• The original Berserk anime film’s OST might sound better in vinyl…

    Ever have that hipster friend who always brags that everything sounds better on vinyl? Well, why not introduce him/her to Berserk, as an original vinyl record for the 1997 film’s OST is being released.

    Tiger Lab Vinyl is releasing the soundtrack, and have even opened pre-orders for it. Each record will cost around USD27, and will include the following tracks:


    Side A 

    1. BEHELIT

    2. GHOSTS

    3. BALL

    4. GATS

    5. MURDER

    Side B

    6. FEAR

    7. MONSTER

    8. EARTH

    They will be shipping the records out in May, and yes, you do need a vinyl record player to listen to it. So yeah, better start being friendly to that hipster friend of yours… or your grandparent who still uses a vinyl player and has never really upgraded.

    Here’s how Tiger Lab Vinyl describes the soundtrack release:

    For the first time ever, Susumu Hirasawa’s no holds barred score to cult anime series BERSERK will be available on vinyl. Hirasawa’s blistering experimental electronica — which expertly brought the journeys of Guts and Griffith to life in the 1997 series — was restored and remastered by Heba Kadry at Timeless Mastering and will be pressed on red translucent vinyl (standard version). Packaging was created by Sam Pfannkuche. Licensed by VAP Inc.

    pre-orders are now open via their official website

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