• 2019 Detective Conan film’s new visual features Marina Bay Sands

    Detective Conan is returning to the big screen with a new film for 2019. Its title is Detective Conan: The Fist of Blue Sapphire. And now, the anime’s movie website has updated, revealing a new key visual. However, this new visual is quite peculiar, as it also features one very prominent Singapore landmark. I wonder what it is?

    Wait, is that the Marina Bay Sands?! Well, it surely looks like it, huh? Oh, and it seems that Kaito Kid is planning on “stealing” something else from Conan…

    However, the new visual doesn’t just tease a love triangle and the Singapore setting. It also announces that the film will premiere in Japan on 12 April 2019. This will serve as the 23rd film in the franchise, and will feature a new conflict between Conan and Kaito Kid.

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