• “Pop Team Epic” to Air Special on 1st April 2019!

    Pop Team Epic” has announced that a special episode will be aired on 1st April 2019! While a lot of people will be a wee bit doubtful on the brodcast date — April Fools Day, the fact that this is “Pop Team Epic” makes it sound completely legitimate and totall not fake. Maybe.

    © Ookawa Bkub/ Takeshobo・ King Records

    The announcement on the special boradcast wasmade at the recently concluded “Pop Cast Epic” event held at Makuhari Messe this weekend — the 15th and 16th of September 2018. In attendance was a a majority of the cast members that voiced either Pipimi or Popuko at any of the twice-aired animation shorts.

    The event featured the ultra-short anime’s massive cast, which includes (and is not limited to): Sumire Uesaka, Nana Mizuki, Youko Hikasa, Mimori Suzuko, Noriko Hidaka, Toshio Furukawa, Yuuichi Nakamura, and Tomokazu Sugita. Alsoin attendance were special guests Shouta Aoi and Hisashi from GLAY.

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