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[ANIME] Take a tour to experience Wake Up, Girls in Sendai!

Sendai, one of the largest cities in Japan; a modern city with great scenery and delicious food, it is also home to the Anime “Wake Up, Girls!”. And what better way to enjoy Japan than to go on an Anime Pilgrimage by visiting Sendai and experiencing their wonderful sights and sounds first-hand yourself? Here are some of my […]

[SEIYUU] Miyu Matsuki Family Revealed Her Cause of Death to Raise Awareness

Seiyuu and anime fans everywhere were shocked when Miyu Matsuki recentlypassed away at the age of 38 last October. She is best known for her roles as Anna in Shimoneta: A Boring World Where Dirty Jokes Don’t Exist, Kuuko in the Nyaruko-san series, and Isumi in the Hayate the Combat Butler! series. Initially, her exact cause […]

Love Live!’s rice-lover, Hanayo, gets her own brand of rice

Any Love Liver would know that Love Live!’s resident idol fangirl, Hanayo, does not only like school idols, she also just loooooooooooooooooves eating rice. Her love for the Japanese staple food is evident in her large portions of rice eaten every meal, and the fact that she can instantly tell when the rice she is […]

[ENTERTAINMENT] Prison School gets a live-action late night TV series, cast revealed

Akira Hiramoto’s popular echhi manga series, Prison School, is getting a live-action TV series, which will air late at night, starting this October, and the official series website has now unveiled the cast in costume as they prepare for their new television show. Leading the cast will be the five prison boys, who will be […]

[MANGA] D.Gray-Man manga returns after a hiatus lasting more than a year

After the announcement of the return of Berserk from its 10-month hiatus, another hiatus-riddled manga series will also be returning. Unfortunately, it’s not Hunter x Hunter, but it will be Katsura Hoshino’s D.Gray-Man. Also read: [COSPLAY] Miss Chun-Li Cosplay Contest Ends Up With Zangief Cosplayer as the Winner D.Gray-Man will be relaunched as part of Shueisha’s new quarterly […]


One year ago, we brought you the results of Charapedia’s first 10,000 fan seiyuu poll. This year, we are back with the results for this year, bringing to you the top 30 popular seiyuus as polled from Japanese fans! Also read: World flags turned into pretty boys?! Just two weeks ago, these fans were asked to vote for […]

[ANIME] VISA gets three official Attack on Titan credit card designs

A brand new partnership between Mitsui Sumitomo (MSIG) and Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan is taking humanity’s battle against the titans into a whole new level. MSIG is offering three new VISA credit cards inspired by the worldwide bestselling manga. Fans who were disappointed that Levi was nowhere to be found in the live-action Attack on […]