• Pokemon Sun and Moon anime pays homage to classic anime, Revolutionary Girl Utena

    The classic anime series, Revolutionary Girl Utena has inspired many animators and anime enthusiasts around the world. And now, the Pokemon anime is paying homage to the classic in their next episode, “Yuusha Liliel to Alola no Tsue!” (The Hero Liliel and the Alola Staff!). The next episode preview even teases a little Anthy and Utena action between Lily and Mallow…

    Hmmmm… that scene definitely looks familiar, huh? I guess the older fans would probably be rolling in nostalgia with all the references the episode is promising. The episode also does several references to the Osamu Tezuka classic manga, Princess Knight as well. Also, yuri fans would probably lose their minds with the Lily x Mallow ship…

    The episode will follow Ash and his classmates as they do a school play. The episode will premiere on 21st October 2019.

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