• Post by Sheng Zhi

    This 2nd December, on her birthday, seiyuu Inori Minase will be receiving a rather unique present. Her own solo debut! Known for voicing all sorts of adorable loli characters like Chino from Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka? and the more recent Yuki from Gakkou Gurashi, what can we expect from this solo debut?

    The I Love Anisong Reboot is here and for Saturday, it’s a special Pony Canyon night or P’s Live for short. Featuring a myriad of Pony Canyon singers, it will definitely be a highly anticipated night.

    Next up for Anime Festival Asia Indonesia is the Taiwanese cosplayer Ely! Known for her elegant cosplay and amazing portrayal of both Touhou and Kantai Collection characters, her style and poise will definitely take your breath away! Get your chance to meet her at AFAID!

    The sister group to the ever so popular μ’s, Aqours has finally released the PV for their first single! Titled Kimi no kokoro wa Kagayaiterukai?, the song definitely hits you with its catchy beat and brings a brand new feel to the Love Live franchise.

    Another special guest will be joining us for this year’s AFA Indonesia! This time it’s the seiyuu who has captured the hearts of many with her stunning voice, Mai Fuchigami (not to be confused with the AKB member of the same name)! Are you excited? Because I definitely am!

    With Singapore’s Golden Jubilee, many Singaporeans will be looking back at our country’s big growth through the years, not only surviving but prospering. However as a fan of anime and Japan pop-culture, we would like to see our country getting some recognition in the anime we love, so here are 7 times that Singapore has been mentioned in anime.