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The Queen of England’s tailors just recreated Char Aznable’s Zeon uniform

British tailors Dege & Skinner are officially working for the British crown, as the queen herself officially appointed them. They are known worldwide for their attention to detail, which may be why they work for royalty. And now, they have worked on royalty of some sort… space royalty in fact. This is because they just […]

Town plans to turn shrine from Isao Takahata’s Pom Poko into parking lot, upsets fans

Just when Studio Ghibli fans are mourning the loss of director Isao Takahata, the town of Komatsushima, Tokushima Prefecture is dealing them yet another blow. The town recently announced plans to turn its famous Tanuki shrine, Kincho Shrine, into a parking lot. But why is this shrine so special? It’s because it serves as the setting for Isao Takahata’s […]

Kantai Collection adds more American, British, and Russian ships for Winter 2018 event

Kantai Collection has now kicked off the second half of their Leyte Gulf campaign as part their Winter 2018 event. And like all KanColle events, this one also adds several new ships. However, this batch of new ships have a bit more international flavour than previous batches. This is because they added ships not just […] to stream Gundam Thunderbolt DECEMBER SKY via YouTube

Sunrise previously release a compilation film for Gundam Thunderbolt. Titled “Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt DECEMBER SKY,” recently revealed a brand new PV for the movie. The new PV revealed footage from the film, as well as revealed details about its online streaming. The video revealed that for a limited one month period starting 10th […]

C3 AFA Singapore Guest Profile: Shinichiro Miki

C3 AFA Singapore 2017 is coming at you fromthe Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre from the the 24th to the 26th of November 2017! The region’s biggest Japanese anime, cosplay, and anisong fans are in for something extraordinary as the 10th Anniversary of MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM 00 proudly presents legendary voice actor Shinichiro Miki! […]

JSDF teams up with The Irregular at Magic High School to gather more recruits

The Japan Self Defense Force (JSDF) is certainly no stranger to anime team-ups. In fact, the JSDF has previously teamed up with military-themed series such as GATE, High School Fleet, Arpeggio of the Blue Steel, and of course, Girls und Panzer. They ain’t even shy about showing off their moe-powered military mascots and hardware. However, the anime they’ve teamed up […]

Seiyuu Madoka Yonezawa announces marriage and pregnancy

Madoka Yonezawa made a name for herself when she voiced Yui’s capable sister, Ui Hirasawa, in K-On!, Now, the seiyuu has revealed in her blog that she is now married. In that same post, the K-On seiyuuu also revealed that she’s now also pregnant. Yonezawa revealed that she married her long-time boyfriend last year, and now, they’re […]

One Piece gets a new Kabuki play, new PV revealed

Saying that One Piece is really popular in Japan is an understatement. In fact, it’s so popular that it even has its own kabuki play, which is also quite popular itself. And much like previous One Piece Kabuki performances, legendary Kabuki actor, Ichikawa Ennosuke IV, will once again reprise his role as Luffy. And now, the staff […]

[WOW Japan x C3 AFA Jakarta] An Exclusive Q&A with Shiena Nishizawa

Indonesian anime, cosplay, and anisong fans — are you ready for C3 AFA Jakarta 2017?! See you on the 18th to the 20th of August 2017 at the JIEXPO for the biggest ACG event in Indonesia! Get ready to “Break your Fate” as Shiena Nishizawa joins the line up of I Love Anisong 2017! Shiena […]

Premium Bandai Hosts PG Unicorn Gundam [Final Battle Ver.] Preview Show

In celebration of the 1st Anniversary of Premium Bandai Singapore, a second Preview Show featuring the all-new PG Unicorn Gundam [Final Battle Ver.] was held in Suntec City last 4th August 2017! This show follows the success of the PG Trans Arm Raiser Preview Show held in April of this year, which we’ve also covered here at WOW […]