• Kizuna AI Drops 2nd Single of 9-Week Consecutive Release Window!

    As promised, the world’s most popular Virtual YouTuber Kizuna AI has just released her third single “new world” exactly one week after her second single”future base“. The song is the second in her nine-week consecutive release window, and is concurrently available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and other online music services!

    ©Kizuna AI / upd8 music

    In even more exciting news, Kizuna AI will also be holding her first live event — officially dubbed “Kizuna AI 1st Live “hello, world”” at Tokyo’s Zepp DiverCity on 29th Decemnber 2018 and at Osaka’s Zepp Osaka Bayside on 30th December 2018! The concert will celebrate the 1nd anniversary of Ai-chan’s YouTube channel “A.I. Channel”.

    • Release Information
    new world

    2nd November 2018
    Download via iTunes: JPY 250

    • Event Information
    Kizuna AI 1st Live “hello, world”

    Tokyo: 29th December 2018 at Zepp DiverCity
    Osaka: 30th December 2018 at Zepp Osaka Bayside
    Ticket Lottery via

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