• The Irregular At Magic High School gets new apparel from SuperGroupies

    The Irregular At Magic High School’s loving (and overpowered) Shiba siblings are back! But this time, Tatsuya and Miyuki are inspiring a new line of apparel from SuperGroupies.

    For Tatsuya, he inspires a more bad boy look to reflect the badass magic-user with a sister complex that he is. His apparel includes a Rider’s Jacket worth 48,000 yen, a leather wallet worth 11,800 yen, and a watch worth 19,800 yen. The watch comes with a special case.

    Meanwhile, Miyuki’s apparel is casual, sporting a snowflake motif as she’s a known ice magic-user with a brother complex. The Miyuki-inspired apparel includes a cardigan worth 12,800 yen. She also inspires a wallet and a watch which comes at the same price as her brother’s. And also like her brother’s, her watch also comes with a special case.

    SuperGroupies has now opened pre-orders over at their Product Page. However, better be quick as it will only be open until 24th September. The orders will then ship out by February 2019.

    Source: Anime! Anime!

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