• Which Pokemon characters do fans want to give Valentine’s chocolates to the most?

    Single Awareness Day Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and as expected, Japanese ladies are preparing their Valentine’s Day chocolates. And as we approach that day, Pokemon has asked Japanese fans which character would they give V-day Chocolates to. They divided the answers into guys and girls, and here are the results:



    •  Lance
    • Morty
    • Steven Stone
    • Volkner
    • Sycamore 
    • Gladion

    Why do I get the feeling I could hear someone crying from all the way in Pewter City? Well, don’t worry about it Brock, maybe you’ll get in next year if they do another poll like this. As for the ladies, they asked which Pokemon character do fans want ton receive chocolates from. Here are the results:


    • Erika
    • Jasimine
    • Flannery
    • Cynthia
    • Elesa 
    • Korrina 
    • Lillie 

    The winners will also receive a special illustration, and they will release it on 14th March… which is of course, White Day! There there Brock, there there…




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