• NSMen “Rifle Wife” SAR-21 Joins Mobage “Girls’ Frontline” Line-up

    The SAR-21 — the pride and joy of Singapore’s MINDEF and homegrown arms company ST Kinetics, will be joining the line-up of Chinese mobile game “Girls’ Frontline” soon! “Girls’ Frontline” is a mobile game developed and released by MICA Team, and features battles between tactical fighting androids called T-Dolls — which are anthropomorphic representations of guns as cute moe girls.

    © MICA Team

    SAR-21 herself is represented as a petite girl with glasses and a short bob, wearing a modified schoolgirl uniform. She carries a number of items such as extra ammo clips, some hand grenades, and a combat knife strapped to her thigh — all part and parcel of the typical Singapore NSMan’s gear.

    For obvious reasons, all logos and insignia from MINDEF, ST Kinetics, and the Singapore Armed Forces were modified heavily, but are still recognizable by those who have served. Check out the SAR-21’s full body illustration by designer 洲川Terras.

    © MICA Team

    The SAR-21 is was adopted by the Singapore Armed Forces in 1999 after a four-year development period. It was intended to replace the M16S1, which posed challenges for the armed forces with its high maintenance costs as well as its suitability for the locally drafted servicemen.

    © MICA Team

    We asked a couple of guys on the WOW Japan staff who have served their stints with the Singapore Armed Forces on what it was like handling the SAR-21. “I liked the SAR-21,” declared one gent who served on the Army K9 unit. “She was short and thicc, and really fun to shoot! She’s also pretty easy to strip*!”. Guess he had fun with his “rifle wife” (●´∀`●)ブハハハ!

    * Strip or field-strip means to break a gun down to its basic parts for cleaning — WJ Editor

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