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[ANISONG] Various artistes sing ‘Animelo Summer Live 2015’ theme song in new music video

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Aura Rico

Animelo Summer Live 2015, or Anisama, is one of the hottest anisong events in Japan, and its official youtube channel has just started streaming the official music video for the event’s official theme song titled “Hajimare, THE GATE”

Written by Love Live! song writer, Aki Hata, “Hajimare, THE GATE” is composed and arranged by  Kazunori Watanabe, who previously composed a song for AKB-48 titled “Sayonara Crawl“. It is performed by the various artistes who are scheduled to perform in the event.

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And speaking of the artistes, the official Animelo website has also announced the line-up of artistes and which day they will be performing.

1st Day (28 August): 

The [email protected] seiyuus, AKINO from bless4, Yuka Iguchi, Masayoshi Oishi, King Creamsoda, Maon Kurosaki, Natsumi Kon, Konomi Suzuki, TRUSTRICK, Iori Nomizu, BACK-ON, Runa Haruna, μ’s, Melocure, Momoiro Clover Z, LiSA, Ray

[ANISONG] Various artistes sing 'Animelo Summer Live 2015' theme song in new music video

2nd day (29 August):

The [email protected] Cinderella Girls, Eir Aoi, Shouta Aoi, i☆Ris, Angela, asami Imai, Aya Uchida, Customi Z, Mami Kawada, 3-E Summer-tan, SCREEN mode, sphere, ChouCho, Nanamori-chu☆Goraku-bu, Pile, Mamoru Miyano, Milkey Holmes, Kaon Wakeshima

2nd day (29 August):

Final day (30 August):

Mashiro Ayano, Wake Up, Girls!, Maaya Uchida, Ayaka Ohashi, Yui Ogura, Kensho Ono, Kalafina, GRANRODEO, Mikako Komatsu, ZAQ, JO☆STARS~TOMMY,Coda,JIN~, Tesapurun♪, Trysail, Minori Chihara, Emi Nitta, fhána, Rhodanthe*, YuiKaori

Now that’s an all-star line-up indeed! The Animelo Summer Live 2015 will be held at the Saitama Super Arena in the dates mention above. Tickets for this special anisong concert event are priced at 8,700 yen.

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