• Universal Studios Japan’s hotel has a horror-themed room, and it’s legitimately creepy

    J-Horror is legitimately scary, with legendary manga from the likes of Junji Ito, as well as films like The Ring. For Halloween, Universal Studios Japan’s official hotel, Universal Port Hotel, has launched an eerie new hotel room. This one doesn’t just boast cobwebs and blood stains, but also some severed limbs. The room is called “Switches – The Switch to Terror”, and many who stayed there have noted how eerie it is.

    Universal Port Hotel has been offering the room since 2015, and it even has a backstory. It seems that a girl has died in that room decades ago, and now, a few spirits are haunting it. This year’s theme is switches, and one of the room’s many switches is not like all the others. They say that that switch will transport the one who flipped it into another world…

    They will be running the room from 1st September until 20th December, and the price for staying there can vary from 10,500 yen to 31,500 yen (US$94.45 to $283.33), depending on the number of people staying and the time of week. Here’s a video tour of last year’s version:



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