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SOZO, SOTSU, and ASATSU-DK Hold Joint “C3AFA Bangkok 2017” Press Conference

SOZO Pte. Ltd together with SOTSU CO., LTD. and ASATSU-DK INC have announced that they will hold two major anime events, the “C3” and the “Anime Festival Asia (AFA)” which will collectively be called the “C3AFA Bangkok 2017.” The event will feature the latest and greatest anime series, manga, light novels, anisong, artistes from the […]

Zepp Concert Halls to Expand Across Asia

Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) is pleased to announce a network of Zepp concert halls coming to cities across Asia, to be set up by Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) and group company Zepp Hall Network. The Zepp concert halls will all feature stage machinery, lighting, and sound systems with specifications standardised for all Zepp venues across […]

Seiyuu Natsumi Takamori to make her debut… as a doujinshi artist

Seiyuu Natsumi Takamori made a name for herself thanks to her voice, but did you know that she’s also a good artist? In fact, she also wants to be a doujinshi artist! Her twitter page even features some of her own artworks, including this sketch of Cinderella Girls’ producer! Takamori voices Miku Maekawa in Cinderlla Girls, as well […]

Live-action Ajin: Demi-human film’s cast revealed in costume

After the success of its animated films and TV anime, Gamon Sakurai’s Ajin: demi-Human manga is also getting a live-action film. Now, the movie’s official website has updated and has now revealed several cast members in costume. Leading the cast is actor Takeru Sato, who plays the immortal Ajin, Kei Nagai. They also revealed the film’s antagonist, Sato, who looks […]

All-foreigner male idol group in Japan “Guyjin 48” wants you as their member

With a lot of idol groups popping up all over Japan, one won’t be surprised if there are some really weird ones appearing. Japan really loves idols, and there is actually an all-foreigner male idol group in the country called “Guyjin 48”. The name of course is a play on the word Guy for “guy” and Gaijin, […]

SACRA MUSIC – Creating a platform to connect everyone

Just recently, Sony Music labels announced that they will be releasing a new music label called 『SACRA MUSIC』. This music label will be based on many of your favorite artistes that all of you are familiar with. That isn’t all, Sony Music labels also said that these artistes will not be limited within Japan, but […]


AFA SG has always been the flagship event of the Anime Festival Asia, and this year’s I LOVE ANISONG concert lineup was just announced. So who can you expect? Anyone managed to make the correct guess for the lineup? Below is the first wave of performing artistes that are bound to jump from your chair: Based on […]

Otoko-no-“ko”? – Seiyuu voice “traps”

As the new otokonoko wave is sweeping across the anime (and other) industries, not only are the male seiyuus claiming back shota roles, some have also proven themselves capable of cuteness that redefines moe. Do you think they are up for it? Otokonoko (男の娘) is a play of words on the word for “boy” – otokonoko (男の子), and it is loosely defined as a male who […]

4 Composers Behind That Awesome Anime Soundtrack Music

Have you ever, while watching an action-packed sequence in an anime, realised how the rocking music playing throughout the scene was causing  your heart to race? Or struggled not to cry during a heartbreaking scene but failed because the accompanying string arrangement made everything seem all the more tragic? Or been so fascinated by an incredible piece of […]