• Bungo Stray Dogs’ powered detectives get their own Sanrio sidekicks

    Sanrio is certainly no stranger to anime crossovers, and they just revealed their latest one. This time, they are teaming up with the powered detectives of Bungo Stray Dogs for a special collaboration.

    They essentially teamed up the powered detectives with Sanrio characters, and made the mascots their sidekicks.

    Atsushi Nakajima x Hello Kitty

    Osamu Dazai x My Melody

    Ryuunosuke Akutagawa x Badtz-Maru

    Chuuya Nakahara x Tuxedo Sam

    They’re also featuring Fyodor Dostoyevsky x Cinnamoroll, though they haven’t revealed the character visual yet as of writing.

    Sanrio launched a new collaboration twitter page, and it will be revealing more details for this project. As this is Sanrio we’re talking about, expect plenty of merchandise to come out very soon.

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