,000 square feet an area.

People from all over the world loves to visit. Some of the players come from mainland China while others visit from Southeast asia.

We recommend that you take a flight from anywhere you are in the world to Hong Kong and then you can take a direct flight to Macao. Or you could also go from Singapore and this would be a cheaper route.

It truly depends on where you are from. Macao is a very cheap and affordable place as well as a very worth a place to visit.

Well gambling you would be able to travel through the old town and the cities of Macao itself.

The Venetian is a highly regarded resort. It has gained a five-star hotel review from many different organizations.

If you’re trying to visit this place we also recommend you that you choose an off-season. The main season would be around summer as well as closing to winter.

But do not worry because it would still be very affordable and not reap your budgets. The Venetian takes a high level architecture to create.

This place is perfect for everyone that wants to travel for casinos as well as for them family trips.

They offer a lot of variety in terms of casino games. And you might also know that Macao is a gambling country hence they legalize gambling.

The games that you would find would be mainly poker as well as black jack. On top of that there are also other types of games such as roulette and slot machines.

What we love most about the Venetian is that it is also very amusing. You would not get bored when you visit this place because the place itself is very huge.

Every time you gamble and loose you could simply go out and take a stroll or a walk.

While you do take a walk you could also enjoy the view and the breath of the Macao air. Overall a very good place to visit.

In terms of cuisine you would be able to enjoy multicultural cuisine. Ranging from Portuguese up to even Chinese and Cantonese food.

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The Galaxy Macao

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Macao is not just popular for one type of casino. They have over five and up to 10 resorts. But we’re not just going to recommend you all of the resorts in Macao.

Because that would not be fair for other types of casinos in other cities right. But we promise you this will be the last cuz you know that we recommend from Macao.

The Galaxy Macao is a very luxurious place and it is a very huge place to begin with. It has some similarities to the Venetian Macao.

We call this place more of a family-friendly place. This is because there are many photo hunting spots for you Instagram lovers. You could quickly take a snap or picture or even a selfie.

And everything would look good because the scenery itself is built like a palace. The Galaxy Macao always expands almost once or every two years.

There are always new infrastructures being built every single year. If you’re looking to visit the Galaxy Macao, theY have a lot of facilities that they offer you.

First of all anyone that wants to go to Galaxy macaw will have a free shuttle bus ride but there will be no charges at all that are being charged to you.

This makes it very very convenient for tourists to look for this place. But if you want a more luxury choice then you could simply take a taxi or even a limo.

Marina Bay Sands Casinos

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The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel is one of the most attractive destination and entertainment hotels in Asia.

There is no other place in Asia where you can find a unique blend of top-notch facilities and selected tourist locations.

Each suite at this hotel has a bathroom with italian marble, which redefines luxury. Enjoy shopping at the various international shopping centers, let yourself be dazzled by street shows, or try the food.

Singapore’s Marine Bay Sands or MBS is famous because it has a giant ship on the roof. People could visit there for the restaurant, food, and so much more.

They are a 2 in 1 resort casino and hotel. The hotel is one of the most magnificent and luxurious hotels in the Singapore area.

This MBS or Marine Bay Sands architectural style hotel is equipped with complete facilities.

This hotel has a very strategic location and is only 20 minutes away from Changi International Airport. You just have to pass the new ferry terminal and Lotus Flower bridge to get there.

All types of rooms at Marine Bay Sands are very spacious and decorated with a modern and very classy feel.

In addition, all rooms are also equipped with air conditioning, satellite TV, mini-bars and in-room movies so you won’t feel bored during your vacation.

There are various choices of suite rooms for you, starting from the Royale Suite, Bella Suite and Rialto Suites.

This hotel has complete facilities for you to enjoy. Among them are MBS Spa which provides a variety of spa packages for you to relax, a large enough poolside for you to swim and relax, gym for you to exercise.

Genting Highlands Resort Malaysia

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Genting Highland Malaysia is a favorite place for Asian gamblers. And in Malaysia where people can legally gamble in casinos.

So usually besides flying to Singapore and Macau, people will go on vacation to Genting Highlands Malaysia to gamble.

Besides that, the weather of Genting Highland itself is indeed cool. In contrast to Kuala Lumpur which is so hot. Even though the location is not that far.

The Awana Skyway is one of the best alternative transportation. People ride it and it only costs around 8 RM for one trip up to 20 RM. This depends on what kind of gondola ride you want.

The Awana Skyway is a lift that escalates from 3000 feet above ground. You can choose different stations to stop at. There are a lot of nature scenery in Genting Highlands that you need to visit.

If you want a more enjoyable Awana SkyWay experience, try riding the gondola, which has a clear glass floor or glass floor gondola.

At first, it was a little horrified when I tried the gondola with only a glass screen. But after a long time it was fun too, being able to look directly at the bottom.

Especially when Genting Highlands is foggy. It felt like he was floating above the clouds

When it comes to the casino itself, Genting has the biggest resort casino in the world. They gained the Guiness World Record for this achievement.

This might be one of the best gambling casinos near me. Because Malaysia is accessible from all of South East Asia.

Hong Kong Poker House

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Hong Kong Poker House is popular because it is a huge casino in Hong Kong. It is also known to be the first ever club or night club situated in hong kong.

Players enjoy poker because it is a club house. In other words, people play as members. You are given the full facility.

Players need to pay a certain amount of membership fee.

This is all totally worth it. Because you are given lounges, alcohol for free as well as customized poker games.

All poker games are exclusive to members only.

It is one of Hong Kong’s original casino palaces and was the city’s most popular destination for all gamblers before any other Las Vegas arrived in the place.

It still remains the most attractive place for gamblers as it focuses less on luxury and more on the gambling experience.

Many of the big rollers frequent this venue as the main focus remains on showing cards rather than capturing the show and this makes it the best place to enjoy a classic Hong Kong casino experience.

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The Plaza Casino Hong Kong

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Hong Kong casinos are the best because they are easily accessible by land travel. You can go to Macau from Hong Kong and alternate your destinations.

We recommend plaza casino in Hong Kong. The Plaza Casino is a popular spot because it is surrounded by many shopping centers.

The Plaza Casino Hong Kong is also located in the middle of the city

No one would have a hard time to go and stroll around Plaza Casino. The Plaza Casino is popular recently because it hosts professional poker matches.

Take for example the annual international poker tournaments. Plaza Casino would be one of those casinos that host poker games.

The Plaza Casino Hong Kong is a very versatile place. Filled with luxury, slot machines, poker tables, and so much more.

So do not forget to check these gambling casinos near me today. That is all about the gambling casinos near me that we have to recommend.


Maybe now you can gamble online. There are many online gambling sites on the internet. However, the experience of playing in a real casino house still promises something great.

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